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With New Order, Sessions Commits Countless to 'Vicious Cycle of Incarceration'


With New Order, Sessions Commits Countless to 'Vicious Cycle of Incarceration'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In a bid to revive the failed War on Drugs, Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a sweeping memorandum on Friday directing prosecutors to pursue the most harsh charges available for low-level offenders, reinstating a discredited practice that rights groups warn has already "devastated the lives and rights of millions of Americans."

The two-page document (pdf) distributed to federal prosecutors nationwide lays out charging and sentencing policy for the Trump administration.


Of course, no White Collar Crime will be prosecuted, as per usual.


AG Sessions is not a malfunctioning aberration in the Law Enforcement Machine, especially concerning policing poor and minority communities, he's an enhancement to it. Another Trump appointment who disrupts progress. He's way more unreasonable than reasonable, more thoughtless than thoughtful regarding U.S. drug policy, and doesn't care who knows it.
Sessions doesn't read " studies ". His actions are based, often times, on punishing political opponents and crushing people who " don't live the right way, don't do the right things " according to his own criteria. Who, also, can't fight back in any meaningful way.
Or, he enforces the criteria of people who benefit financially, aren't well intentioned to begin with, etc. That's what Sessions thinks, winning entitles " his " LE Agencies to do " his " bidding. No questions asked or desired, thank you very much.


I am standing outside my Congressman, if that is what you want to call the coward,
In Jersey City, Albio Sires,
outside of his Jersey City office on Monday Morning, demanding that he start the ball rolling
on Sessions impeachment...
how about you? what will you do?
we have to move to the next level...
have a massive sit down on Capital Hill shutting it down...
I'll be there...
how about anyone else...stop ranting and raving and really lets do something besides
carrying signs ....that obviously is NOT ENOUGH...
Trump and fellow roaches and the demoRATS, as well, aren't shaking in their boots...
Let's start making them really worried....ALL OF THEM....


It's not the Justice Department out of sync, it's the doddering old barely-coherent zombie who was put in charge who is out of sync. Toxic old creep. Fire him now!


Why maximum sentencing for "low-level" drug crimes is destructive made simple:

The ACLU got it right. Harsh sentencing for minor crimes "'has devastated the lives and rights of millions of Americans, ripping apart families and communities...setting millions, particularly Black people...on a vicious cycle of incarceration.'"

How does that work?
* Removes spousal/parental and financial support in families
* makes former felons' future employment harder, leaving open worse work and higher unemployment...
* ...thus destabilizing families more
* and, in states like Florida, disenfranchises former prisoners...so right wing voters disproportionately elect legislators - at both state and federal level - even in states w/many blacks.

As a result? Well, besides the sheer human destruction: in FL where 90% of black voters vote Democrat, Bush won by 537 votes in 2000. But over 60,000 blacks were disenfranchised.


You know it is!


What's it going to take to get conservanazis off our backs? These are sick frustrated little dictators.

UKs Conservatives just chose nuclear war over
labor's voice of peace Jeremy Corbin.

Conservatives want to appear macho but their actions are those of reactionary cowards.


That seems to be the point. What else could we expect from Sessions?


Does the U.S. Military, and Government count as a drug cartel since their main purpose in Afghanistan, outside of protecting the trillion plus dollars of minerals under Afghani soil, is making sure the dope in the Helmand Province makes its way to American streets? How does Sessions prosecute that one?


The American Government's role in Afghanistan, outside of protecting Afghani resources (minerals under the ground) to be raped and pillaged by the global oligarchs, is the opiate poppy from mainly the Helmand Province, Afghanistan ( worlds largest supplier of opiate poppies along side Burma, now known as Myanmar). The U.S Government's role is to oversee the opiate poppy in its processing into heroin, and its flooding into American towns, and cities, as well as elsewhere around the globe, creating new addicts, and feeding old addicts into a lifetime of misery. As Sessions commits countless to vicious cycles of incarceration, will Sessions prosecute his own employer, the king pin, drug lord of the heroin drug cartel, the U.S. Government?


It's abhorrent, the new Jim Crow system.


This must be the jobs program Trump was talking about, build more prisons and hire more prison staff.


Plus, prisoners make for cheap labor for the corpoRats and they be employed instead of out dealing dope. A win-win situation for the Empire.