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With Over 6 Million People Worldwide, Climate Strikes Largest Coordinated Global Uprising Since Iraq War Protests

Quebec has a long history of Social activism here in Canada wherein they mobilize numbers out of proportion to their small population. This happened with Union strikes in the past as well. Greta being in Montreal to speak certainly helped. I do hope some in Quebec consider voting for the Green Party.

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All planes are flying, NASCAR is going strong, the new 2020 gas guzzling line of vehicles are being advertised, and the military doesn’t seem to be moving away from petro.
Who’s kidding who?


All we can do is participate.

We will be migrates as well, we are not special.

Hmm, vote for the Green Party. The carpenter ants are destroying the house so I’ll put out a mouse trap.

Do you have a point?

Here in British Columbia the NDP has 41 seats in the legislature. The Liberals have 41 seats in the Legislature. The title Liberal is an inaccurate term used to describe this party has they are nothing more then the old Social Credit Party, a party of the far right that decided to rebrand rather then sink into extinction .

The balance od power is held by the Green Party and without their support the Governing NDP would lose control of the house. In return for this support they have had to adopt a number of initiatives that the Green Party supports such as opposing that pipeline through the Province from the tarsands.

If we elected more Greens to Parliament other parties would have to take note as they would be worried about losing more seats.

This the same way we got our National Health care act passed at the Federal level. People started leaving the Liberal party in droves to join the NDP so the federal Liberals co-opted the NDP platform to staunch the bleeding. In recent polls the Green Party of Canada is surging here in BC and in Atlantic Canada . This in and of itself has led to rival parties claiming they intend to pay more attention to environmental concerns.

Your analogy is irrelevant and is typical of the “lets do nothing about it” crowd.

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Storms with the potential to level and/or flood cities. Insurance policy premiums impossible to afford to keep paying for by the average homeowner. Inevitably more defeated families on the streets. the picture of our future if we maintain our present course ain’t too pretty. The kids have it right. The mammon crazed powers that be, be damned. We hafta change our ways.

California, Great at telling others how to live. How many homeless did you step over on your way to paint your murals? Who do you think pays for all your handouts? Yep, wall streeters !

My wife and I are intending to vote Green - there is even a real live person here in our riding now !

But what I am posting about is the new “Time” magazine special on Climate Change - the entire issue.

Bill McKibben is in there front and center, as a writer, which is what he is good at.

Michael Mann, Al Gore, Greta has a cameo, there is even a European Direct Air Capture system.

We’ve made progress for sure, and I credit it in no small part to Greta.

Heh, have you seen my favorite climate strike sign - take a gander OK ?

Make the World GRETA_Again !

That’s a defeatist mantra if I ever heard one, and one that will result in our collective death. What if all the Allied countries marched in protest of Hitler, would we have won the war? If you think its an unfair comparison, then consider the deaths from Hitler and WWII, and compare them to the deaths from climate, its not even a significant fraction of the scale of destruction we currently face. Yet we tell ourselves there is nothing we can do but participate? Participate in what - marching around with some signs? If you think the Jewish holocaust was bad it doesn’t even scratch the surface - This is broad-based indiscriminate extermination of all humans and most other life forms as well. We’ve already lost this battle. and this is the first true world war.

Welcome Jack! now get the F–K back under the rock you crawled out from under. Troll!

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That sounds nice, and reflects what another poster here has been saying.

But the world isn’t like that -

And the fundamental problem right now is not lack of ideas on what to do, but an electorate in denial & ignorance.

Many of the ideas to confront climate breakdown could easily crash the present misnamed ‘economy’, but misnamed or not people would suffer greatly.

@gandolf is simply thinking out loud - here are the words of another thinker, a Canadian actually, and personal adviser to JFK on economics, author of “The Affluent Society”, John Kenneth Galbraith, which nicely sums up the need to remain open to suggestion in these never before seen times:

At the end of his life, speaking on US television, he articulated a fundamental liberal pragmatism: “Where the market works, I’m for that. Where the government is necessary, I’m for that. I’m deeply suspicious of somebody who says, ‘I’m in favour of privatisation’, or, ‘I’m deeply in favour of public ownership.’ I’m in favour of whatever works in the particular case.”

The 100 best nonfiction books: No24 – The Affluent Society by John Kenneth Galbraith (1958)

Bonjour !

Park Ex. 1950-71. (Calgary last forty)

Were you actually in the march ?

Was Extinction Rebellion there along with Greta ?

I’m reading Bernie’s book right now, “Where We Go From Here” - very impressive !

Good one (that slogan). I am glad you came around to Green. I was born in a very Conservative Alberta and in my very young years supported the Conservatives. That was up until Mulroney. I had no use for that guy. After that and having met a full blown Socialist on one of my first jobs I started voting NDP. This ended in the mid 90s when they started becoming like all of the other parties abandoning the old CCF platform. Since then its been Green.

It has been a struggle and I really do hope some few more start coming around. We can not stay with business as usual.

In an article in this morning’s Globe & Mail, reporter Les Perreaux in Montreal referred to Greta as a “global climate change fighter”, and I think that is significant.

Activist or writer isn’t enough anymore.

In her book “No One is Too Small to Make a Difference”, Greta is adamant - the emissions curve must go negative and continue down, or else she will never stop fighting.

And she’s right.

The very best measure of global warming is the rise of sea level, and it has now officially increased from 3.3 mm per year to over five.

Likewise - all is talk until that CO2 monitor on top of Mauna Loa goes negative.

Heed Medea Benjamin’s call for peace and the single biggest focused action that can be taken to reduce CO2 emissions and destruction of Earth Systems. The leading fossil fuel user and most environmentally destructive force on Earth is the U.S. military.

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Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of basic Physics and Chemistry would know that CO2 is not a source of chemical energy. Any claim to the contrary is a scam.


did u even read the study?

I know enough Physics and Chemistry to know that CO2 has no available chemical energy. Any process that converts CO2 to a fuel has to add energy from outside. So a scheme to do such conversion is a scam in the name of science and/or technology.