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With No End After 15 Years, Thoughts Turn to Who Will Inherit Afghan War


With No End After 15 Years, Thoughts Turn to Who Will Inherit Afghan War

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Marking 15 years since the U.S. military invaded Afghanistan on Friday, critics of America's "longest war" are demanding President Barack Obama work to end the protracted—and largely forgotten—conflict before it is handed over to the next commander in chief.


" In all, the U.S. has spent over $850 billion on the Afghanistan war ."

Let me rephrase that statement so it makes some sense: THE U.S. HAS SPENT OVER $850 BILLION IN ORDER TO SUPPORT ITS WAR PROFITEERS!


We can't talk about our War in Afghanistan (and every other ME country) and the military, in general, without first talking about spending money (tax dollars). Shantiaananda says $850 billion.
When you increase spending you must either increase taxes or run a deficit by borrowing money from China.

Hillary and Trump both want to spend additional big dollars on our infrastructure and the military.
Hillary wants to tax the wealthy (a little bit more) and give a tax cut to the middle class. (That's an offset.)
Trump wants to give everybody a huge tax cut, the rich included. (Less tax dollars going to the treasury.)

To accomplish what Hillary and Trump want to accomplish they will be forced to cut spending for the poor or run huge deficits.

A better plan would be to cut the military budget by 50% AND raise taxes on the rich. Then rebuild our infrastructure debt free.


We can reasonably assume that Trump would continue the war. Based on her long record of support for military aggression, so would Clinton.

The US has remained engaged in wars almost constantly, almost always by choice, for over 100 years. Ever think about what happens when the world community decides that it is just too dangerous to allow the US to continue?


The US economy is being strangled by our poverty crisis (as much as we try to ignore it). We shipped out a massive number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s, and pretend there are no consequences. The great majority of US poor are women, and the great majority of infrastructure jobs go to men. The middle class enjoyed many tax cuts since the 1980s, and pay far lower taxes than those in the modern nations. We are now chin-deep in war debt, making more tax cuts for the middle class unrealistic. We now have a prison system that makes the old Soviet gulag look puny in comparison, so add in the costs of maintaining those prisons.


Vote Jill Stein whether you are in a swing state or not.

There is only one way to end the US holocaust and that is boycott the parties of terrorist evil. Turn away from more or less evil. Avoid democrats and republicans — They are the plague of death and destruction.

Vote Green.


Our government borrowed every nickel that they dared borrow and they have lost the war too. Mission Accomplished!

Some Batman-crazy mockery of Islam will take over the government of Afghanistan and then they'll kill half of its citizens, at least until Afghanistan's neighbors get horrified by the smell and they invade the country. That's what happened in Cambodia.

This country has no more nickels and will starve grandma, at least until the government puts a 50% maximum income tax rate on billionaires.


Yes, and to wage amerikan terrorist imperialism in the Middle East! Any change with war criminal killary, or fascist trump as mass murderer in chief? It will only get worse!


The longest war is the invasion and occupation of Korea. Trump is the only major politician to have ever proposed a peace treaty to end the war and the occupation. He proposed to pressure the ROK government to negotiate a peace treaty and unification.


Imperialism commonly [perhaps always] sacrifices its population [especially soldiers, mostly from worker stock] in pursuit of imperial power,


Dr. Jill Stein is the only choice.. but unfortunately, the voters that have been brainwashed by the MSM will choose either a buffoon and egomaniac or a warmonger and a Wall Street whore.


" They are the plague of death and destruction".



Both candidates are trying to out hawk the other. Both are warmongers. Neither will inherit the war. Americans own it and are paying in failed infastructure, economic austerity, and the blood of their children. Why? for the profits of the war industry and those investing in their blood for money economics. A peace movement against Hillary needs to start now before she claims the political capital for more war including Iran. There are two types of people, peaceful and creative and hateful and destructive. Which is America?


The business of Afghanistan really has never changed. Poppy culture and opiates. The Brits ran the East India Company for hundreds of years, and paid "investors" an average annual return of 19% during that time. Even our friend, Sherlock Holmes, need to puff away at times in those London opium dens. Profits stolen from the Afghani poor. Today, poppy production is at an all time high, almost entirely from fields in Afghanistan. Opiates have been changed from street drugs to prescription drugs in the US, and now we are in the middle of a massive opiate addiction event, but we have renamed them as "pain killers". Have not changed the chemistry though. . Before the US invasion, in Russian hands, the poppy racket was almost shut down. But during the Obama years, farming has been very good! You cannot tell the story correctly if you leave the drug racket out. And you have to consider that most of the opiate profits are realized in US markets. Perhaps our "special relationship" with the UK is about mutual teaming in drug importing.


Who controls the corporate media?
The oligarchy.

Who is ignoring the non-institutional candidates?
The media on orders from the oligarchy.


Neither Stein nor Johnson stands a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election.
That is a true statement today, it was a true statement a month ago, and it was a true statement a year ago.
No amount of media coverage would have changed that dynamic.

But, I'm still going to vote for Jill Stein and against every incumbent on the down-ballot.


Some random thoughts:

Trump's run for the presidency ended today with the release of a video tape.

WikiLeaks released a batch of Hillary emails today that will diminish her candidacy tremendously.


Thanks Lauren for your article regarding the Afghanistan war, earlier articles by you are also appreciated - one example:

It's very troubling that corporate media continues to play a role in orchestrating the elections coverage by refraining to highlight key points of troubling concerns i.e. injudicious wars. If the whole truth be said (daily headline news), the electorate would be well informed and reminded of such failed wars --- then I doubt a neocon smiling from ear to ear would be winner of the presidential nomination.

Neocons have a nasty habit of leaving a trail of horrendous failures that worsen conditions in the middle east and elsewhere i.e. Libya.

Such injudicious wars have gone on for a long time, and will continue for as long as neocons have a stranglehold in foreign policy discussions and directives. Sad that so many people willfully or blindly support neocons. I blame that on corporate media (propaganda). The following article by Robert Parry explains it here:

Regarding the above "The State Department's Collective Madness" see quote (excepts) from that article here:

I have a terrible feeling that the neocons have already won this election.

These are very troubling times that could lead to worse failures and devastation on an unprecedented scale. We need policies that genuinely work towards peace, whilst not grossly neglecting environment and domestic policies.

I don't trust either Trump or Hillary, and looking back 15 years it's clear that both Repubs and Dems are to blame for injudicious wars and other issues.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for integrity, life and the environment.


Why 50%? For many years the tax on the top income bracket was something like 91%.


So vote Green--for Jill Stein.