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With Plan to Barnstorm New York, Sanders Challenges Clinton: 'Let's Debate!'


With Plan to Barnstorm New York, Sanders Challenges Clinton: 'Let's Debate!'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the momentum in Bernie Sanders' favor following a victorious trifecta in the 'Pacific Primary' over the weekend—beating rival Hillary Clinton by landslide margins in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii—his campaign thinks it's time to treat voters in upcoming states to something they haven't seen in nearly three weeks: a televised debate.

With the next primary in Wisconsin on April 5th followed by the Wyoming caucus on April 9th, the Sanders campaign is now calling for a televised debate with Clinton in New York sometime prior to that large state's primary on April 19th.


If ever someone was in need of freedom FROM speech, it would be HRC.


What happened to the vaunted smooth debater?


Hillary wanted more debates when she was running scared some while ago and Bernie agreed - will Clinton now do the same - will she take the opportunity "show her quality"?


I hope Sanders will remember to talk about Honduras. Her record on human rights and interventions is as shameful as her support for fracking, drilling, pipelines and terrible trade deals.


Maybe this:


Maybe time for Bernie's campaign to reprise HRC's comment about climate change and Hurricane Sandy and her number one concern being protecting Wall Street.


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Clinton's in deep trouble:



Her poor judgement should disqualify her as president along with the potential that she may have placed some people in harm's way. If she is selected for the nomination the Republicans will be all over this latched on as so many pit bulls. Scandals seem to attach themselves to the Clinton arrivistes.


The highest priority for the GOP this year is to keep their indictment strategy top secret until Clinton is nominated and Bernie is safely out of the way. In past years this would be called an October surprise. The GOP will more likely move to indict Clinton in September.


it won't dent her flock's consciousness, but it hopefully can culminate in getting the word out to indies about who this person is.


she'd probably find a way to lose


As a registered democrat in New York State, my mind has been made up about my primary vote from the day Sanders declared in late April 2015.

I can't imagine that Hillary is especially popular with liberals in NY State--I guess perhaps some liberals who work on Wall Street or in corporate law, but despite what the likes of the NY Times pretends those are far from the only liberals left in NY.


Go Bernie! That birdie in Portland wasn't "tone" deaf. And we workin' people aren't either!


I was at our "caucus" in Washington State the other day. I was talking to someone and said, "I think Bernie is going to win! A little bird told me."
* It brought the house down!


Clinton sez: "I'll debate him as soon as I get his endorsement"


With Sanders trailing in the last NY poll by 48 points it makes sense why he would want to debate and Clinton would not.


I don't like your tone, Bernie, tell it to SpongeBob Hillary!


Ignorance is bliss and Clinton wants to keep her supporters happy.