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With 'Off-Planet' Mining Bill, US Congress Seeks to Privatize Outer Space



Let's connect some unusual dots.

Pope Francis spoke of being willing to baptize Extra-terrestrials.

The initiative depicted in this article iis aimed at "mining" space and other planets.

Predictive programming works through major Hollywood films. Think: "Avatar."

Dr. Steven Greer speaks to thousands of persons around the world on the topic of "Disclosure." Having interviewed upwards of 200 pilots, engineers, and military personnel who have sworn--on the record--of encounters with UFOs and aliens/alien technology, Dr. Greer's chief aspiration is replacing old fossil-fueled systems of energy with Free Energy. (He and others assert that alien crafts have been recovered over the course of 70 years and their workings have been reverse-engineered. The problem is that this research is done covertly by the likes of Raytheon and the technology has NOT been disclosed because such a transition would pose a threat to the status quo and the world's Energy moguls.)

Check out the long list of documentaries available to viewers on You Tube as executed by Kerry Cassidy of "Project Camelot." There is enormous and compelling documentation on contact with fellow space travelers and beings from other planets and "worlds." (The Christian Fundamentalists are well-aware of this "contact," however, their world-view holds that it's not aliens, but rather demonic beings--the fallen Anunaaki--that are trans-dimensional and account for so many "Close Encounters of the Third Kind.")

I never appreciated the "X Files" when they were all the rage; but watching some of the shows NOW, I see what is meant by predictive programming.

Or take Star Trek.

This connection with space and whatever is out there is of major interest to many; and what's known is NOT what's shown by orthodox sources. Notice the way they frame mundane news through their own fake lenses, falsely.

The Truth is out there!


How 'bout applyin' some of that ol' good American can-do know-how to outer space, and make it safe and profitable for all? Somewhere, a bunch of ETs are really, really pissed off, and they are ratcheting up their stun guns to kill. This won't be Columbus landing on Haiti.


This is just more enclosure of the commons on Ayn Randian steroids. What will constitute "staking a claim?" Even the Homestead Act and Mine Act presuppose government ownership of the resource before the claim is made.


But mostly, this is mostly showmanship in Ayn Randian economics - or what Marx called "primitive accumulation". I honestly can't see how minerals can profitably extracted from asteroids. Even on earth, where various geological processes (usually involving liquid water at high pressures and temperatures) concentrate the resource, it takes the digging of tons of rock - or dirt to get a gram of precious metal. None of these concentration processes occur on asteroids.

Also, I don't want to even think of the resource waste and environmental impact of making and launching the thousands to millions of large rockets to conceivably mine asteroids or the moon. Look at what is needed just to carry two humans and a just couple tons of hardware to the moons surface and back. These monstrous-ego tech geeks seriously need to hire some real engineers (not so-called "software engineers") and put some sense into them.


Sounds like more lunatic horseshit from the dominant right wing congressional ostriches with their clownish heads up their posteriors. If they're looking for something of scientific fantasy to piss the national treasures away on along with their damn wars, they could consider a way of cheaply blasting all that filthy nuclear waste lying around Planet Earth out into deep space.


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The guy with the most money will retrieve it and distribute it his way. Just like California the guy that can pay for the deepest well and the largest pumps can drain the water basin and distribute it as he chooses. If you can't match him, don't complain fairness is not guaranteed, get over it.


The only question in my mind is; do they do this crap for their own amusement, or do they think "we" find it amusing? Space Oil? Ah yes, the economic enslavement tool of the future.

Is it true that Trump or Carson the other night thought that China was part of the TPP? Gawd, living here is a non-stop dark comedy.


I am not sure of the point of your post. The reason they focus on fossil fuels as a source of energy is that under the system capitalism artificial scarcity generates greater profits. Under the concept of property laws which are not natural laws an entity can claim exclusive ownership over the same and charge an ever higher price for it as it grows scarcer or as it falls under the control of fewer hands

You mightas well ask "why even bother with health insurance". The reason the model of health care used in the USA relies on private health insurance rather than what other countries use is because more profits flow to the investor class

This the same reason a cure for cancer will not be found in such a system. Cancer treatments churn profits.

The same applies to energy. Cheaper energy sources are marginalized so as to continue that profit flow. In Spain as example power companies complained their profits were suffering due to people putting solar panels on their rooftops. Laws were passed to restrict this so as to ensure the power companies controlled the sources of power.

Now to "free energy" I assure you without reservation there is such a thing. Since before man walked on rhs Earth all of life that evolved from energy that was bombarding this planet. The notion that said life should pay a "fee" for such did not occur until some person decided they could make money off it.

Sunlight is free.


Damn good point. I guess there will be the view of Manifest Destiny, at least until some virus kills us. Why do we automatically think ot will be some humanoid'ish creature when the microbe is more deadly?


I find this somewhat amusing in a sick sort of way. It is known that about 140-50 old men own or control over 60% of the world's wealth and resources. With some of this wealth, they have bought whole governments, to increase their own power and control. It has been stated that, "They want it all," and they are willing to use war and financial control to get it. The human race has no value to it, other than to supply cheap labor and a market for some of their "goods" which are usually paid for by increasing debt on the 99.99%.
* Now it is becoming apparent to them that there is a possibility that there might eventually be wealth to be discovered and accumulated by such currently science fiction methods as asteroid mining. They are having their bought governments put together legislation so they can eventually control and acquire all of that,too. I'm sure that there will be built into such legislation a way to make those trillions untaxable, for that is how their minds work.
* I've sometimes wondered if the decrease in "UFO" sightings and activity since its peak after WW-II isn't due to the fact that they were carefully analyzing what we were doing and finally posted a "system wide quarantine until the infestation of toxic life forms on the third planet have finally self-destructed."
* Makes as much sense to me as anything else on the table! :wink:


As for staking claims, only the most wealthy will be able to do such things. Probably about 1% of the Earths populace is my guess that could afford to go to a gov't, with money in hand and purchase these claims, like it has always been. The author of this article and the readers will have no claim, period. This is how it will work.


I think we need to send some of these reps. and sens. into space that way we get rid of em!


Firstly it's possible that on other planets some resources will be lying on the surface, but that's really irrelevant. What's relevant is if someone stakes a claim, then the US or other fascist empire could claim they're just protecting their resources and put up militarized no entry signs or use it as an excuse to start star wars. Just like the US is now monitoring Russia for having their subs "too close" to internet cables that run under the ocean. Or flying bombers over China's manufactured islands.


Always worth a good chuckle--or maybe a sour smile--when the techno-fix loonies create asinine plans to make money off of far-fetched ideas. Like their plans for geoengineering--short sighted fixes by people who are essentially clueless about the organic nature of planetary functions and can only see minuscule portions of the complexity at a time--and imagine that to be the entirety. Capitalism is a mental illness, it seems, infecting every lens through which people look at their universe.


Sunlight is free but its capture and use are not... .


First the United States Government signs a treaty declaring that space belongs to all of us. Then it abrogates its treaty, declaring that anything it (and everybody else, presumably) wants is theirs. Where does this end?

China wants a reef in the middle of the ocean because of nearby oil deposits. So it builds itself an island on that reef and names the island.

Russia needs the Crimea for sentimental reasons. It's not actually connected to Russia. Also, Russia drops a flag onto the North Pole, thousands of feet underwater, just to establish dibs.

The U.S. decides that it needs to be in both Syria and Iraq. No, the legal governments of these two countries don't want U.S. troops. So, we're there fighting illegally under treaty.

Russia, in order to uphold the idea that foreign troops can be invited by the official government, sends a few troops to Syria and starts bombing a few random enemies. Some days the U.S.A. and Russia have to race each other in order to bomb the same target first. The early bird gets the worm. On other days Russia bombs the U.S.'s allies, such as they are in Syria.

By the way, I discovered Central Park.


I am using it now. The tree in the park I am standing in uses it.

Converting energy into portable and storable forms usable by our current infrastructure will have a certain financial cost . This does not mean there no such thing as "free energy" . It means man has designed systems to ensure certain persons profit off the need or desire for energy. That said when referring to Free energy there very different meanings of the word.

One means a form of energy that has a financial cost assigned to it in a market based economy. This definition only applies to how the species called Homo sapiens has decided to distribute the same.

The other is what Tesla was referring to. It was a source of energy that was not stored in some form ( like hydrocarbons)but rather freely floating around us.

Tesla was referring to the energy of sunlight gravity and the like which is always with us and can not be used up. It was not energy stored from another process but was the process itself as energy.His challenge (which some claimed he solved) was converting that plentiful energy into forms we could use directly. He did not suggest there would be no financial cost in going do. He did suggest that once the solution found usable energy would be so plentiful financial costs would diminish to next to nothing.


Many of Russia's current actions appear to be related to United States actions. For many years, U.S. submarines wiretapped undersea cables laid by the old Soviet Union. Apparently the U.S. got a pretty good intelligence haul out of their taps.

It could be Russia telling the U.S., "So what's your problem?", as in, a peaceful nation doesn't do these things to another peaceful nation. We're just doing these tit for tat reprisals to diplomatically remind you not to commit the same acts of war against us in peacetime.