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With Postal Service on 'Verge of Collapse' and 630,000 Jobs at Risk, Trump Slammed for Refusing to Take Action

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/11/postal-service-verge-collapse-and-630000-jobs-risk-trump-slammed-refusing-take


What about the Congress to the rescue? We need and must bailout our beloved postal service the best in the world. Trump wants to give it to Bezo the Amazon owner but we must fight and win this battle by all means.


No doubt the spy agencies are chomping at the bit, if not behind the action, to push for setting up the Postal Service for total collapse. They despise the security laws and penalties for tampering with, or opening first class mail. Private companies like FedEx and UPS are exempt from these laws, allowing the spying on Americans by the alphabet agencies to flourish. Not to mention the new revenue streams to the above corporations, if the USPS were allowed to die.


The “grassy knoll guys” are sounding better every day.


The largest remaining union in the USA has been targeted for termination. In truth, it has been for quite some time. Since the days of Reagan most major labor unions in the USA have been marginalized or outright eviscerated. The USPS is the cherry on top. Once it’s gone, only AFSME a will remain, and with the pace of government privatization accelerating, it will die soon. When the dept of labor is gone, every worker in the USA will become a temp, a contractor, or “gig” worker. No benefits, no hours, low pay.
The oligarchy lost the first Gilded Age. They will not lose the second.


Didn’t think of that I am sure Bezos would love to get his avaricious hands on it.


Just asking: what could be better for Trump’s Mafiaocracy than have the U.S.P.S. collapse right before the 2020 elections next fall?


Exactly. This is also what happened when traditional telephone systems - which had all kinds of privacy and access and cost of access protections - were replaced with unregulated internet service providers whose entire raison d’être is to mine and sell information on our private affairs.

Neoliberalism is insatiable in its exploitation of every crisis, disaster, or technological revolution for the purposes of concentrating wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands. They have even created a religion around its worshiped “Wired” Magazine gurus from Ayn Rand to Elon Musk toi Bezos to Jordan Peterson…


No Federal employee is safe from the curse of Trump.

The curse must be removed for the sake of the nation.


Yes, but how?


Vote-by-mail was a great idea while it lasted.


Trump hates Bezos and has actually said the USPS is getting ripped off by Bezos. Will Nancy and Chuck and Steny say that?


“… [led to a sharp decline in mail volume usps-operating-costs-not-dropping-as-fast-as-mail-volume/).”
Thank Nixon for that, he made the Post office into a self funding organization, not quite private but operating on the same principles. So when sales go down they tank. But do these Repugs think a private PO would do better. No way, not without greatly increased costs and reduced service.
UPS , Fed Ex, DHL don’t have the requirement to deliver small flat mail and junk mail so their costs and infrastructure are much smaller. They don’t service regular routes every day just on demand.
Congress could help by allowing people to refuse junk (second class) mail and charging full first class rates for it; and of course subsidizing it like pre Tricky Dick.


Caught up in the neoliberal war on anything public.


100%, Shelby

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All options must be on the table.




“Trump’s refusal to act” implies that Trump is ignoring or otherwise taking a passive role on this despite the GOP’s half century overt crusade to destroy the US Postal Service.

“Refusal to act” is simply the GOP’s coming in for the final kill “act”.


From our Oregon Secretary of State’s web page (I’ve highlighted text):

Oregon has the most convenient voting system in the country. Since adopting vote-by-mail, Oregon consistently ranks as a national leader in voter turnout.

Registered voters receive a ballot two to three weeks before an election, giving time to research issues or candidates.

Voters also receive an official ballot to complete and insert into the security envelope which is placed in the ballot return envelope and signed by the voter. The ballot return envelope can be stamped and mailed or dropped off at any official drop box​ across the state. If a voter casts their ballot after the Wednesday before an election, the ballot should be left at a drop box site to ensure it’s counted.

Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day.​​​​​​​​


Killing the PO and it’s unions is a fascist wet dream.
THe Reich will do nothing without a gun to it’s head