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With No End In Sight, California's Deadly Flames Called Climate Change 'Fire Alarm'


With No End In Sight, California's Deadly Flames Called Climate Change 'Fire Alarm'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As nearly 200,000 acres burn after record-breaking heat this summer, the "head-in-the-sand president" slammed for his climate denial


There is nothing good to say about these fires nor how long it took Trump to declare a federal disaster.

Nevertheless, for the first time, the words climate change are being heard in the corporate media. We progressives often forget that while sites like CD have long kept us well informed about climate change over the years, that most people are not news junkies nor policy buffs. While California burns, people are finally asking questions about climate change!

One of those climate change questions that they need to ask is what about fires next year? And fires the year after that and so on!


God gave Noah the rainbow sign
no more water
the fire next time

stunningly prophetic


Where I live the trees are a revered part of the area, actually called the city of trees, well no more. People will cut down their trees rather than pay for the water it takes to keep them alive. My biggest pet peeve is they will wash their freakin car but not water their trees. It will make things hotter and dryer if that is possible. Ugh.


It’s like 97% of Climate Scientists were right.


I’m in WA State where we also got incredible fires again this year and on both sides of us Oregon and Canada’s fires blew in smoke so bad we couldn’t see the mountians for weeks.

Then I went to a web page on current wild fires and saw over 600 were burning in the US - some way huger than anything around my state, and they were in states all over the US.

And then I realized my home is not safe. Nobody’s is. Not in cities. Not anywhere. It’s hubris to think you’re safe in any of the lower 48. The weather is topping it self every year for the hottest on record. It’s going to get way worse. This California fire is proof, we are not safe in cities.


AGW/science deniers ought re-familiarise themselves with the reality of mathematics; specifically that of the now fearsome exponential function.

No one is safe - anywhere.
Each summer will be worse than the last by an ever increasing margin. So called 100 yr flood/rainfall events are now decadal events - they will rapidly trend to almost annual events.

Human arrogance in claiming national ‘exceptionalism’ is laughable if it wasn’t so serious. The ‘insulation’ of the wealthy will prove very temporary -great will be their fall to ground.


It will not be like before when as fires approached residential areas then the forest service would go all out to rein in the fire before it could damage a town or city or even the suburbs. Yes residences were lost but they were kept to a minimum. It is very shocking to whole neighborhoods burned out and towns evacuated like the are doing.

In a climate change landscape, the fires are too big/too hot/too fast to control. Now as you rightfully say your house is no longer safe nor are city houses. Climate change drought has changed reality from what we had been prepared for to what is best described as the unexpected.

Drought means fires! There will be no escaping that equation in a climate change future!