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With New Study in Hand, Pennsylvanians Reiterate Call for Fracking Ban


With New Study in Hand, Pennsylvanians Reiterate Call for Fracking Ban

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As yet another study links fracking to cancer-causing chemicals, Pennsylvanians opposed to oil and gas drilling in their state are reiterating their call for a statewide moratorium on the practice.

A new analysis from the Yale School of Public Health "confirms that numerous carcinogens involved in the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing have the potential to contaminate air and water in nearby communities," according to a press statement on Monday.


Pennsylvanians got fracked because they didn't stop the Gas Companies before they got started. Here in California, Monterey County will be voting on Measure Z- an initiative that bans fracking and phases out the injection of toxic wastewater into our aquifers. We are taking on Chevron, ExxonMobile and Shell. We need your help to Protect Monterey County.


Since the study did not directly link fracking to increasing rates of cancer from fracking I doubt if it will move Pennsylvania to ban fracking. There are thousands of chemicals in use for various purposes such as painting, cleaning, various industrial processes, etc, so this is really a more general problem. The precautionary principle should be used for all these chemicals but typically it isn't.


People are finally beginning to ask the right questions. The Governor "...must be prepared to quantify for the public exactly how many children he is willing to sacrifice to cancer in order to enable the natural gas industry."

Madeline Albright was quite willing to kill half a million Iraqi children to satisfy her addiction to war games. Hillary Clinton laughed at the grotesque torture death of Gaddafi; "we came, we saw, he died." She cackled like an evil witch.

Death eaters run for office in the US and win. Where is Harry Potter when we need him?