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With Parole Ruling, Supreme Court Says 'All Children Possess Capacity for Change'


With Parole Ruling, Supreme Court Says 'All Children Possess Capacity for Change'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled that people sentenced to life in prison as juveniles should be given the chance to argue for their release—a decision that could chart a "bold new direction" toward justice system reform, a leading human rights group said.

The U.S. is the only country that still sentences minors to life in prison without parole.


Woo hoo!


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The U.S. is the only country that still sentences minors to life in prison without parole.
Not even adults should be given no hope of release, unless in very special circumstances. So many incarcerated in the USA are for non-violent offenses.


it's encouraging. i hope, though, that society takes into consideration how much damage may have been done to these folks who have spent considerable time in prison. if there aren't measures taken to help them assimilate into society--and a dysfunctional one at that--the hard core politicians and their like-minded constituents will be the first to assert that the decision was ill-conceived and push to rescind it.


All people do no possess the capability to change. Quite simply making this stupid assumption will lead to far more pain and suffering with a great many more victims. General statistics for psychopathy 1% of the general population, 15% of the prison population and 50% of violent crimes. The brain just like any other part of the body is subject to genetics and those genetic outcome will define learning capabilities and social abilities. Keep up the stupid lie and you will continue to maintain that same level of victims of violent crimes. Even sociopaths, those who social abilities have been damaged due to abused more often than not suffer that abuse at the hands of psychopaths, so that social corruption resulting from a genetic disorders extended beyond those individuals and crimes even more pain and suffering.
Want real change, want to at the very least halve violent crimes, stop indulging in fantasy and start testing for psychopathy at an early age.


The brain is not the mind--which gets to the crux of the potential problems that could flow from this decision. Given the recidivism rate among those sentenced to non-life terms of incarceration, prison does not recommend itself as a reliable place where the changing of minds can be expected to occur.
Underneath all the enlightenment babble of this article is the very real problem of how expensive it is to incarcerate those convicted of crimes. Given the ideological bent this court has shown in the past, my suspicion is that the bottom line in this ruling is the bottom line of expenses of imprisonment and not any desire for human uplift.


Prisons do not rehabilitate. That exists in TV but the 'enlightened' programs which were in effect for decades ended in the seventies and eighties. Punishment through incarceration is the current program not rehabilitation or training.

You think prisons are supposed to rehabilitate and retrain but that is a myth based on the way we used to be in this country.

Many myths exist based on how we think things are because of the way they once were. Remember when they needed a warrant to wiretap? Sounds quaint doesn't when compared to the reality that we have these days. Our constitutional rights pre-patriot act that were demoted to privileges post the patriot act? The corporate coup compared to democracy? Citizens United? Trade pacts vs national laws.

Prisons punish not rehabilitate but apparently there is some attempt to control the more unjust punishment due to the strenuous efforts of advocates to limit unlimited punishment...at least for a kid.

No chance of a parole is usually a cost saving measure BTW as is limiting appeals etc.


I agree with your premise that prisons do not rehabilitate--I was replying to the rationale of the article not stating my personal opinion. However, prisons are not just to punish, they are also to protect society from proven menaces. People like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Richard Speck, or that crooked cop in Oklahoma City who kept raping black women. Also organized crime bosses like Al Capone, Jon Gotti, and "El Chapo" (when they can keep him incarcerated!).
More to the point of juvenile life sentences, as shameful an indictment as it is, there are youth who are so thoroughly marinated in the culture of gang violence that they will continue to act out their crimes even while in prison.
Now I also expect many of them to take up dramatics and method acting to see if they might get the chance to play their criminal games to a larger audience.


That of course is a straight up lie, there are several tests that can not be cheated all based around emotional response and emotional controls, completely and totally infallible and they are leading to genetic tests. Reality is, only psychopath defend psychopathy and the era of the psychopaths is coming to an end and good riddance.
Those tests should of course be given to everyone at school age. Whilst it might be more comfortable to do it prior to certain occupation, the problem is school children would then be exposed to the psychopaths and that exposure can be lethal, from bullying into suicide right up to mass murder.
The cure is still well beyond us require a genetic alternate that would lead to cerebral changes and then an extended social and emotional training period, likely centuries away (by the time we could cure the problem we will have eliminated the problem, except for rare random cases).