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With Pai's Net Neutrality Repeal Published, Internet Defenders Prepare for 'Hell of a Fight'


With Pai's Net Neutrality Repeal Published, Internet Defenders Prepare for 'Hell of a Fight'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chair Ajit Pai's net neutrality repeal plan was finally published in the Federal Register on Thursday, but that doesn't mean net neutrality is officially dead—in fact, as open internet defenders quickly observed in response to the news, the fight to save the open internet from the Republican-contr


If net neutrality gets saved, does that mean that the bastards that tried to kill it can be castrated and sent to solitary confinement in Siberia for the rest of their miserable days?!


Feel good bullshit. Relying on Congress to do the right thing…what could go wrong???


No it means they plan their next assault with more money and more congressmen in their pocket. You have to hand it to them, the fuckers are persistent.


Will this go anywhere??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN5lE6d4gPA


Thanks for the link. We can only hope this goes somewhere but we can’t hold our breath…


Find the fuckers that are most vulnerable on NRA funding and ask them if they really want a second strike against them. This is the time to play hard ball.


If we are saying this is the Senate, does it then mean it must go to the House for a vote to pass? That’s where the Trump Republicans rule and moderate mainstream Republicans are out numbered as well as Democrats. So I don’t see that the House will allow Pai to be held accountable, even for blatant corruption. How many of them took bribes from the NRA to do away with gun control? A similar situation they have with a blatantly corrupt Trump, who just saved over a billion with his new tax plan. It would not surprise me at all to see the Republicans support a blatantly corrupt Pai, And Trump somehow get richer on the deal.


The Internet: An information highway accessible by anyone and to now the best source for all views of controversial issues. Those who are willing to fight for true democracy must never surrender net neutrality. What shall take it’s place if we should lose it? Unthinkable. Let not intense pressure from powers that be cause you to cave. You might ask why they are so intent on repealing it, why? What shouldn’t we the people know? Let every elected official know their ass is on the line about this.


Only one web site. Trump TV. :worried:


“Republican controlled FCC”

Is there anybody left in America that doesn’t see the Dems and Reps are on the same side - Wall Street’s?

Seriously? This article is a propaganda piece masquerading as hope cause you know the Dems will save us - they say they will! Oh wait, what they say and what they do are opposites when it comes to profits for big business. We don’t get bones thrown to us anymore. We get vote for them because they say they will… and then they don’t. This issue is being used as a political pawn. We’re to trust people who keep selling us out? No! It belongs back in court, not at the hands of the Dems or Reps.


Also use duckduckgo and Ecosia. The big search engines are blocking sites and steering everyone to the profiteers of no net neutrality.


The lying criminal moneygrubbing bastards cannot handle more truth spoken and lies exposed by a free expression of citizen dissent publicly for anyone to see. With internet free speech banned and free speech in general criminalized I’ll no longer have any interest in the internet. You have the right to remain silent. The fix is in and a controlled foreigner to impose it to lessen blowback. New World Order ahead of schedule, Poppy Bush’s thousand points of light flickering brightly into a fascist nightmare.


Trump TeeVee? Oh, like what was watched when Big Brother was watching you in 1984?


It is also for health. I don’t go to a doctor until I see what the options and likely solutions are. I am so much better equipped to deal with a health problem this way. It is also for geography. It is also for learning technology, cooking, foreign languages, music, buying and selling, …
If power can grab it for governmental security reasons, power with money can find a reason to take any information away.


Thanks to the internet the speed with which information about just about anything can be disseminated has led to amazing human progress in all areas of human endeavor. Surely it is of great concern to humanity as a whole as well that we are kept abreast of important political decisions perpetually about to be made. This doesn’t mean we can always change what are sometimes bone headed ideas but we can influence them enough to give pause to them. Ultimately the will of the informed majority must prevail. Informed. This is paramount. Losing the collectively unbiased internet would be disastrous.


Yep. Only worse, we would have to see that dumb fucker with his ridiculous hairdo.


So the only thing left on the net will be sales pitches. America the land of the easily fleeced.