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With Pence Refusing to Act, Progressives Say Impeachment Must 'Not Wait One More Minute' as Dems Eye Wednesday Vote

OK - I’ll visit the site.

Heh - since this message did appear, about the malware site - a couple of thoughts:

  • Cyber-attacks are now rampant, as a plethora of agencies have been hacked recently, according to what I think are reliable media sources.
  • In the book I just finished, “Undaunted”, John Brennan leaves absolutely no doubt - as in zero - that cyber attacks to influence the American people are rampant and dangerous, and it is Russia. I cannot make a judgement that is worth anything on whether Brennan is reliable - instinct tells me he is, but he is CIA after all.
  • In her book “Blowout”, Rachel Maddow talks mostly about big oil and fracking, but there are asides about Russian hacking and interference. I didn’t even know who Maddow was before I read her book, but I can tell you this - she has an absolutely first rate mind, as in genius - and her info on fracking, i.e., the oil business - which used to be my career - is absolutely dead on. So I am going to go out on a limb and suggest she is a real American - and her evaluation of the Russian threat is probably as accurate as her findings on big oil.

I am getting a real bad feeling about all this Recon.

PS: Your link - tried again, accepting the warning - still won’t allow me to visit.

OK - I went to Wikipdia and got his youtube website, and I have the article you recommended - looks like it is 16:10 long - will watch it now (strange about the warning).

OK - Done - no argument - and I presume Robert Reich is familiar with this line of thinking, which is why he too is asking for an indictment.

So how come it’s not happening ? Thanks for that link Recon - excellent !

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Took a minute there Recon to answer my own question (above).

The reason is that it is above the pay grade of any judge, prosecutor or FBI agent.

The reason is it’s political - the will of the people.

Analogy, crude but to the point.

It’s as if the North issued an arrest warrant for Robert E. Lee.

Right - but you will have first to defeat and come thru my Confederate Army.


Just like it couldn’t wait one more minute last Thursday? What an absolute shambles the Democratic misleadership is.

Be careful. Facebook is also suspending people who are legitimately tracking down fascists who have posted incitements to violence on the platform. They are not really going after the terrorists, but using that as cover. Soon this site too will have booted everyone but the extreme centrist fringe cretins.

Treason fled before us for resistance was in vain!

Another “Nancy” was more involved…

Now I read that the GOP non-certification MFSOBs et al. claim to have done so out of “fear of for their families.” When one full well knows what “dancing with the Devil” entails, how can Karma not bite, big time, and repeatedly?

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Beware of Maddow, she’s smart, but also one of the MSM talking heads who helped push the Russia, Russia, Russia narrative for quite a while for the dem party. A search on her will bring this out.

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