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With No Love from DNC, Sanders-Backed Montana Longshot Surges


Shows once again Obama and the Zclintons have done to our pArty what Hitler did to Poland.


Of course he is not getting any "love" or support from the Trump electing DNC.


Obviously you haven't been paying attention. For example in the past two weeks both mainstream establishment heads Pelosi and DiFi have come out against single payer healthcare. And that's only the tip of the regressive iceberg of the Democratic establishment. Have you noticed what the Hildebeast has been up to this week? Her vileness is reemerging from her well-deserved wilderness touting the same failed political perspective we've heard from her ilk the past generation.


Nothing is funnier (or should I say more pathetic) than the rubes in middle almerica who look upon the DNC as some corrupt outside organization carpetbagging their way into their backward assed towns, all the while sporting a huge hard on for outside interference from the Koch brothers and Bradley foundation.


The Democratic Party has but one strategy now. They and their corporate money didn't really want to change. The idea of becoming liberal again was repugnant to them. So they appointed the company man Perez to run the show, and there is only one plan he has. Wait for Trump to completely cover himself in shit and hope he drags the rest of the GOP down with him.
Hoping your opponent fails is a lousy strategy for victory.


Dems will have something to cheer about when they actually win these special elections not just come close.


Tina Olechowski is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,


No help from you, right? Demand all these things, but step away and vote to maximize the power of the right while peeing in the tent. It's really odd that I read so much nonsense about "people power," while Ossoff and Quist basically run grassroots campaigns on their own with formal support coming in late. I figured you guys would be happy about that--but no.



Have you heard of these things called political action committees, PACs?


Putin is a prince among oligarchs, and he clearly has his supporters here.


I don't think that necessarily hurts Quist.


I have voted Democratic for 55 years. I am a progressive Democratic. Yet... I despise the DNC Inc. I wouldn't give the DNC a wooden nickel. The DNC is NOT to be trusted!


Send a small amount of money ($20) directly to the progressive candidate that speaks for you. Screw the DNC/ DCCC INC.


I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter who's given money and made phone calls. The Progressive base of the Democratic Party is becoming the power base. Ignor the DNC. Inc. This will be a long and hard fought fight with the Corporate Democrats but we will prevail!


This morning it was reported that the DCCC brought in $20 million in the 1st quarter of 2017.
So, what is holding them back from contributing to these special Congressional elections? Past debt from the 2016 election? Rebuilding of personnel and the structural changes brought about by corrections to the Clinton/Obama center-right domestic governing disasters?
The old saw, " doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result " seems appropriate here.
Montana would greatly benefit from an increase in the national minimum wage, residential solar and weatherization programs, Medicare-for-all, infrastructure modernization and more investments in what is called the travel, tourism and recreational businesses. Also, " remediation " in the legacy forest and mining businesses would be very beneficial. There are many investments in Montana and other states which the Democratic Party could embrace and run with.
So, why are these DNC types talking about Trump? Montanans who still believe Trump is the greatest thing since bottled beer are mostly unpersaudable.
It seems they like fundraising over actually winning elections. Why should that surprise anyone.


Sakatchewan launched single payer with a population of 925,000 spread out further than Montana's population. It didn't take long for the rest of the Canadian provinces to adopt single payer.

Montana, with a population north of one million has a more favorable economy of scale than Sakatchewan, so should be able to pull it off.


It may well be true that it can only help Quist gain votes and supporters by not being associated with the DNC considering the conservative leaning of Montana and the appeal of "rugged individualism." As much as I'd like to see the DNC go full progressive, this is one time when I think its best if the DNC would just roll over and die.


I do live in Montana, and will vote Quist. But there is a lot of Mercer and Koch money behind Gianforte right now.


I said it above, but in my red district, there is no way any candidate would want a front page story about DNC investment. It's not the first time, by the way, that a party has remained quiet about what it does. Pelosi wants to grow her caucus, not shrink it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the party is quietly helping Quist while he cultivates an image of independence from it.