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With Nielsen Out and Stephen Miller Driving Immigration Policy, Critics Fear 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'


With Nielsen Out and Stephen Miller Driving Immigration Policy, Critics Fear 'The Worst Is Yet to Come'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"The worst is yet to come."

So wrote Esquire columnist Charles P. Pierce on Monday following the ouster of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen—and as signs that senior White House adviser and xenophobe Stephen Miller is exerting more control over immigration policy.



Just watched the following video and–if you haven’t heard about the subject, you will. I hope you find it interesting and use it to deflect those “ultra-liberals” who will use it against Bernie because of his answer, which I agree with and think is a SANE stance.

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Perhaps we should send @realDonaldTrump a message asking what President Miller intends to do next. That might start something interesting.



From the following article:
‘The fact that Trump considered Nielsen insufficiently tough on immigration is a dangerous indication of the administration’s plans for further mass round-ups and attacks on democratic rights.’

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Stephen Miller would have been the perfect assistance for Heinrich Himmler accept once they found out that he was a Jew…

Do you see where Bigotry can lead Mr. Miller???



Thanks Der Trumpenfuhrer, for getting the “best people” in your administration, like “Baby Goebbels”. You treasonous, fascistic POS!



We hoot and holler but it will get steadily worse until a government building is taken out. Until deregulation of the energy industry results in corporate buildings being disturbed. Hope there is no loss of life if the shit ever reaches the fan.



The guy is right. And Bernie is right. People who call for “open borders” really haven’t thought the matter through. I am a progressive (or liberal, or democratic socialist, or whatever the term is now) and I don’t think we can take in every migrant and asylum seeker on the planet. If we spent our money fighting climate change and aiding other countries rather than spending our money trying to ruin them and steal their resources, it would drastically reduce the number of people fleeing their home countries.

The wealthy elites and corporations in the US have made sure our wages can’t keep up with costs and that there aren’t quite enough jobs for everyone, and they are going after our social security and medicare right now - how could we possibly support tens of millions more people?

That’s a good little video.

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Yeah, or ask him what it’s like to be Ann Coulters bitch…



The Democrats response? Investigations and more investigations & hearings & tongue lashings.



Just read of protests in Germany over unmanageable rent and housing cost increases. It has become a matter of time. What should be the prime worry for every salient being on Earth is here and we definitely do not need the distraction of class warfare. It all truly will end with a whimper.



This observer has come to believe that Ms. Nielsen was being a good and faithful lieutenant in following her master’s orders until the atrocity of what she was commanded to do became too much. She did have her resignation in her hand when called to muster.