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With Planet and the Future on the Line, Sunrise Movement Doubles Down on 2020 After RBG's Death

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/planet-and-future-line-sunrise-movement-doubles-down-2020-after-rbgs-death


YES! YES! YES: I applaud you , Sunrise Movement! Remind the congress who WE the PEOPLE are, which is everybody woh needs a future in this nation! YOU are the Future and there is no need for so many in Congress to be neglecting the Constitution while stuffing their own pockets with graft!



Sunrise folks are actually working for change, and those who don’t vote for Biden are selling them out, indeed selling out the environment in general (and labor, immigrants, reproductive freedom, civil rights…)


Hi Trakar:
Sheepdogs keep the animals in their care safe! I can’t quite remember where this was, but due to a fire a family had to leave their land and sheep…BUT when they returned to drop dog food for the dogs, the sheepdogs in the midst of this disaster had kept the sheep safe.
Bernie is like them in the sense that he is shepherding new democrats like AOC and the Squad through the cave of the Minotaur ( aka as Congress ) and he’s doing a wonderful job, as is the Squad.
And like the movie BABE, I must leave you with a message from that movie.
BAA, RAM, EWE! : )

Hi Trakar:
LOL, well I think you just described trump! : o
sigh----Bernie is still trying to get Medicare 4All, and a Green New Deal, and an American that does work FOR THE PEOPLE! I don’t have a family to waste tings on, but I do try to donate to causes that do what they claim to do. sigh—why do you have a baby picture next to your name?