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With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'


With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As progressive House Democrats strategize and push for a vote on Medicare for All legislation as soon as possible, surging congressional and grassroots momentum for single-payer could soon run into a serious obstacle in the form of incoming Ways and Means Committee chair Rep.


Remind me why it’s so important to vote D again…?


From the article:

“It’s incredibly important to get progressives on committees like Ways and Means, especially fighters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, told Vice. “It’s unthinkable that Nancy Pelosi would choose someone like Tom Suozzi instead.”

Sadly, it’s all together TOO thinkable. The bipartisan backlash against the progressive uprising is well underway and well-funded.


It’s not so much that it’s important to vote D as it is to vote in the Democratic primaries to keep people like this from even having a chance at being in Congress.

We now know a name for the “needs to be primaried” list in 2020.


Looks like business as usual. So much for trying to bring about meaningful change.


The thing is, he’s one committee chairman. John Yarmuth, in line to chair the Budget Committee, says he does want to hold hearings. Let’s not overreact to what one guy says.

Plus, the best we can really get are hearings. Mitch McConnell runs the Senate and nothing he doesn’t want will even see the floor. Having a rage fest—and I increasingly see articles like this as just a way to trigger one—is pretty unwarranted given the circumstances.


Very important point on Yarmuth and the Budget Committee — Many thanks.


“Neal—who has served as the top Ways and Means Democrat since 2016—has received more insurance industry cash throughout his career than any other member of the incoming Congress, including Republicans.”

There is no d-party majority without lots of corporate conservadems.
These conservadems control the agenda and liberals are relegated to a corner of the d-party big tent.
And RomneyCare, aka ‘The Health Insurance Company Subsidy Act’ lives to kill into the foreseeable future.

d-party apologists will blame the r-party, conveniently avoiding the part their party plays in the kabuki show.


Medicare does not pay enough to providers which is why seniors often have trouble accessing health care. In red states where medicaid is very limited all people without job insurance or much money are often going without access to health care. As long as politics is controlled by money, votes are fixed and democracy gets no respect getting health care in the US is limited to a job or having lots of money. OK to stop bashing Dems every opportuniaty for many who comment on this site.


By far and away the Hospital & Medical Sector is the largest employer in his district. And, Providence Medical, in Portland anyway, has a state exemption/waiver around reproductive procedures. " It is what it is ".
Primary this guy and you’re bound to get a pro-life challenge. Split the voters, indeed. The Greens are just so helpful in this way. :):):slight_smile:


Add to that the 18 damnocrat assholes who are determined to kill a free internet.


As far as I remember, Killery has only ever said one sentence that, I’m afraid, she is correct on: “Hillary Clinton: Single-payer health care will “never, ever” happen.”

Let me be clear. That doesn’t mean I’m anything but FOR single-payer because I have VA and wish EVERYONE had that kind of care. The reason I bring up the crazy woman’s comment is because I believe there is just too much money in INSURANCE to keep it from happening, for one thing. (Even though doctors and nurses–the ACTUAL CARE-GIVERS) For another, starting the new system would mean lay-offs of thousands of health insurance (NOT CARE!) workers. I hate to say it but that would make one helluvan impact on many peoples’ lives.

Many of us think that this wold be a quick change-over and all would be well in a year or two but, and I finally had to bend to this, I can’t see it being a quicky turn-around. (MAN! Would I love to be wrong about THAT!)

Anyway, that’s just my take and, again, I TRULY hope I’m wrong and we can at least get the ball rolling in that direction so NO AMERICAN has to suffer the physical and financial struggles they are currently up against with “OliarCare”(?).


To unwittingly (STUPIDLY) protect the duopoly (Singularity?).


The article states he’s out of touch with 84% of Democratic voters, no he’s very much in touch with voters, and knows exactly why he’s owned by the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He’s a 1.7 million dollar whore, who’s been bribed and put into position to make sure Medicare for All never sees the light of day. For you dem apologists, I present example A, just one of the reasons people are and should be running from the party.


Precisely what I was going to say. I mean who do they think is paying Pelosi if not Pharma and the rest of the corporate vipers trying to monetize healthcare to the fullest extent of the law?


There is no chance Medicare for All will be passed and signed before 2021 and it is unlikely to begin at the federal level anyway. Most likely it would start in a state like California or New York and then be adopted at the federal level. The Canadian health care system didn’t start at the federal level it started in a province. The Affordable Care Act started in Massachusetts. Progressive continue to be too focused on the federal government where there is virtually no chance of any progressive legislation being passed when almost all progressive legislation occurs at the state and local level. People like Bernie Sanders and Andria Ocasio-Cortez dominate the left wing media but are unlikely to accomplish anything.


Back to the old “We have to appeal to the Center” and “If you don’t vote for conservative Democrats, your giving your vote to Republicans” dogma.


[quote=“mrsannhitts, post:10, topic:58220”]
And, Providence Medical, in Portland anyway, has a state exemption/waiver around reproductive procedures. "
" Providence Medical, in Portland anyway, has a state exemption/waiver around reproductive procedures. "

What does that mean? I must be dense.


Interesting. I didn’t know that about the waiver and district.


“OK to stop bashing Dems every opportunity for many who comment on this site.”

Is it really? Because with stories like these, they just make it so dam easy.
I’m confused Lillith, you do a good job pointing out one of the problems, then turn around and defend 1/2 of the people who cause the problem. I can only respond with, please wake up.