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With New Infections Soaring, The Trumps Host a July 4th Pandemic Party at the White House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/04/new-infections-soaring-trumps-host-july-4th-pandemic-party-white-house


We need direct democracy.

Only then will we have independence.


Every single person in the white house, and every single person who would attend such a party is expendable as far as I’m concerned. The select members of a criminal kakistocracy. If they want to get reckless, then sick, and some of them die, what fool would want to stop them.


I wonder if our dear friend Karma will be attending the Tangerine Twit’s party?

Hope springs eternal.


Are these fascist spectacles including the fireworks launched from locations accessible (for fireworks) only by helicopter, celebrating Caudillo Trump and his fascist cult-ideology of personality, being paid for with public funds???


I like the imagery of the photograph–heads of four great presidents exploding in anger!


Hmm… Echoes of the Edgar Allan Poe story – Mask of the Red Death.

A July 4th pandemic party is right in line with that.


You have two ways of protecting yourself from the covid and a tiny possibility of lifetime disability. Think Franklin D. Roosevelt in a wheelchair for most of his life from polio. Reports are coming in of sudden diabetes, sudden permanent lung damage, sudden heart attacks, sudden permanent organ damage.

  1. Convince your state to test, trace, lock down and keep doing new things to try to reduce the pandemic. Sorry about all the money that your state lost for a score of rich guys, but older people are about to die off like crazy in the next month.

  2. Move permanently to Democratic Hawaii, to strongly Democratic New England, to any United States territory or colony or to anywhere that’s out of this one deathtrap country.

  3. Get a rabbit’s foot.

You have no other choices.

If you want to look at the numbers, ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


“Our country will be greater than ever before.” he yells from the bow of the Titanic.


‘learn to live with it’ … 2-3 millions deaths. Meanwhile the 1% are well sheltered
awaiting your departure.


Minor technical point, but the stern of the Titanic went down last…


This is Karma. She’s been dying to meet the Trumps ans their friends



I don’t know if she’s been dying to meet the Trumps, but I do know 130,000 or so Americans have died with that hope.


The president that never was:


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Trumps and their White House to 98% of the people “F off ! You are on your own. Deal with it. We got ours, like we planned and are entitled to it The rest of you are on your own”!


In your dreams. After we put so much energy into making selling it and drugs for the highest prices possible (you heard me right) a corporate right?

Thats the real reason they all wont stop lying. They rigged the system to be as bad to people but but as good for corporations as was possible. The part about caring about people is a scam. Both parties rigged it.


“It simply has to be lived with…” or, I would add, to die from.
Donald J. Trump is a monster and he is also the most treasonous president in American history. His regime is a stinking corrupt mess of the worst people I have ever seen in our government. The great tragedy is that instead of seeing through this would-be dictator and all-round authoritarian thug there are still tens of millions who cheer him on in his efforts to hollow out our country and puke all over the Constitution. Whether or not Sinclair Lewis actually said this, it is more likely than ever- “When fascism comes to America is will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
All the elements are in play for what one of Trump’s closest advisers, the odious Stephen Miller, wants as the retaking of what white people think of as “their country” and the imposition of right-wing tyranny on all but the elites.
If Americans are stupid enough and programmed by propaganda from Fux Noise and its ilk to vote for this appalling subhuman excuse for a man for another 4 years we are finished as a republic. It is happening all over the world and Trump would like to be part of it. Here is what he said out loud at that meeting in Cairo which had the attendance of President Sisi - “Where’s my favorite dictator?”
Noam Chomsky was right - Trump is the most dangerous man in the world. Apparently, Trump’s niece, a clinical psychologist, agrees.
The larger question it is vital to ask is - how did we get to this awful place in our history when everything seems broken and we are a shell of what we have claimed to be before the world? Does anyone reading this feel that we are still “exceptional”? I certainly don’t.


Best line, from an Alternet comment: The corona will never infect the Donald - professional courtesy.


Be assured that everyone attending will get tested (gratis the American tax payer) along with all the servers and cooks. You see, everyone who wants a test can get one.


Even if the people refused to practice social distancing? Wait two weeks and see if a spike in infection occurs among the more than 7,000 people.