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With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'


“With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic” Meaning not being realistic like the most expensive healthcare in the developed world is!


Vote blue no matter who do we can join the Cons in fvcking you.


You are why Dims blow.


Medicare for all can fix the holes burrowed into it by Cons and Blowdog Dims.


“It’s incredibly important to get progressives on committees like Ways and Means, especially fighters like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”
—Stephanie Taylor, Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Our next savior if and until we get democracy instead of oligarchy.


What an INANE COMMENT!!! YOU are why we are stuck with a “one-party”, 1%-loving system!!!


I am excited especially about the women going into the House including some with military experience. Give them a chance. Don’t destroy everyone there because they are called a Dem. These are not yet corrupt. There is some love of country I lost long ago.


Gotta take away all their Heathcare good stuff so they understand what Realistic is!


Trillion$ for armaments, war, and death…little or nothing for non-profit universal health care, education, our irreplaceable life-sustaining environment, clean air and water!

Same old depraved indifference from the R’Con’s and same old corporate servitude from the DINO establishment…same old corruption, support for the for-profit war-machine and diversion (read: theft) of civilian funding from both political parties…the entrenched shills that take bribes from special interests - like for-profit health care and insurance - and their lackeys who claim what the rest of the world has is not “realistic” here - bullshite! What’s “not realistic” is expecting anything from elected stooges beyond their corporate servitude quid pro quo, purchased cheap via campaign contribution bribery…a crime in any just society and nation!..just not here!

…with deceit and lies from the bought and paid-for mass media to keep the wage-slaves working for pennies on the dollar while the richest MoFo’s rake-in the millions and billions! - all the propaganda and diversions that’s fit to print…make that allowed to be printed…keeps the idiots in line and un-informed… same as it ever was…


Do you think a Congressman should vote for his district’s economic and other wishes/priorities or just your personal agenda?
The Green Party can primary him if they like, too. Be my guest, Inane Brain.


What Jake Johnson is missing here is that it’s impossible for anybody to determine what’s “realistic” in healthcare reform without CBO/JCT scores on funding proposals for both HR 676 (here) and Bait-and-Switch Bernie’s Medicare (Advantage) for All Act of 2017 (here).

Congress has a duty to inform the American people on analyses from government economists and tax experts on how each funding proposal, (or “wish list” in the case of S 1804), will be collected and spent to achieve the goals proposed in both pieces of legislation, and the potential impact any transition will have on our economy.

Progressives, Democrats, liberals…whatever…advocating for healthcare reform need to ask why this isn’t getting done. It doesn’t take an act of Congress. All the politicians have to do is ask.

Maybe Jake Johnson could ask?



Reproductive procedures= abortion/death with dignity/other religious exemptions. Sisters of Mercy run Providence Hospitals.


These of course are all going to be secondary issues if gerrymandering and other court battles and legislation are not won before 2020. Otherwise it’s same ole same ole. The voting has to be fair or these seats will only be won with massive voter turnout by the left. I don’t think there are enough interested voters to be had to make up for the cheating ways of republicans if the system isn’t repaired.


Yes, the Sisters of Mercy aren’t in that business. Religious orgs./orders running hospitals/schools have clout and followers=s voters.


It better get realistic very quick, or your a$$ is Fired Jack…We will investigate you into HELL…


It is o.k. to-bash every fascist/Nazi. End the wars!

I’ve left this manure laden country. Why? Insurance

Health,education, welfare, and safety OF ITS CITIZENS.

Tell me when it consumes itself…I’m taking a back seat to watch the second burning of Rome!


Are you president of your damnocrat apologist group, dimwit, or are you campaigning for it?

Your first sentence is correct, however in the corrupt political climate…laughable!


sounds like mr neal needs to be switching parties… (unfortunately, that’s true of MANY “democrats”. like hillary clinton, for example…)


Funny. Your sentence may be prophetic with they “YET” added. I hope it doesn’t happen but look back at those who started out much the same way. Al Franken comes to mind as a start.


Thanks. And you are?