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With Plan to Subsidize Internet Access for the Poor, FCC Seeks to 'Reboot'


With Plan to Subsidize Internet Access for the Poor, FCC Seeks to 'Reboot'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler on Thursday introduced a proposal to subsidize internet access for low-income Americans, marking the agency's strongest and most recent recognition that broadband services are an essential public utility.


People need to start talking to their banks and to those services that they pay by internet. Call them and tell them you want to pay them as fast as you can but your internet is not allowing you to do it in a timely manner. If companies want a thriving economy then they need to make it a simpler and faster way for people to pay their bills.

If we have a European style internet, where people get their TV, telephone an internet all on one bill and for about one fourth of the price the economy will be booming. If you do not fight for it…you will not get it.

These stupid telecommunication corporations are just shooting themselves in the foot. If more and more people cannot afford their services then people, will drop them and find other ways to do things. Necessity is the mother of invention.

The telecommunication industry is making it possible for more and more people to find another way to leave them in the dust. Once it catches on even the more affluent will go that way also.


Imagine… the recent history of privatized public utilities beholden to corporate mandates to satisfy “investors” monthly, quarterly and annual returns on their “investment”. Wow, one of the strategies to keep those investors happy is acquisition of competitors, how about that. So, people in a state are essentially derided as backward ‘commies’ if they work together to ensure coherent connection between their taxes and infrastructure - everyone being an “investor” for the LONG TERM. Golly gee, gotta love “competition”, huh?

The cycle of no investment in infrastructure renders this model of short term “investors” a form of parasite … be it internet, water, agriculture, roadways, you name it. Whee ha - capitalism’s ‘habits’, in mathematical terms that economists can certainly understand is the “chreode”- in simple terms - a basin, a rut. Investor return becomes the parasitic ‘attractor’ of policy.

Innovation? who needs innovation when investors soar, spin and and have ground effects like a tornado? NO PROBLEM! socialize the costs. Even a tornado provides the adrenal rush of up picking up, carrying and then dropping its detritus, where? somewhere else. On whom? geee … guess it must be on the same folks who are supposed to be providing the taxes for the socialized investor guaranteed returns. Cause you sure as shootin know the folks in the countries where these parasites are sucking are getting wise to the methodology. Better make sure they’re labeled “terrorists” of some sort to keep them in line to … do what?
No wonder TTIP et al are rabid about getting their claws into local and state governance structures. The system KNOWS its set up its own ‘end game’. Life support pipelines for this death-dealing model of neo-feudalism are being laid bare for all to see.

And as the Bernaysian its-not-butter message, clarified like ghee, once said: Its not nice to play mother nature for a fool.


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The monopolies got their big boost when Bill Clinton “deregulated” the industry in 1996. Seeing how Clintons are enjoying an eight figure annual payback for this and other gifts to the 1%, don’t expect Hillary to answer any questions on this. Obama’s TPP and TTIP will give the monopolists even more leverage against us.


The NSA looked at the trend of increasing numbers of people becoming too impoverished to afford phones and internet. They faced the increasingly dismal scenario of not knowing everything about an ever expanding segment of the population which would lead to terror.


As the 1% of the 1% gobbles up and concentrates more resources, and more opportunities, and continues to oppress, impoverish, and murder American citizens as well as citizens of this world, more and more commodities, necessities, etc. will need to be ‘guaranteed’ by the state, such as gasoline, food, utilities, etc., at an ever increasing amount and frequency. The corrupt state is imploding in on itself. There are less available plunderable assets, as they have increasingly all been plundered. The corporate state created the welfare state, as an inherent need of a peoples subjected to a 100% corrupt, Inverted-Totalitarian, Police-State. As resources keep being concentrated, and consolidation keeps on keeping on, and all countries are eventually destroyed and plundered, what will be left is one banker or one banking family with everything. Wake up people. This system must be violently destroyed by way of determined, systematic, asymmetric-guerilla warfare.