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With Pandemic a 'Tipping Point,' UN Warns 1 Billion More People Headed for Extreme Poverty by 2030

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/03/pandemic-tipping-point-un-warns-1-billion-more-people-headed-extreme-poverty-2030

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Not enough of our leaders care .

Easy to solve ,end all military spending .Use the trillions to solve poverty,housing,education ,health care clean fresh water and food for all.

A one world government, so all resources are shared as all the resources belong to all.

There’s enough and All is One.
Time to Awaken The Species.


Pre-2020, there were scads of commenters around here who held a religious conviction, independent of any scientific scrutiny, that Earth’s problems stem from “too many humans,” rather than too much wasteful behavior by relatively few wealthy humans. Most of those ideologues have skulked away, embarrassed by the offensive odor of death-worship arising from Populationism amidst a global pandemic – as if cheering on the scourge, along with its chief sponsor Orangeman.

At this point, I’d just as soon the Populationists keep their fundamentally ecofascist notions of “too many humans” to themselves, instead of stinking up this joint. Wake up, stragglers. Ma Earth is attending to that little population obsession of yours, in case you haven’t noticed. Someone dies of Covid in USA every 54 seconds, at this writing. Do you really mean to cheerlead with the other fascists?

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The effect of humans on the world ecosystem is equal to the product of the number of humans multiplied by the effect each individual exerts on the health of the planet. Certainly Westerners and Asians create more pollution, but the effect of the very poor is significant given their impact on deforestation, habitat destruction, and deep pumping of aquifers. Overpopulation is important: we must make sure that every woman has access to birth control as well as opportunities to receive a decent education and job training.


The corporate climbers, greedmiesters, and much of the elite decided long ago that they didn’t want to sacrifice their riches to help the common man, let alone the starving and destitute.
It must have been the montra of the gods as well. We can’t fix everything, everyday, so we will leave it all up to personal choice.

What reprehensible anti-human hate-speech. Show me the poor people who’ve decided to deplete aquifers, or else shut your damn mouth next time you feel inclined to blame the poor. Shame on you – honking like a privileged goose. Prepared to stretch out your own neck on the chopping block, hypocrite? W. T. F. ? What kind of garbage are you spewing, and why stink up the joint like this? I repeat: W. T. F. ?

You lily-white ecofascists are so pre-2020.

Over population also is considered when the number of people out pace their environments ability to sustain them. It is why places like Manilla, have a biologically dead river, and a million person slum where people live off the wastes of others. The age of consent for reproduction is 12 years old, and this is overseen by an extreme faction of the Catholic church.

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Inside The World’s Biggest Slums (Documentary): Kibera, Neza, Dharavi & More - ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqZtRaEwVCM

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Hey fern,

Our sky is the wrong color all morning on our side of the pass. Tamalpais and even the bridge lost in a suspiciously grayish mist. Goddam it all, they’re talking about more red-flag warnings up here, a big blaze down south, and off we go, still burning in December. So I was wrong about that hopeful rain, I guess.

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In deed, I read your post about the acres lost to fires here and another article that said, “14000 acres were destroyed by these super wildfires” in the west. Only a tiny rain here. I remember in past years having to have things harvested by the 1st of October because the rain would cause mold in the fields and difficult to get trucks in to gather things. Also, oddly cold at night too.

It is hard to imagine this force of nature as we have not seen in this life time.

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Organised Religion is dysfunctional for human societies. It takes freedom away which ironically is just another word for God.

One must assume organization’s like the Catholic church have no God.
Look what they have done in the name of God.
What would love do now ?

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That is rather profound.

It is a ancient ideology, at least they are good record keepers, they still need work as truthtellers.
Maybe love will have to find its own way.