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With Over 100,000 Dead and Depression-Level Unemployment, Sanders Calls McConnell's Sandbagging of Covid-19 Relief 'Incomprehensible'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/31/over-100000-dead-and-depression-level-unemployment-sanders-calls-mcconnells


Bernie should be our President.


Bernie who? Why is this unbelievable sellout still pretending to be a progressive voice?

He owes his supporters a candid explanation of his bizarre betrayals.


Absolutely agree. Bernie is the most outrageous fraud ever.

Where’s the courage in denigrating Republicans?

When is he going to call out Democrats too?

I want the money I sent him back.


Would be nice if he’d criticize the Democrats, especially now that he’s probably done his political career and doesn’t have to kiss ass anymore.


Bernie, you just shouldn’t have quit so early


Only beings of limited understanding would celebrate a system that worships profit .

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Bernie, perhaps they’re afraid of Stephanie Kelton and her views? If the Fed is nationalized, government CAN pay for healthcare and loss of income. Wall Street isn’t the only game in town.


Trump, inc. does not think it needs to pass another COVID-19 bill because it will just continue to blame China. They are also busy deflecting from responsibility with regards to the “blue” pandemic by listing ANTIFA as a terrorist “organization” even though no such organization exists so this means the rest of us if we dare to protest. Note Pompeo’s latest in accusing China as a threat to US America, and Barr’s comments on ANTIFA.


I see the ‘fake’ left is out in force today. Apparently to these brain-dead bots, Trump has done nothing. And as usual, Trump is nothing more than a victim juxtaposed Sanders. They attack the ‘truth’ disseminated by Sanders about Moscow Mitch and instead make him the problem while ignoring a sweeping and expanding pandemic which has yet to hit its second wave. This group of exemplary nut jobs will do anything in their power to twist contemporary events, and offer convoluted rebuttals to protect the FA in the Oval ‘whore house’ on cue. Reading their collective, and galactic stupidity almost brings a tear to my eyes on behalf of Trump their one true god, Donald Trump.


Sigh. That about sums it up. It would be a lot easier for many of us to get past this betrayed phase and consider the man’s words dispassionately, if only he hadn’t quit so early! Maybe the more jaded among us expected a betrayal of some sort, eventually. Not such a sudden shock. Poof: All gone now. Thanks much, Bernie. Do you want an E for Effort, or what?


“it is incomprehensible for Senator McConnell to tell us that he sees no urgency in passing another emergency relief bill”

It’s not incomprehensible at all. Moscow earned his nickname by being a shill for everyone who wishes evil on Americans and this is one more opportunity to stick it to the lower classes and minorities. That some of his own people will suffer is a sacrifice he’s willing to make.


He just did criticize them for not going far enough with the HEROES Act.


Just to kindly fill you in: practically everyone commenting in this thread above yours has been around here a lot longer than you. You might consider that lashing out at practically the whole Commons as “brain-dead bots” will not always result in an illuminating or impressive line of discourse.

But even some long-time posters affect that “KICK ME” style, often with a handle specially constructed so that it’s easy to childishly ridicule (Septic Tank comes to mind). Drags down the discussion, away from lines of thought which might unify and strengthen us. Is that what you’re up to with this drivel?


I see you morphed back to CD from TD. For the record I was one of the ‘originals’ when this forum went public. A couple of days ago I bumped heads with Bardamu who was posting here long before you. Back then he or she was presenting themselves without the current disguise while promoting their neoconservative views. What is cowardly is to pretend to be offering a discussion while concomitantly ignoring the ‘context’ of their posts. Since you are holding yourself up as their protector while refusing to address their dishonest attacks, I will assume you are nothing more than another professional troll with thousands of posts. Speaking of childish behavior do you actually have a job or a life juxtaposed your interminable posts?

And you morphed from huh? to wtf? Get lost, punk. (Or have at it, if you like. I’m done feeding it.)

So much for your pretend and fake persona of rendering intelligent conversation.
But if you ever break your teether to your computer and get to Santa Fe look me
up hero. I use my real name and am very easy to find in a small town.

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When will Demon Donald make Satan so jealous of how many people believe his lies that Satan joins the fight against him?


Most of the incredibly varied musical versions of Stagger Lee (spelled 100 ways) go on and on. It’s a long story. Your post brought to mind the final verse of David Bromberg’s Mrs Delion’s Lament:

When Stagalee reached the gates of Hell, he put the imps all on the run
Foamin’ at the mouth and cussin’ up a streak and wavin’ around his gun
Walked right up in the devil’s face, said I like your place just fine
I wanna shoot somebody so goddam bad, like to shoot Billy DeLions
Devil he told Stagalee, now don’t you lose your self control
You know you can’t shoot Billy DeLions no more, there ain’t room for no more holes
So Stagalee he told the devil, what you say we have some fun
You can stick me with your pitchfork and I’ll shoot you with my gun

Attacking Biden has nothing to do with defending Trump. Who here defends Trump?

Trump is as bad as it gets. So is Biden.

I challenge you to find anything good to say about Biden. That’s lots harder than misrepresenting the words of those of us who know who he is.

You’re rather a binary (black and white) thinker for a Santa Fean.