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With New Leadership on the Way, Public Health Experts Demand WHO Take on Factory Farms


With New Leadership on the Way, Public Health Experts Demand WHO Take on Factory Farms

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the World Health Organization (WHO) prepares to select its new director general, public health, food, and science experts are urging the new leader to take action on the issue of factory farms and global threats they pose.


These poor animals need to be set free and the real pigs–Trump, Pence, Ryan etc–need to take their place in these factory farms.


Cruelty and atrocities expands until it encompasses and destroys all …
…factory farms have to end because of the sheer immoral cruelty of it, let alone
because of the issues raised in the article…


But . . .  but . . .  All of us animals were created equal; the real problem is just that the pigs were created more equal than the rest of us. The three little pigs that you mention above are just the tip of the iceberg slop heap – don’t forget that Democracy Chokes on TEA with Kochs!


Just a side note on how Ingrained, Systemic and Intertwined these big, Corporate Entities, and Organizations are :

It’s been documented that eating Grilled Meat exposes the person consuming it to Carcinogens, that have been released upon contact with the high heat, during its cooking.

As I read a Food Pyramid Chart, on the wall ,in a gastroenterologist’s exam room, while waiting for the Doc, it prominently listed meat as a recommended food, and among the suggested ways of preparing it was “grilling”.

Thanks, Doc.


The amount of misinformation about healthy eating spread by the medical profession and even myopic nutrition researchers boggles the imagination.

I live near the Cleveland Clinic, the #1 heart hospital in the world for 21 straight years, but when you go to their website, they tell you an optimal LDL level is less than 100. They know damn well that’s not really true, that lots of heart attacks and strokes occur with LDL levels of 80-100, but that if you get your LDL to 60-70 through diet and lifestyle changes, the risk of cardiovascular events essentially drops to zero. So why don’t they tell us that? Research shows that doctors don’t tell patients what diet is healthiest, they instead tell them the healthiest diet they think people will follow. Patronizingly, they don’t leave that decision up to us.

Similarly, when you’re at any one of their facilities and want to log on, the first story you see is about “heart-healthy” cooking oils. Now there’s no such thing as a cooking oil that actually makes your body healthier–at best they cause less harm than saturated animal fats, but that somehow gets reported as the oils being “healthy.” EVOO is the best of the bunch and has phytonutrients, but even there, the evidence suggests that it makes your arteries unhappier than if you had no oil at all. And cycling back to your grilling example, many of these cooking oils develop toxic/unhealthy properties when heated, which tends to happen a lot with something called “cooking oils.”

Thanks Doc.