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With Over 100,000 Dead and Depression-Level Unemployment, Sanders Calls McConnell's Sandbagging of Covid-19 Relief 'Incomprehensible'

Oh Bernie this fake outrage is adorable. Where was this outrage when you could have put a hold on the bill, preventing a vote, and the looting of the treasury?
Ralph Nader may have suffered being called a spoiler, you my friend will go down in history as a poser, much worse IMO.


Bernie must have erectile dysfunction because his balls have shriveled to microscopic size in his old age.


I don’t think so. For one thing, we stand at a point in history where any future historical frame for Sanders to “go down in” is fundamentally unimaginable.

Also, we don’t know whether or not history is already done with Sanders – maybe not. I don’t want to commit any sins of over-weening optimism, but after all we are talking about human beings, I hope, on some level. To write off the possibility of another human being encountering a conversion on the road to Damascus (or wherever) is to deny human potential, including your own.


The attacks by the fake left were against Bernie not Biden. I never said a single word about Biden. As far as I am concerned Biden, Bush, Trump, Obama, Pelosi, HRC, Rumsfield, Cheney, et al, ought to be sharing the same prison cell. I challenge you to take a course on reading comprehension. Either way take your self aggrandizing non sense and join the other twits in their self love agenda.


Speaking the truth never makes you popular – even with those who supported you earlier.


My bad. But in the end, not a big difference.

I was a passionate Bernie fan before he ran in 2016 (when few had even heard of him). I voted for him in my state primary in 2016. I’ve defended his positions and his integrity innumerable times on many sites, and in person. I thought he was the only conceivable choice for President and I explained why.

I donated well over $1,000 to his campaign in 2020. That wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I thought it important to put my money where my mouth was. So I did.

Bernie created a multi-million, multi-racial movement aimed at getting our country back on track. He stirred up the passions and hopes of so many of us. Then he threw his movement away. He threw his supporters away. There’s no one out there picking up the pieces: he left his movement to rot (exactly as Obama did).

Despite Not Me. Us. he won’t let his delegates think for themselves and refuse to endorse the sickening Biden (who, for his entire career, has been on the opposite side of the issues Bernie claims to support). It’s as outrageous as it is unbelievable. Biden is guilty of many of the same offenses as is Trump (and some that Trump isn’t even guilty of), which makes anyone who supports Biden and opposes Trump a complete hypocrite. (Which applies not only to Bernie, but to Gabbard, and even to AOC.)

Even the magnificent Krystal Ball can no longer defend Bernie. See her " The hard truth about Bernie Sanders and why the Left is in despair."

Either Bernie has been taken over by a body snatcher or he is revealing his true colors after a lifetime of pretending to something more than he is. Either way, defending Bernie is an exercise in absurdity and futility.

I want my money back.

(But, on the bright side, at least he betrayed us before he became President. I can’t even begin to imagine what four years of betrayals by President Sanders would feel like.)


I don’t consider suspending the campaign so he could focus on work in the Senate to be a betrayal. Given the COVID-19 crisis, it would have been hard to continue campaigning at any rate. I do appreciate Sanders’ continued willingness to speak out and address the issues, including informative town hall meetings on the Internet.


I’m sorry you feel burnt. I also contributed close to the max on a retired person’s income.

Despite Bernie suspending the campaign, we did shift the discussion much further to the left.


Well you may be right, but if Sanders is our great hope for the future, god help us all.


The GOP was more than willing to pass “corporate bailouts” with a pittance going to the “masses”
But now that Nancy has finally promised what she claims is a people friendly bill, Mitch is dragging his feet, and Nancy is pretend pouting.
Who didn’t see this coming?


I’d rather get past that “great hope for the future” business in general, myself. I don’t see any of either.


Yeah, we supposedly did four years ago too. How’d that work out?

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Why is this unbelievable sellout still pretending to be a progressive voice?

Yes. So, Bernie (AOC, the Squad, et al), why didn’t you block the CARES Act until you got what you’re screaming about now? That’s when you had leverage, idiot. You might have gotten some more crumbs for us proles if you held up the looting of the country for the Elites (they wanted "their" money right away, after all). But, no. After fleecing the Treasury for the 1%, why would these bastards care about doing anything for the people?

Now, Bernie, Progressives, the Sunrise Movement and pretty much all the rest of the “Professional Left” is getting co-opted by Biden’s “task forces” (i.e. The-Join-Us-Then-FU-Were-Never-Gonna-Actually-Give-You-Sh*t Panels). We’re all going broke, they’re sending back to work in a pandemic (if we’re lucky? enough to still have a job), and the cops are running amok in the streets on us.

Great leadership, guys!


Bernie Sanders has always been a leader, and will be as long as he lives. It’s what he is, and no one takes that from him.


I had always assumed @SkepticTank was a take on Shark Tank and not Septic Tank (there is no user called that). Has he commented one way or the other?

I will pile on to a degree. The thing I’m most disappointed with Bernie on is throwing advocates like Briahna Joy Gray (“she’s no longer on my payroll”) and Zephyr Teachout (“I’m sorry that op ed appeared “) under the bus when they dare to criticize a Democrat. I’m annoyed at a bunch of other stuff (“joe is a friend of mine“, “joe can win“) that I can forgive but I haven’t been able to forgive him about how he treated Gray and in retrospect I now can’t forgive how he treated Teachout either. I’ve already moved on. For me I’m more interested in following Greens and Democrats running for Congress. The humanist report has been covering some really good candidates lately (Kara Eastman, Paula Swearengin). I’m in CA so I’m voting Hawkins for president assuming he is the Green nominee (another good Humanist Report interview) and I can’t blame anyone in a swing state for coming to the same conclusion (or deciding to vote for Biden - their vote is theirs). I don’t know what I’d do if I still lived in Colorado.


I attended his rallies. I paid my dues. I spent my money and time.

So I have a right to my criticisms and feelings of having been betrayed. See what Krystal Ball says about Bernie now. She was one of his most ardent and well-informed supporters. She’s not now, because she’s an honest person.

As far as being a leader, did Bernie accomplish anything in 2020? It’s easy to speak out, but is anything different or better because he ran?

The things Bernie claimed to care about – M4A, GND, student debt relief, SS, etc. – are any of them at all likely to happen in the foreseeable, even the imaginable, future? Are any of them even slightly more likely to happen because of him?

(After Biden is elected, when he and congressional Democrats trash Social Security, with the support of Republicans and the MSM, remember this moment. Social Security died now.)

If all Bernie cared about was stopping Trump, why did he run? Bernie painstakingly, but pointlessly, built up the hopes of millions and then casually destroyed those hopes.

Bernie siphoned money and energy away from entities that needed help: entities that were serious about the things he obviously wasn’t. Do you think his working class supporters think their time and money was well-spent?

I’m not a Green or a Socialist, but I wish I had put my time and energy into a third party rather than Bernie.
You can believe in Bernie the person, or you can believe in what he claimed to strive for, but it’s no longer possible to honestly believe in both.

We were betrayed by the Clintons. We were betrayed by Obama. We were betrayed by Bernie. And Biden will betray us too. Why pretend otherwise?


Like Bernie is a thing, anymore. Someone got to him right when he could have done it. Right when he could have actually swung it. But no. He decides quitting is a viable strategy. Bye bye Bernie.


They got to him. They said something like, your son could get cancer, your wife could lose her health, think of what could happen if you keep this up. It takes some serious skin in the game at this point, and he ain’t got it.


If you really listen to everything Krystal Ball says, I think you’ll find she isn’t always the progressive she claims to be. Look at the sensationalized titles of many of their videos. Even the videos where she starts out praising Bernie, half-way through she shifts the narrative and it ends very differently than it started. These things didn’t just start happening after Bernie suspended his campaign. It was all along - go back and listen to them. The Hill Rising is, after-all, produced by The Hill; a faux progressive YT channel is a profitable niche to fill.

We are better off that Bernie ran. It’s amazing that you think “it’s easy to speak out”! I don’t know too many people that could do (or have done) what he has done. What entities did he siphon money from that would have put us in a better place at this moment? He made people more aware and determined to do something. How is that bad? It isn’t over yet either…


If I interpret things correctly, Bernie raised over $180 million this campaign.

What did we get for that? AFAICS, we got a lot of insincere noise.

Suppose we gave $180 million to the Greens instead. I find it very hard to believe we wouldn’t be better off now. Much better off.

Think about the pressure Biden would feel. Think about the positions he’d be forced to take on M4A, GND, SS, student debt, … Now he has no pressure at all from the left. He won’t do a single thing for the left. He’s not even going to make us any phony promises. Why should he? He doesn’t need to.

He’s just going to do his best for his wealthy donors. As he has always done. And now with complete impunity.

(And this is from someone who’s not even a Green!)