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With New Spy Bill, France OKs Mass Surveillance


With New Spy Bill, France OKs Mass Surveillance

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

France's highest constitutional authority on Thursday approved a sweeping, controversial new surveillance law that greatly expands the government's spying powers, despite widespread human rights concerns.


It looks as though Europe is following America’s lead. Perhaps Hebdo was France’s 9-11. Fear allows people to acquiesce their liberties in an astounding manner. With France jumping on the bandwagon of mass surveillance here we have “freedom” falling like dominoes in the Western world.
So much for your “Freedom Fries”, Murka.


“freedom” falling like dominoes in the Western world.

Yeah the stage is being set and we all will come to regret the opening of this play.

If it looks like fascism and works like fascism (fascistic surveillance) why isn’t it then fascism?

Well maybe it is?

Or maybe it is ready and waiting… not just yet but soon.


Hollande is doing what they’re all doing… PROMOTING terrorism as a distraction from his inability and unwillingness to stand up to big money. I wish I only had the 0.001% terrorists to worry about.


Now, if I were to move to Russia, as a foreigner I would expect to be under some level of surveillance. But I would reckon that I would be given free rein to criticize the US government and its policies, openly, don’t ya think? Heck, I could probably go back to writing and make a living at it!


Viva la Vichy?


All the world is a stage. It seems there is a sinister plot afoot. All the western, eastern, northern, and southern countries are “spying” on each other and us. Its really comical. You can’t keep this intensity up forever. Do we even care at this point? I have always assumed the government is watching and I play with them like I am a cat and they are a mouse.




i’m sorry, France.