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With New Focus on Racial and Economic Justice, 'Bold' Bill Seeks Lift Abortion Funding Ban


With New Focus on Racial and Economic Justice, 'Bold' Bill Seeks Lift Abortion Funding Ban

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Fighting back against discriminatory policies that block low-income and minority women from accessing the full range of reproductive health care coverage they need and deserve, three U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday introduced a bill that "would finally guarantee every woman can get the reproductive health care she needs, no matter how much money she makes or where she lives."

"None of us, especially elected officials, should be interfering with a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions just because she is poor."
—Rep. Barbara Lee, of California


No chance of passage in a male dominated Congress with the Republicans wanting their women pregnant, trapped in their homes, and unable to express themselves. This is a decision a woman should be able to make.


While this bill has a snow balls chance of passing it may inspire interesting debate and accentuate the Republican't position on women's rights. We are facing a real threat to the American way of life and here we are relying on side issues to polarize Americans against the take over of our legislatures and executive branches of state and federal governments by the multinational corporations. Wake up America there is a gun being cocked and it is aimed at our collective head.


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I can't speak for all all pro life people or all Republicans. But my desire to see an end to legalized abortion has nothing to do with "trapping women in their homes, unable to express themselves". It is about respecting life and the "woman's choice" does not just effect her and her body, it ends a human life.


If you do not believe in abortion then don't have one. That's your CHOICE. Others may not have your resources to support a child and can't rely on any government programs to help. And, if you are a man, a woman's reproductive rights are none of your business.
The amount of time that is spent on restricting access to basic health for so many women has absolutely nothing to do with moving the country forward. If as much time was spent on making sure that good, sound sex education was being taught and access to affordable birth control would eliminate much of the problem Teaching abstinence is not sound education as raging hormones never met an oath it couldn't wipe out in the heat of passion.


Let's look at reality. More unwanted children (what, 50,000 more since 1976 with no abortions?) means more unhappiness, more burdened adults who are unprepared and DON'T WANT children, and... more CRIME. Some really good reasons to allow abortions. I'm pro-choice.


And, oh, yeah, more TAX MONEY going to take care of unwanted kids. Not a good situation, at all.


Your solution to this social problem is to kill the unwanted people, think about that for a moment.


54 million + abortions since 1973. Of course, if abortion where not legal, people would change their behaviors. No the problem of unwanted pregnancies would not disappear, but it would not be 54 million.


54 million more (unwanted) people where? In the whole world? I think it's 50,000 in America since 1976. Yes, killing the unwanted people/fetuses/babies, known as abortions. No one is real happy about this, but it's better than the alternative, and all it's resulting problems. How many of these kids are going to be happy, well cared for, etc., and how many are going to be perfectly miserable, and fall into addiction and crime? That's a real, practical question, and it's why we have abortions, and will continue to have them.


No, there have been over 50 MILLION abortions in the us since Roe v Wade (not sure of the actual number, Google search turns up numbers from 54M to 57M). Again, your position comes down to " kill the unwanted people". Yes some of them would be unhappy, fall into addiction and turn to crime. What about the ones who would have overcome their circumstances and made this world a better place.


Hmm. You are correct. I don't know where I got that "50,000". Still, seems like a lot. But GOOD. GOOD.
For what would we do with 56 MILLION more unwanted children NOT being well cared for, NOT being well educated, with so many of them turning to crime and addiction?
You have no good, reasonable answer for that. You don't, and again, that's why we have abortions, and will continue to have them.
I'm done here.


I'm sorry I cannot be more articulate on this matter. I guess I am just blown a way that you think an acceptable solution to social problems is to kill the "problem" people and that you cannot recognize the inherent evil involved.

This world will always have unhappy people, people that turn to drugs and alcohol to cope, people living in poverty. Those issues can and are addressed by many charities. Can they solve everyone's issues, no, but they do make a difference.

I will close by pointing out that even after those 54M+ abortions, we still have unwanted children not well cared for, not being well educated, turning to crime and addiction. So it would seem abortion is not solving those problems.


Of course it isn't solving all those problems. But 54-56 million MORE problems would be a real disaster, which is why we have abortions, and will continue to have them, and I'm done here.


You do not get to make health decisions for me or any other woman. Period.
Instead of sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, you could be: helping the poor by teaching parenting classes, support the teaching of real sex education classes where young people are taught real facts and real birth control methods, support the SNAP programs that help low income people etc...


When your "health decision" involves the killing of another human being, then it is no longer a personal matter. As a society we do not accept a mother killing her 2 year old as a personal decision.

As for helping the poor, we could have a whole other conversation as to the best way to help people to improve their lives. One common misconception I see here is the thought that conservatives do not care for the less fortunate. We do, but we disagree with many of the "solutions" presented on sites like this.