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With Obama in Cuba, Pro-Torture Pundits Suddenly Concerned With Human Rights


With Obama in Cuba, Pro-Torture Pundits Suddenly Concerned With Human Rights

Adam Johnson

US President Barack Obama landed in Havana Sunday to great fanfare, both in Cuba and stateside. His visit marks a significant shift of the United States’ approach towards the socialist state, and the possibility of cooperation after decades of hostility. US media generally struck a hopeful tone, with a surprisingly nuanced mix of positive and critical stories about Cuba.


“Mr. Thiessen, a practicing Roman Catholic, says that waterboarding suspected terrorists was not only useful and desirable, but permitted by the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Brought to you by the Spanish Inquisition…


Any swine that advocates torture (all that do so are swine) should be subjected to torture, to ensure that he understands that which he is talking about.


I am so glad to see this article! I saw a cartoon on this very topic, commenting on Cuba’s record on human rights and that was my first thought, “What about America’s very recent record on human rights?”

The American people have a very peculiar blind spot about how we treat selected people right here on American soil.

But this is something that is absolutely absent from any type of public dialogue, from presidential discussions (except for Trump saying he would do “more” of it). And we have the b***s to posture on this topic.

Aw! More theater over substance.


The human rights violations did not begin with Bush and Obama. Interrogations during the Vietnam war were often performed in helicopters. For many, the interview ended with a rapid decent into the dense jungle. Booby trapping bodies was also a technique I personally witnessed. Our White Hats are stained with blood and tears.


It isn’t a violation of human rights when we do it.


Few like to mention it, but the Vatican/Catholic Church upper echelon has a LONG, LONG history of torture.

How about all those new world Indigenous folks massacred and often tortured because they didn’t conform to the church’s mandate that there was only one god?

How about the thousands upon thousands of women murdered–often burnt alive–for being a bit too uppity in the centuries where patriarchy was busy establishing itself?

How about the Catholic church’s use of the dunking stool or other forms of torture?

So it’s quite interesting that a self-avowed Catholic would cheerlead for torture.

Two things come to mind.

First, for those of us who understand that 911 was a total inside job, the excuses put forth as basis for torturing other human beings fall flat on their sadistic faces.

Second, the law of karma will not BE mocked. Therefore, when all these so-called champions of freedom get to face Their Maker, they will have enormous PAIN to face… based on the lack of humanity fueling their choices.

I could just see this imbecile justifying his savagery to Jesus:

“Mr. Thiessen, a practicing Roman Catholic, says that waterboarding suspected terrorists was not only useful and desirable, but permitted by the teachings of the Catholic Church.”


These human rights violations happen to be the specialty of the CIA and those Hit Men described in John Perkin’s account: “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.”

But Janet Hanson prefers to insist that it’s the American People who are behind these tragic exploits.

And you speak of Vietnam…

There is a COMMON CORE to much in the way of depraved indifference to human life, triggers put in place for wars that have left absolute ruin in their wake, and very real strategic and economic advantages allocated to a very few persons… and it’s the CIA.

Efforts to take what this Deep State entity does–without any form of accountability, neither a public mandate–comports with my argument that too many in this forum deliberately take the acts of a few and generalize them to ALL citizens.

How different is that from the ways that high officials blame a “few bad apples” so that their actual misdeeds never see the light of day, neither a Court with the legal muscle to teach them a thing or two about actual justice?


You are a small minded poster who typically says the same thing day after day. You haven’t shown an original thought in all the time you’ve posted.

The law of karma is understood by at least a billion persons, and hardly something that I personally dreamt up.

And as to Mars rules, nary a day goes by that PROOF of that contention isn’t plastered all over C.D.'s roster of articles.

You, either an imbecile by choice or one tasked with reciting imbecilic comments daily are hardly in a position to critique the understanding that I bring to this forum. But the little tag team of military kids who all agree with each other and tout the same lines day after day has seen fit to attack me for many years.

I call you out because I read you loudly and clearly, and you do not fool me.


Sioux Rose, some people have no idea what you are talking about. The ignorant are always around us. I understand what you say because I have read a lot of Eastern Thought, Astrology and history. This guy that belittles your esoteric knowledge is just not well read. Nothing can be done for him until he opens himself up to universal knowledge. Ignoring him is the best advice I can give you.