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With No Evidence That #GOPTaxScam Has Benefited Most Americans, Republicans Unveil Plan to Double Down on Corporate Tax Cuts


With No Evidence That #GOPTaxScam Has Benefited Most Americans, Republicans Unveil Plan to Double Down on Corporate Tax Cuts

Julia Conley, staff writer

Despite the profound unpopularity of the Republican Party's tax law, pushed through last December amid loud protests directed at President Donald Trump and GOP lawmakers, party leaders on Tuesday unveiled framework for their "tax cuts 2.0" package—signaling that they are doubling down on their plans to benefit the rich at the expense of working Americans.


Who or what is going to stop these greedy bastards?!


Well I suppose death will stop them. Death stops everything-- although whether it’s natural or helped along, it’s hard to say.


Just two seconds ago Commondreams mentioned that the planet was in a state of chaos and collapse.

But now let’s get back to talking about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Them greedy bastards!


Expect this to happen unless the “sleeping dogs” WAKE THE FUCK UP and STORM THE BASTILLE!!! right…


As Brother Nathaniel says on You Tube videos, Americans are more interested in beer, prozac,and the Super Bowl. As long as the duopoly can limit the debate to the rwo chosen puppets, nothing will change. Progressive voices and peace voices will never make it to the national debates. Look for more war and more $$$$$ for the MIC and their phony wars for the zionists.


Republican economics-----3 billion for a Chinese company to set up shop in Wisconsin—12 billion to bail out corporate farms for Trumps trade war<on top of all the other subsidies these corporate farms get-----"-capitalism" hard at work the REPUBLICAN way.


“American wages on average are down 9.3% since the GOP #TaxScam went into effect in January,”

Umm, no. They are down about 1% since Q2 2916 and about 1.5% since January. They are down 9% since 2007. Close enough for public school standards tho. Strike one.

If “Swing Left” had not cropped the graph as it did that would be clearly visible. Strike two for visually misleading editing.

Upon doing a like more digging looks like “Swing Left” got the graph from “Media Matters”, who apparently did the cropping. No surprise there.


OOOSA demise is accelerating faster than @@@@@

I’m making plans to leave, can’t take it much longer !!!


The party of fiscal conservatism has increased the spend on murder for profit while reducing revenues below the break even point. Who will they blame when somebody has to pay for their actions since Reagan?

The resistance remains mute, because they serve the same masters.


You make that correction as if it changes anything about the remedy needed.


It’s one issue.


And i assume the remedy is tax me more? Cuz i really hate it to get some extra spending money in my paycheck. It does kinda suck to be able to pay off some of that debt, or maybe take the wife out for a Subway sandwich.


All sanctimony aside, ummm, no.


There were a few nay sayers who suggested that the tax cut would be a big plus for the republicans because everyone would get at least some benefit. You don’t see those comments anymore because the rising price of gas and the increase in insurance premiums plus the rise in cost of items manufactured of aluminum or steel have more than overcome the piddly amount that the middle class got. Remember the teacher who was so “jubilant” that her tax cut would pay for her CostCo membership? That just disappeared in eight tanks of gas.


The estimated 1 trillion plus deficit next year will no doubt go even higher while they will continue to claim that revenues will gradually increase. Military spending is the sacred cow of spending so there little doubt as to where cuts will be made on the spending side.


Why not? It was easy enough for them to do and did them no harm.

And, there’s nothing to fear from the public cause the public just might . . . some November . . . get them.

We have NO leverage whatsoever over those in office and certainly no immediate way of causing them to be suspended or removed permanently.


Yes, but statistically the rich will outlive the poor by nearly 20 years.


That’s the problem. If there is no wage growth, as there hasn’t been in almost four DECADES, then you won’t recieve any benefit from a tax cut, as you don’t pay any to begin with.
If wages for the majority of Americans had kept pace with those of the rich there would never be any reason to raise taxes.
Meager tax decreases for the working poor are meaningless when you consider that the subsequent decrease in pubic services and the continuous rise in healthcare costs eliminate that tax cut quickly.


No, the remedy is to stop spending so much on military and security state and corporate welfare. Our threats are mostly internal, and even with a 90% cut we’d still be outspending everybody else.