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With Open Internet Under Assault, 2020 Democrats Urged to Sign Pledge to Reject Telecom Cash and Restore Net Neutrality

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/26/open-internet-under-assault-2020-democrats-urged-sign-pledge-reject-telecom-cash-and

The loss of net neutrality is just another nail in the coffin of free speech and an ability for the “masses” to communicate, organize, and become a united voice against tyranny!


This is really stupid on the governments part. If they want to control the population and lead them around as if there were a nose ring, the web is purrrfect for the job. I don’t know a soul that isn’t captured by the screen.

Breaking news


D Party leadership (or D Party candidates) to sign pledge promising not to take donations from _______ (fill in the blank; whatever random planet killing industry; whatever random war profiteer; whatever random mercenary “security” company)

… A few D Party candidates sign the pledge.

Two weeks later, if not sooner:

D Party corporate leadership denies that it is “against” the industries and war profiteers that a few of its candidates had pledged not to accept donations from.


I’m at a loss to understand why the business community doesn’t apply pressure on this issue, they stand to lose big time if this legislation doesn’t pass. They (businesses) could move the gop senators more than anyone.

Loss of Net Neutrality means the rich and powerful can control which way the nose ring gets pulled.

A guarantee: Only pressure from business interests will get Mitch to hold a vote on net neutrality.

Gee I wonder if the DNC would allow a Debate on THIS subject since The Destruction of the Earth and the extinction of the Human Species of ‘off the table’

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This has to be the worst Democratic Convention in history for the DNC. We have to have speakers who can tell the truth about the Pentagon, oil wars, Pelosi and Schumer. We have to take the Democratic Convention by siege and make the corporate parasites rue the day they sucked their first Wall Street delusion of adequacy. Pelosi and Schumer have to be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. They love chemically bombing babies with white phosphorous. Measure them for their colostomy sacks and send them to Fallujah to work oil rigs with Jesus. The DNC has to be broken beyond repair. Had enough?

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They don’t already?

Hi Ditton
, but it gets weirder for people using computers , as I am moving in 2 days and my internet provider said, we don’t go in that area…WHAT??? So apparently I have to find a new one, but they said I could still pay for e-mail, but not the internet…this is annoying and confusing—so apparently, I won’t have an internet until I get to where I am going and find one. So, as I love talking to people here, if I disappear in a day or 2, blame it on the crazy internet people.
I will return at some point, but while I am off the internet ( although maybe I won’t be) but it will seem like living in an 1984 world, but never fear—unlike Winston Smith I am not afraid of rats—well the political ones are scary , but the pet ones are lovely. : )
HERE’S to everyone in the world having access forever to a free and open internet! : )

Nothing neutral about a corpress predilection for corporate control

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Well star…you will be missed, your approach to commenting is very polite and shows great kindness, just from your opening line you know there is never a hidden aggression. Me? I’m kinda burned out and think I make a fool of myself so I’m gonna quit for a while. It won’t be easy, I am addicted. Please be well, be safe. Gilbert

Lets urge, plead and beg our corporate handlers to sign none binding pledges, and if that does not work we will do it again.
Amazing that so many people are actually surprised at the rapid rise of fascism.

Hi Ditton,
I will be back after I figure out the who, what and how of the choices for internet. I am so looking forward to real air to breathe. Oh no no---- don’t quit I love reading your thoughts! and I know a lot of others do to----so I’m sorry , but you can’t leave! : )

Thanks for the kind words. I am burned out but for some unholy reason I can’t seem to quit so I’m posting under great stress. Pretty much like everyone here. Being overwhelmed by it all 24/7 for years now isn’t healthy. Take care.

geronimo–I agree 100% on Dems’ so-called leadership; my question to you is: WHADDABOUT THE SOCIOPATHIC SOULLESS RETHUGLICANS? throwing them ALL down a bottomless well is almost too good for them IM O