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With No Love from DNC, Sanders-Backed Montana Longshot Surges


With No Love from DNC, Sanders-Backed Montana Longshot Surges

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Rob Quist, the once-longshot, banjo-strumming populist running for Montana's empty U.S. House seat, is giving Republicans a scare.


A great story- maverick running on policies, financed by the people, DNC sitting on its hands and looking the other way.
Only one thing wrong with it. Why pollute it with Trump/Russia rubbish. Everything else seems honest, hopeful and clean. The Russia story stinks of CIA, Clinton, fat cat and Cold War connections, it is everything that the campaign, about people’s lives and livings in hard times and fighting back against oligarchies, is not.
Why poison the pure water of populism with this re-cycled garbage from Washington, Kiev and the MSM?


All Perez has to do is call Quist and say “what can we do to help you?”


Dems would rather lose to a republican than win with a progressive. They don’t want Quist to win.


What a stupid statement.


The lack of Party HQ support is almost certainly helping Quist’s chances considerably.

So the only question is whether the non-support is actual non-support or clever “3 dimensional chess” or whatever the old meme was… Probably the former. Then again, his article may be exaggerating Quist’s chances anyway.


Umm, no, actually, not stupid at all. If you’ve followed DNC campaigns and policies and donors over the past thirty years, the statement is consistent with the evidence.


What if progressives in every state ran on no corporate bribes and on Single Payer?

Goodbye DNC and goodbye GOP :weary:

Direct Democracy


Thank you. In my district, a Democrat isn’t going to win by yelling about their DNC funding. It’s just too red. Plus, it’s actually the DCCC that funds congressional races.


DNC funding plays well in the big metropolitan areas where Clinton did well in 2016. Elsewhere highlighting DNC funding will likely be the kiss of death for a candidate.


I’m a small time guy. Sent $27 awhile ago. He’s gonna win.


Again the DNC is so old and senile that it may as well die and be cremated. Spread its ashes over the Potomac…
Shumer Palosi and Perez. How exciting…


If I lived in Montana I would be supporting Quist.

But the numbers in the story do not add up. It begins by saying Quist has raised $5 million. It ends by saying Gianforte has raised $3.3 million, which includes a loan of $1 from Gianforte to himself.

In the middle it says "More than $8 million has been spent so far in the Montana race, most of which has flowed towards Gianforte. "

Where did the $5 million raised by Quist go? If anything it appears as if most of the $8 million ($5 million for Quist and $3.3 million for Gianforte) has gone to Quist, not Gianforte.


The DNC really sucks here and I gotta hand it to Quist for not groveling at their feet for any campaign funding-
Screw the DNC, Perez, Pelosi and Schummer, they are all opportunistic, money grubbing has beens and hopefully will all go down for their wicked ways…


Fuck the Democrat Party. I would say the Democratic Party, but they deserve to be defined by their opponents.


Stupid because it’s true.


The only group worse than the DNC is the DCCC.


Why is that?


The DNC continues to shoot itself not only in the foot, but in the head.



whereas the DNC is only this bad:

just my opinion though.