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With Pope Francis at the Helm, World's Mayors Pledge to Fight Climate Change


With Pope Francis at the Helm, World's Mayors Pledge to Fight Climate Change

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

At the Vatican on Tuesday, mayors from around the globe pledged to fight climate change and help the world's poor deal with the effects of a warming planet, an oath that came during a two-day conference with Pope Francis—himself a dedicated climate activist.


A small line sent shivers down my spine. The mayor from Kochi in India said that global warming will >>> push families into the dark dungeons of slavery.

God help us … the poor of humanity!

That mayor is right! Serious slavery caused out of desperation from famine and all the other evils accompanying climate change will stand out as markers for our species in the future.

We all know how bad it can get when we talk about heat, drought, famine and civil unrest but this mayor has reminded us of the greater cost to humanity…to the future that awaits some of us in the resulting misery to come.

Slaves! Old style slavery… chains and beatings …the very thought is sickening.

What do we do to each other?

Whatever we don’t do for each other…

…both will be written on our souls in the days to come.


“We can’t separate man from all else. There is a mutual impact” because everyone and everything is connected. Such has been the ancient wisdom of the indigenous peoples of Mother Earth.


It seems that no one else better than I wants to connect the dots but I will try. Poor people in desperate situations and will do and accept the word of anyone and sell their soul in hopes of a safer and better position in life. In desperation a poor mother will sell her older children to feed her younger?
same with father. In desperate weather conditions and rising water and wind and snow and sleet and not much clothing or a home to protect you from these condtions, you willingly submit to slavery if provided the meagerness of protection from the elements. If you are lied to, you are in such desperation you cannot see thru the lies. Climate change will put a lot more people into desperation.



And as the article mentioned, farmers are losing their land, being forced into these slums encircling cities, where they virtually become slaves because these horrible “industries” have taken root in these slums. It is a shared mode of survival. I wonder how much of that land Big Ag will snap up. The whole cycle is vicious.