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With Planet in 'Crisis Mode,' Bernie Sanders Rips Trump White House for 'Dangerous' Dismissal of Climate Science


With Planet in 'Crisis Mode,' Bernie Sanders Rips Trump White House for 'Dangerous' Dismissal of Climate Science

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Appearing on ABC's "This Week" just moments after President Donald Trump's chief economic adviser and noted Wall Street stooge Larry Kudlow dismissed a new United Nations climate report showing that the world must cut carbon emissions in half


Because the previous regime was so aggressive in dealing with climate change. The rank dishonesty is killing us more than anything else. And this hamfisted cynicism is right up there. But sure. Vote for the “good guys” again. And keep scratching off days on that 12 year calendar as nothing gets done. It’s over. The alphabet doesn’t contain a letter that’s going to save anyone.


Oooh! Bernie’s getting ready to run again! He’s getting ready to capitulate to the worst warmongering, Wall Street-sucking scum the Superdelegates actually nominate again.

Getting ready to herd the rubes into the DNC’s pen for the slaughter again.

Don’t get fooled again.


Bernie is leading. The IPCC report is understated. This should be by all rights a call to arms much like what happened after Pearl Harbor.


The usual destructive BS and divisive charges continue to be blathered - nothing Sanders says or does or writes means what it seems. Nothing he writes and speaks is genuine, only a self-serving lie/deception, or “sheep-dog” betrayal of the “just around the corner revolution” the :“real left” envision that Sanders all by his lonesome, is single-handedly betraying and delaying…BS! WTF is wrong with these knuckleheads? Reading too many comics? I wonder how many actually put their bodies where their mouths are?!

Or are they agents provocateur intentionally sabotaging the unity essential to make ANY goddamn change possible? If the understanding has yet to enter your heads, the violent “revolution” some try to sell like a pig-in-a-poke is delusional nonsense at best…“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable” - JFK


At least Bernie is out there talking about it and waking people up about what’s really going on. What are you guys doing about climate change? Apparently just sitting at you computers complaining about what Bernie has done or not done right. What other legislator is doing anything for the 99%? Bernie is not perfect and can’t do everything!


This is a common response against people who accurately describe Bernie’s roles within the political-economy of capitalism.

The answer to your smear is as obvious as it is always ignored: you simply don’t know what we have done or are doing to promote and work for a more decent world, besides the comments that we write here.

But that is the joy of red-baiters of all kinds: you simply charge that we “are sitting at our computers,” are “anti-semites,” are “communists” (which is actually a compliment in these times) ad/or nwhatever red herring that you’ve fished from the pollution of the Purple Swamp World of the Duopoly.

So smear away. I must admit, our jobs are way more difficult than yours, but we have more fun and can actually look at and engage reality.



Certainly this Ricky Ricardo - who only joined this forum a day ago, is either an agent-provocateur (Russian or Israeli) or just another fascist troll from the red-brown alliance. Fascism is fascism - whether it comes from a self-described leftist or an extreme rightist.

And I’'m not sure how dronei066 (who apparently knows nothing about what the US government was doing about AGW before Trump dismantled it or Hillarys plan to expand those programs - or, more likely, he knows, but is engaging is destructive nihilism) thinks that our fight will be any easier if we are being killed off by fascists, as opposed to a liberal government, where at least they have a modicum of respect for democratic and deliberative processes.


I think that you missed that Emphirio was being mocking and sarcastic toward the “Bernie is insufficiently left”(formerly “never Hilllary-shillary-killary”) types.


Actually, China is pursuing a very vigorous program of decarbonization of its energy - wind, solar, nuclear - and they are moving way ahead of the US in electric transportation.


Maniacs Are Governing America will never listen to factual evidence.

It’s noble that you make an attempt.


My perspective on this is simple - Trump is simply showing how utterly depraved this system is. Its never ending violence, dependence on fear, cheating and lies without end. Trump has simply ripped the mask off. Yes he ignores climate change, but so have all his predecessors. The action to stop this environmental disaster might have been possible even as late as the 80’s but at this point it is probably too late as the only effective action demands the kind of fundamental economic, social and political change that only happens after a event similar in scope to the great depression and WWII.


Well, at least you’re half right — Climate Change is real, all right — or do you think all those photos of disap­pearing glaciers and videos of stronger hurricanes and bigger fires are ‘fake news’?   Unfortunately, you’re probably right that there’s no way to stop it.  Those who own the major korporations – and “our” government – won’t let the U.S. do its part until it’s way too late.  Even if we stopped right now adding more global-warming “blankets” to the atmosphere in the form of CO2 and CH4, the warming will continue for another 2°C or maybe 3°C, and that will be more than enough to cause major strife.  Our military has warned us about the disruption that is coming, but ‘The Big Stooge with the Best Brain’ – our presidunce – is incapable of understanding the reality, and is doing everything in his power to make things worse instead of better.

When a crime has been committed and the suspects are brought to trial, one of the main considerations when deciding guilt or innocence is motive. 

  1. What is the motive behind those seeking to do something about man-made global warming?   Preserving a livable planet for their children and grandchildren, etc. (“Unto the seventh generation.”)

  2. What is the motive of the major Multi-NaZional korporations denying man-made global warming and seeking to eliminate EPA regulations, etc.?   Greed; the short-term profits that come from extracting, refining and selling fossil fuels.


And like trump, you’re an idiot.


I guess I did miss that. That was the third criticism of Bernie I read in this post and I was so upset I guess I didn’t see that.


Can’t Even Agree to Agree on Climate Solutions

You Guys have got to Get Over Yourselves

Sounds like High School

Keep it ad Hominem while the Planet Burns


VERY LONG cycles, measured in tens of thousands of years.   When compared to air samples extracted from various levels of glaciers in the Antarctic, CO2 levels have risen more in the past 300 years than in the 10,000 years prior, and – at more than 400 parts per million – are now the highest they’ve been in over 200,000 years.


Well. Here we are in europe.


Magadope should perhaps read “under a green sky” by peter ward.


Is there any truth to today’s news that suggest Biden is leading Bernie in the polls?