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With Not One Mention of Climate Crisis or Soaring Inequality, Sanders Says Trump Reelection Rally Shows He Is 'Out of Touch' and 'Must Be Defeated'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/19/not-one-mention-climate-crisis-or-soaring-inequality-sanders-says-trump-reelection


Trump did mention he was going to cure cancer … rapidly growing due to poisoning the air, water and common food supply by his loyal oligarchs.

Lunatics in control in Washington (not all are repubs), appointed lunatics in control of nuclear arsenal, no one in control of global heating (warming is now obsolete term). A proven lunatic is President. What else could the .1% want?


Sanders is wasting his breath on Trump and his angry, dumb little coalition. They are only about 20-25% of the American voting pubic and they just don’t know, or care, that the earth is warming up.
Where Sanders should be concentrating his efforts is brining to light the utterly corrupt corporate backed Democratic Party hierarchy.
What we are facing once again in the 2020 election cycle is two parties, one who knows the earth is warming up but just doesn’t care, and the other, who also knows the earth is warming up, yet refuses to do anything meaningful about it for fear of alienating their most wealthy benefactors.
Sounds like a lose-lose.


BB, and what the 2 party candidates have in common is their greed quotient. As evidenced by Biden’s pandering to Wall-street.

The DNC is never any help or rather, a huge hindrance. Bernie has held the moral ground historically speaking and brings truth to the whole process. Whether the manipulated and fearful electorate can recognize that and go for the prize without election obstruction is the big question.


Bernie says "“Our job is to keep our eyes on the prize, which is creating a decent life for all people, Our job is to resist Trump’s effort to divide us up. Listening to Trump made me feel very much that he is a man living in a parallel universe, a man way out of touch with the needs of ordinary people, and a man who must be defeated”
Out of touch with reality and common decency!

Sanders is very right not only about domestic issues and the oligarchy, but global, including for-profit war, the existential climate crisis, poisoning the Earth by chemical and fossil-fuel operations (fracking), massive plastics pollution, mass extinctions, and the subversion of international relations and peace by malignant regimes and killers.

The trump regime has linked America to foreign regimes and wars of choice, the most destructive that serve to enrich some while destroying others - whole cultures and peoples - trumps imperial malignant “presidency” and his co-conspirators are an obscenity - a blight on humanity and any sustainable future.

One example of trumps evil and madness and trashing all truth is allying the US with the Saudis and Israeli regimes, and other brutal dictators - especially the utterly evil Saudi murderer “mbs”, the clown prince…

To end this slide into oblivion and money over any sustainable future we must support candidates of actual integrity, Moral Compass, and wisdom, not another shill for the status quo and Vulture Capitalist usury!

As well as calling-out murderers and rapists, not lauding and supporting, arming, them!.

Trump and many of his followers live in a FAKE world.

Nothing can be done about the global environmental and climate collapse twins until the killing of innocent people by Americans stops.

The first step is for Americans to quit killing completely innocent families all over the world.

Check how far ahead Bernie is at autonomousDemocracy.org


Too many yuge Problems to even begin to fix at this sad point. What Bernie needs to figure out is how to beat Biden first. With many votes going to Warren, as they are both just about tied, Biden slips thru the middle and wins. Only way to stop Smokin’ Joe is for Warren and Sanders to team up to beat Trump. I know that won’t happen, but their are too many Dems taking away votes he needs. As far as Bernie himself… many mistakes are being made again, as last time. But, None of them are perfect!

It is all about strategy and more than one progressive competing against smokin joe does indeed leave the middle of the field wide open for joe to make a touchdown.

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In one respect this is worse than Nazi Germany. There people followed the program out of fear, here we do it out of ignorance.
I heard a MAGA middle aged woman state that she felt that trump doesn’t lie. Haven’t heard what planet she is from yet.

Yes and I agree, but in my view, the only for Bernie to do that is to figure out a way to reverse the corruption of the super delegates for whom most have already selected Biden.

Hey all, Lets keep the faith. As the field narrows and its Sanders, Warren or Biden to choose from
I believe Bernie has far more credibility and can articulate the issues better than all of the field.

I don’t see Biden or Warren being able to beat Sanders. If you supported any of the other candidates and your person isn’t going to be the nominee now how could you not not go with Bernie 2020 ?

I sure as hell hope I am right ! lol

that’s one not lol sorry for the typo

What was Bernie’s “ Catch Phrase?” Wealth Inequality! This is the main reason he stands above the rest… Warren could give a shit. She’s already rich. Plus she’s against Single Payer, which is another yuge Issue. Sure, she is a great speaker and could take Trump down, but what would she do for all of Us??? Bernie is the only one that addresses the most dangerous problems facing us, but people are brain dead and ignorant. Can’t fix Stupid!

I like Bernie, and want him or another progressive to win, but once again I see nothing from him or any other candidate talking about election theft issues. With all of the roadblocks keeping good politicians from office and subverting the will of the people, the dem party and corruptible voting machines, to name a few, I don’t understand why these impediments are not talked about in the open by honest candidates.
Now there’s a new major threat, and no one is talking about it. I’ll say it again, until these are overcome, we will never see the programs we want and need.



I think they all well know there will be Election Fraud to the Max, just like the last Circus, as it’s par for the game. Any candidate who brings it up is in for a hurting, so they avoid the issue.

That’s a yuge problem that’s bigger than all of them put together… Both of us know the Electorate System is bogus and Flawed, yet the Stoopids still think their votes go directly to the Candidate they vote for. There was talk of eliminating Superdelegates a while back but have not heard a word since… I wonder why…

I guess I missed it…

If Bernie can get fifty percent of the votes plus one, then the super delegates won’t have the opportunity to muck things up again. So we just have to work our tails off to get this to happen. It’s sad that the DNC doesn’t trust the people to choose wisely.

Yes, I went to a super delegates meeting here in town. They actually listened to the people! The supers are voting in the second round of votes. If one candidate gets one vote over fifty percent, then the supers don’t weigh in. If nobody gets fifty percent plus one that’s when the trouble will start, as they don’t have to pick the top candidate. Someone else can do the math–there are over two thousand pledged delegates, and over seven hundred super delegates, I believe.