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With Post-Election Urgency, Water Protectors to Rally Worldwide Against Dakota Access


With Post-Election Urgency, Water Protectors to Rally Worldwide Against Dakota Access

Nika Knight, staff writer

Water protectors battling the Dakota Access Pipeline are taking their increasingly urgent fight directly to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, making a final push for the Obama administration to reject the pipeline's permit before President-elect Donald Trump takes office.


So, tomorrow, is my second day...of standing in our town courtyard with my "I support the Standing Rock Sioux" NO North Dakota Access Pipeline... ...and more...should have some company tomorrow...did it last Tues... before the election of .... you know who... (can hardly admit it.).... and we will see how things go tomorrow.....


I will be with a group in Northern Vermont. We also have a caravan leaving for Standing Rock to help build some housing for the winter. Held a solitary protest and had only one threatening incident so far. Solidarity!


To theinitiate & Giovanna:

I am humbled by your actions - best of luck.


Thanks... it just so happens, that I am able to do this... it is not anywhere near the hard ship or inconvenience that all those out in N. Dakota are facing... but, I had to do something...


That's impressive . Best of luck to you.


Thanks but I did not organize the caravan only supporting it as are so many others. I feel as the initiate does and there are always ways we can do something even if it means protesting alone. We can also 'move our money' from institutions that support fossil fuels and I was busy doing so yesterday. Solidarity!


But won't President Trump deport the immigrants (the pipeline company) and stand along the side of the True Americans (the Native American water protectors) who own the land by American Treaty and Law?

Surely President Trump will not side with the invaders and Terrorist Law Enforcement Officers who are making our Country less safe.


Trump didn't become a billionaire by being honest.
No one gets that rich without being a bully.


For better or worse, the water protectors will have the last laugh. Let's all hope that it will be for the better. Either we laugh (with joy) because humanity finally changed for the better. Or we laugh (with tears) because the environment changed for the worse and the deniers won't be able to deny it any more. Either way, we will get the last laugh.


I and my grown daughter and her friend were in Standing Rock, in October. Very calm, prayerful and spiritual. An amazing learning experience. Another Friend from our Quaker Meeting also camped out there.
We will be attending the vigil/rally today at the Army Corps of Engineers district office, in Foley Sq. Worth & Duane St., facing the Federal office building. No permit, no easement; #noDAPL.
We must continue to tell and show the oil corporations that they can not act with impunity. No more oil spills, especially in big rivers that are the source of drinking water, and fishing. We have stolen land from the Indigenous people for hundreds of years, and it must stop now. This is a case of environmental racism, and the brutality, surveillance and harassment of the Water Protectors by the local sheriff's dept, and out of state police and National Guard are unacceptable.


Donald Trump is invested in the pipeline. The CEO was just on CNN and said that he was sure that Donald would support it. He then threatened that the pipeline Will Go Through.


I closed my checking account with Wells Fargo and told them why. I still have my mortgage with them. That is too expensive to change right now.


Arrogant guy eh?


According to the New York Times article Trump is worth only $13M and getting tax credit for his losses. He's not a good business man losing $90M of other people's money.


Hired "security guards" abuse the people's rights. Are we Germany or old Russia?


Perhaps you remember reading about the Pinkerton Guards in 1920s? who fired into the crowds, was it Bethlehem, Penn. or another town where they were trying to form a union?Julie "monhegan."

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History does seem to be repeating. A real Progressive movement is needed. Democratic Party tried to steal it. Party royals are far from Progressive.

I'm wondering when the blind Americans will wake up to all this? Its like they can't run into a wall fast enough. They are not informed thanks to our corporate media. PBS is no longer public either. We have no "real and accurate news" on TV. Maybe on the Internet which they are trying to "save from security attacks". That might be gone soon too.

We will soon have to use Thom Paine like pamphlets to communicate our ideas of protest. We fought off the elite before and we can do it again.


I know he's not a particularly good businessman. I know he's been ruining a fragile habitat in Scotland whilst trying to build a golf course that no one wants to use and that isn't increasing the number of jobs in the area. Its only been a money pit for him.