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With Petiton to Congress, 100,000+ People Demand Green New Deal 'That Fixes Our Food System'

Those bees of yours aren’t doing so well in Russia apparently.

Thanks for the soil article !

Russia alarmed by large fall in bee populations

Thanx. I missed that article. It’s not just europe either. The other side of the planet is affected too.

Meanwhile off topic but breaking news:

The post-WWII entrance of petro-chemicals to grow crops has done
nothing but destroyed the soil and nutrition of our vegetables and fruits.
And negatively effected the health of citizens who have for 70 years now
been consuming these chemicals.

Additionally, the idea of immense fields planted with one crop also has to
be wrong. Crops have to be rotated, soil needs time to recover.
In BEES shun fields where there is one crop.

Meanwhile, back at the Koch Bros. owned-Democratic Party …

In the wake of November’s midterms, Pelosi mocked calls from AOC and her allies for a Green New Deal: “The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?”

This is insulting to every American citizen who understands common sense when they hear
it – and most especially to the new liberals who have entered Congress and once again bringing sane reasoning to Congress and US.

Pelosi is not making any sense because she’s speaking not for American citizens but
for those wealthy who own her.


We’d joked about this, as kids… four decades back. That cannabis would only become legal, once civil suits could replace prison-industrial criminal predation, utilizing patent rights. The cops could still rob Black and Latino families blind, while “creative class” white kids could be sued for growing genetically-modified THC enhanced yeast or plant cells or CBD/ terpene goop (think, we’re already seeing hop-free IPA’s, due to pandemic mildew and rusts?) shades of ‘chicken little’


Religion of the Proletariat:

Yes, you can breed your own opioid/ THC/ hops replacement!

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