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With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'


While the budget committee is important, ways and means controls the purse strings.


he is CORRECT!


Is everybody having Max Baucus flashbacks yet? You know, the guy who single handedly killed a single payer option for the ACA?
Not like single payer was going to happen in the next two years anyway. However, the progressives need now to use this guy as a villain, the focal point for everyone’s anger.


Seems like we could do better in Left leaning Massachusetts. Primary him.


Neil is our rep- and runs unopposed- a shill for Wall Street and a real moron.


He was primaried- he runs unopposed and has for over 30 years.


I’m really not trying to rain on you’re parade, it’s just that I’m old enough to have seen this game played out over and over again, and it’s just become the definition of insanity.


And should be again. Perhaps with someone with a national network behind her. Small donor networks are the key to future success.


This, is why I’ll never vote for another Democrat again in a national election.

I refuse to be used by politicians that prostitute themselves for money, instead of representing the people.

At least, those that push the Democrats on us here at Common Dreams, can now see their establishment doesn’t have progressives in mind.

Corporate money absolutely corrupts.


The look on Rep. Richard Neal’s (D-Mass.) face tells a truth that doesn’t come from his political mouth. He wants his stock in health care to go up and he doesn’t want to offend his donors from the health care world. Nothing new; the country and its government continues to be totally corrupt.


Lucky you Ed, you got out. Unfortunately not an option for all of us.


So, if there’s only a Democrat or a Republican on the ballot, you will:

A) Vote for the Republican


B) Not vote at all


C) Write in a candidate?

Hmmm, doesn’t seem rational to me. Shouldn’t you want your vote to increase the chances of a better result than the alternatives?

Yes, I know this is the lesser of two evils problem, but really, who wants the greater of two evils?

The battleground is in the primaries, not the general election.


Yes, after receiving almost 4 million in bribes from various healthcare businesses.


Moron Neal ( can’t stand the b) doesn’t realize that it is public knowledge that the healthcare industry would save over seven hundred billion ( I believe that is per year) with medicare for all. He is a corrupt god digger who has been in the house for way too long.


Let me guess- you do not have to answer but I’ll bet you’re in Canada.


Meant that to go to Ed Bennett- sorry.


Sure, but Yarmuth can holding hearings and request CBO analysis for subjects under his jurisdiction.

Again, no bill is even going to get close to the Senate floor as long as McConnell runs the chamber. Hearings and policy analysis are the best we are going to get at this point and, frankly, will be key to any future bill anyway.


Oh boo who


There are a couple and we will continue to do everything we can Brian…it makes me cry! Not only that I’m separated from my

Family and wife of 37 years. Luck is a relative




Excellent comment, fully agree. I’ve written about this before, but conservatives changed the Republican Party not via third party runs, but by running candidates in primaries throughout the 70s. Reagan didn’t mount a third party run against Ford, he ran in the Republican primary against him in 1976. Civil rights crusaders got civil rights advocates elected to the Democratic Party, a party that represented white supremacy in the South since the 1820s, in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

None of these things were easy, especially the last, but they were successful eventually.