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With No Illusions, Says Climate Leader, Clinton Must Be Elected—Then Fiercely Confronted


With No Illusions, Says Climate Leader, Clinton Must Be Elected—Then Fiercely Confronted

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of 350.org, minces no words addressing those environmentally-minded voters who are fretting over the mixed record of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton: Elect her, "and then give her hell."

In a column published at The Nation on Tuesday, McKibben shares the sentiment felt by many progressive voters this election season: "I'd much rather have been campaigning for Bernie Sanders."


The pain and suffering and anguish that Hillary Clinton will let loose on the world is too awful to contemplate.

She said she was for a no fly zone during the last debate. Those words of war came right out of her mouth in public. Hillary Clinton wants to shoot down Russian airplanes over Syria. Russian airplanes are invited into Syria by an elected president. Hillary Clinton is advocating an outlaw invasion of a sovereign nation. Bad war monger woman is Hillary.

How can anyone with an ounce of compassion recommend Hillary over Jill Stein?


"She can't, I think, go back on that.": Don't bet on it.


McKibben's problem is that he is focused on the supply side of fossil fuels rather than the demand side. Bill will never be happy with Clinton because he is mainly about stopping pipelines and fracking and she is mainly about expanding green energy. Clinton could have the most ambitious green energy and energy efficiency programs imaginable and Bill still would not say she is doing enough to fight climate change. As long as Clinton is focused on reducing the demand for fossil fuels and McKibben is focused on reducing the supply of fossil fuels there will never be a meeting of the minds. They are both climate hawks but have different views on the best strategy.


Restarting the cold war and expanding other wars is sure to reduce the demand for fossil fuels, LOL.

"Elect her and then give her hell" ?

Sorry to say Bill, but its more like ELECT HER AND SHE WILL GIVE PROGRESSIVES HELL to the extent that we are so beaten down that we don't make a sound during her 2020 re-election campaign.

The corporations that hand the DNC a billion per year WILL "give her hell" if she is not providing the payback they expect.
Clinton will follow the orders from the Party's owners, not its base.


Odd how McKibben wants to support the status quo by voting for Killary...he is just showing us how ineffective his ideas are...as if anything he does or says will make a difference now that we are beyond the point of no return on climate restabilization.


When are people like McKibben going to wake up?


Get a life Bill McKibben. That is exactly what Clinton thinks of "radical environmentalists" like you.


Really one of the most infantile posts yet. It does appear you need to get a life.


I think Clinton may have been thinking about you.


No problem then.


Sure - once she's elected, we're gonna "hold her feet to the fire"....heard that in 2012 about the traitor Obama, who is currently stomping the TPP down our throats....I guess HIS accountability starts next January? #NEVERHillary #BernieSanders2016


How about we give her hell right now, throw her ass in jail with the rest of the national-security criminals, and then, if she's still alive and isn't crippled with Parkinson's if and when she gets out, she runs for office again?

What's wrong with that picture?

If any of you Clinton shills, or Falsify the Record goons, or Only-Vaginas-Matter voters don't like it, then you shouldn't have rigged the primaries and caucuses to put this lying, disingenuous creep in the White House.

Oh...and why did a presidential candidate simply disappear from public view three weeks before a national election? Drug holiday? Or is she merely confident that this election is suitably rigged just like she and her army of treasonous liars fixed the primaries and voter registrations? Both?


Why did Hillary Clinton promote fracking to countries around the world?

Are you feeble? Do you think anybody here believes a word you say?

You and your ilk will no doubt succeed in putting this monstrous woman and the sexual predator she's married to BACK in the White House. When WWIII starts, I hope you and your family are the first to be called up to sacrifice your lives in the name of corporate and political corruption.

Oh, and BTW: Hillary cares about you about as much as she cares about the truth.


“And when faced with the choice between a
"horror," and a politician who—through growing
pressure from concerned citizens
—has shown she can be
pushed on issues related to climate, McKibben reasons, he'll take the

I think you meant to say “growing pressure
from a campaign opponent whom she thought otherwise might beat her."

“We've forced Clinton to say through
gritted teeth that she opposes Keystone, for instance. She can't, I
think, go back on that.”

Why not?

“The day
after the election, the climate movement will 'need to press
than ever for real progress on the biggest crisis
the world has ever faced'.”

“Sanders, too, has argued
that the initial priority is making sure Clinton is elected, and
then mobilizing to pressure her on progressive
issues, from energy policy to healthcare.”

I've asked these following questions online many times. No one has
ever answered me:

  1. What form will the said “pressure” take?
  2. How will said “pressure” be applied?
  3. Who will apply the said “pressure?”


Dear Dogleg,

I have been an FDR Democrat all my long life; then, years ago, I got on the Bernie Blog
BEFORE he came several x to my horribly RED STATE of South Carolina. I saw/heard
him speak twice, even before he announced his candidacy for Prez.
After he announced, I worked my cute lil butt off for him; and I donated over & over.
I was beyond appalled @ the way Shillery and DWSchultz & other entrenced Dems' backed corporate neoliberal warmonger Shillery AND RIGGED so damn many
I understand Bernie's campaigning for HRC as the lesser of two evils; however,
after having read Diana Johnstone's brilliant and highly priased expose of HRC's demolishing of what Gaddafi had already begun doing--turning Libya into a
modern state in North Africa--and her chilling, horrifying chortle over Gaddafi's brutal muder, my stomach couldn't take her anymore. I am not niow, not EVAH voting for
ANY evill lesser or not. I believe she'll have us in a war with Russia in a skinny
minute because she loves war; that's her go-to foreign policy; she's demonstrated it in Libya, in Honduras, in Ukraine, et.al.
I received my absentee ballot in the mail yesterday and voted for Jill Stein and for DEMOCRATS down ballot running to unseat some dreadful Rethuglicans. Damn the memory of Strom Thurmond and those compatriots in this godforsaken state who
keep supporting sociopathic Rethuglicans. I cannot do that, either.
A few days ago I joined CodePink; I already donate to PEACE groups--there are several. I have taken a peace pledge and will be working to transform our elected officials' patriarchal devotion to militarism. I will be selling my Lockheed Martin stock because they suck on the federal teat making weapons of mass destruction.
PS Why could yours truly see clearly that the Iraq War a la Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz-Rice et.al. was GREAT BIG FAT LIE and Shillery could NOT????


Diana Johnstone's book: "Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton,"
I ordered it from Counterpunch; perhaps Amazon or BetterWorldBooks also sell it
now. Or request that your local library purchase a copy. I bought the paperback.


@ BWilliamson30m "I think Clinton may have been thinking about you."

Only if I gave her a million dollars.But I am sure you made her sycophant list.


"Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of 350.org, minces no words addressing those environmentally-minded voters who are fretting over the mixed record of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton: Elect
her, "and then give her hell."

Hahahahaha! Elect Hillary and watch her raise both middle fingers in contempt as she does exactly what she promised organized money she wold do.
The only hope if Mrs Clinton is elected is to elect a veto proof house and senate of obstructionist Republicans-- it's the least the electorate can do to keep such a crook in check.
Nerd McKibben has been drinking to many Mimosas with Katrina and the girls between lawn croquet games out on Long Island.


Stein - hands down if you care about living things ....