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With Perdue and Loeffler Under Fire for Shady Transactions, Warren Intros Bill to Ban Lawmakers From Trading Stock

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/19/perdue-and-loeffler-under-fire-shady-transactions-warren-intros-bill-ban-lawmakers


About 40 years too late - but I’ll take it

Better late than never I guess

Nancy won’t support it though.
I"m still wondering how she made $120 Million while making about $175k/year while doing the People’s Business.


Joe will veto it…


Nothing fundamental will change. Dispossession of the people will accelerate.

Accumulation by the wealthy through dispossession of the People: this is the governing philosophy of neoliberalism.


From the tweet from The Recount:

Asked directly if senators should be barred from trading stock while in office, Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) refuses to answer.

She called the focus on her stock trades “an attack on every single Georgian … who wants to live the American dream.”

Well of course, the American Dream, to shamelessly profit off the devastation of others. It’s what built this country. Make America Shameless Again. Out and proud! Vote for me!


It will never pass, another bill that is a mere illusion to make people think that government aspires to fairness when it is actually a cesspool of greed and total deception. Congress is full of con artists and charlatans that care about their own personal prosperity over the needs of the country or the world. Notice how wealthy American politicians become after their stent “representing the American people”. We are all suckers and it ain’t going to change anytime soon.


So Warren crawls out from under her desk now? Where has she been for the last weeks? Oh I know, scrambling for a parking space in Biden’s transition team, which she didn’t get. Why wasn’t she on the Senate floor yesterday beside Sanders confronting Johnson? This is more performative bullshit. She is contemptible.


Ah, Liz running her old playbook.
Stop! Or I’ll shout stop again.


It won’t make it that far.

This is just grandstanding. But a roll call vote on it would show us where they all stand. But it won’t get THAT far either

Nothing will fundamentally change


Joe didn’t buy or hold any stock while in the Senate. His wife did hold some and of course, he had a pension too. That said, he was one of the poorest Senators in the building throughout his time there and by most accounts, was pretty scrupulous about his disclosures (he didn’t have a lot to disclose either). Counter your point, I think he’d sign that bill, especially given his recent closeness to Warren.


Most voters don’t care about this issue.

That’s why the Republicans can do it without fear and why the Democrats use it to lose elections.

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legalized insider trading is the only reason people go after this job. okay, that and the promise of lucrative Board appointments if they can serve long enough to perform “favors”.

God forbid they eliminate or minimize overt corruption: we may finally get a janitor in Congress or something.


Laws like this just might get us a better caliber of lawmaker.


They are all too busy racking up their bank accounts for this crap. It’ll get two votes: hers and Bernie’s.


We have shady practices in the voting realm as well. Law suits, lawsuits.
What kind of regulations work when you have a democratic governor, and republican legislature and Supreme Court.
Perhaps a new voting realm should be established. Federally run, but with foolproof regulations, where the issues are lock tight so they don’t end up in lawsuits.

Do you have anything else that’s cheerful to say?

Are you sure you’re criticizing the right side?

It’s terribly important that the two Democrats in Georgia win and it will be a disaster if they don’t, but unfortunately there are too many political appeals for money sent out to nursing homes and poor houses every day and they all sound like they were written by the same person-- a 120-year-old Victorian biddy who has the vapours.

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Elizabeth Warren is a respectable senator and should not be second guessed when she decides to do something. She single-handedly forced thru the CFPB to reign in banksters
whose wreckless ambitions threatened to tank the american economy like they did in 2008. Obama unfortunately wasn’t much help in getting that legislation passed so I’m a little on the fence about his dealings with the entrenched oligarchs in our oligarchy. So let’s not be too critical of her when she tries to improve our society from these crooks who swim in this illusion we call a country.


If we got rid of the corporate bribes Congress would look very different