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With New Travel Ban, Trump Doubles Down on 'Government-Sanctioned Discrimination'


With New Travel Ban, Trump Doubles Down on 'Government-Sanctioned Discrimination'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"President Trump's original sin of targeting Muslims cannot be cured by throwing other countries onto his enemies list."


The Venezuela travel ban is weird - because virtually all Venezuelans who travel to the USA are the rich right-wing ones who like Trump - either to go shopping in Miami or New York or, in the case of my city, living in this north-side neighborhood called the “City of Asylum” - having gotten asylum under bogus claims of supposed “government persecution” in the form of occasional telephone or e-mail death threats for right-wing stuff they have written and published. Some now run fancy restaurants. Of course US leftists from Chomsky to Moore, get dozens of death threats every day…


The demented dimwit is yet again clueless, ignorant, bigoted, and despicable. The jackals will be circling ever closer…Venezolanos pudientes tienen mucho poder como culebras venenosas.


This orange, narcissistic, hateful, racist, bloviating dumbass uber-twat is going to go down in history as the most horrendous President in the nation’s history. And he’s only been President for 9 months!

Everyone sing it with me - “how low…can you go! how low…can you go!”