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With Power to Knee-Cap Bold Demand, Incoming Democratic Tax Committee Chair Says Medicare for All 'Not Realistic'


I hope it fails. Republicans lose and double down on suppression and garbage.


Touchy today, aren’t we? My Michigan relatives just hate it when they get teased, too. Must be the lack of an ocean nearby.


I would venture that we have sailed just as far out on a Great Lake as most people have from their ocean side beach.


Shhhh. Trying to keep too many westerners from coming near our beautiful fresh water oceans as their region gets parched. I want my Lake Michigan beach hideaway to remain blissfully untrammeled.

And yeah, the sailing is superb. My fondest memory of my departed stepfather is a sail we took in mild breezes on Lake St Clair 35 years back on an unusually clear and balmy day in October. 37 footer, all wood, my step dad had helped his elderly uncle refurbish it–I had pitched in here and there: she sailed like a dream without putting up the mizzen on that gentle water and we had a huge lake to ourselves for an entire afternoon except for the freighters. My stepdad showed off by sailing us a few hundred yards up the canal before we dropped sail and motored to the dock…thanks for reminding me, Gandolf.


Our outgoing Governor Snyder is actually a moderate compared to Walker over in Wisconsin. He took the Medicaid expansion, for instance, and he’s used his veto pen. But he’s been terrible on the Line 5 pipeline, which is as blatant and dangerous a corporate giveaway as you’ll find:


Interesting, I knew none of that. Sounds like the legislature is not going to be helpful on the matter at all though.

This is going to sound shitty, but what really needs to happen, is a series of massive, year-round fires like we are now experiencing regularly out here in California. It tends to focus the mind in surprising ways. California has massively invested in renewables and adopted a successful cap-and-trade program. Unfortunately, we are only one state.


Actually, Michigan is fairly big on wind turbines.

As far as the disaster that might prompt a focused mind, this pipeline company (Enbridge) had a really bad spill here a few years back (clean up costs over a $billion), and that didn’t focus shit in the case of Line 5.


Way to go, Rep. Neal. Put your own damn needs over those of f Americans who are dying by the thousands of treatable medical issues.


Well now you reminded me of one of my boat trips about 50 years ago now. I’ve been on L. Michigan a few times but this one was on L Winnebago. 2O miles long and 12 across. A friend from our band patched up a small sail boat, more like a big pram in my opinion, and invited me out on the maiden voyage. Clear day with a slight breeze. By the time we were a half mile out the sky turned black and the wind whipped up. That was as hard as It has rained ever since I think. We capsized about half way in and rode her in upside down the rest of the way. Couldn’t handle the boat when we reached shore and she got pretty busted up on the rocks. I’ve had a few other water adventures, but another time.


My wife and her former boyfriend crossed from Spain to Antigua on a 40 footer. 22 days at sea.

So many stories, from 20 foot swells to glassy calm. She has a photo taken of her reflection in the water off the side of the boat–you’d think it was taken looking in a mirror, rather than a thousand miles out in the Atlantic.


When we account for the full cost of what we, at every level of government are paying directly & indirectly to insure government workers, as well as subsidies to those without insurance; when we consider the portion of the cost to governments, at all levels, in paying contractors, both non-profits and for profits, for goods and services; when we account for all the out of pocket cost for those insured through their government work, tallied up: It Is More than the cost of Medicaid for all! We are already paying for it.

Plus: this “Medicaid for all” isn’t an actual policy. So how can we know what will be the cost and benefits? At this point, it is, at this point, a theoretical, disingenuous argument. We are arguing between what is actual and something not really defined, merely being used as a straw man or at best is identified as a principle that we must redirect the flow of our Health Care resources.

The Medicare for all I’d be interested in needs to include an educational component. Double the amounts of graduates going into healthcare. It needs to have an infrastructure component. Double the amounts of hospital beds with an emphasis on addressing access issues as well as creating more local urgent care facilitates located in the neighborhoods, as well as in currently under-served areas.

Just a thought…


I’m someone who notices one party’s incrementalism and another party’s completely over the top policies. Seems like over the top keeps winning and excrementalism keeps getting rolled back.

But you go girl. I’ll be retiring to a civilized Scandinavian country.


Thank you for your keen insight. Enjoy your retirement.


I would redefine terms here: The corporate funded backlash against the democratic uprising is well underway and well funded.


I just added the petition “Don’t let House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) Block Medicare for all”.

As reported by Common Dreams and Sludge,

"Single-payer could soon run into a serious obstacle in the form of incoming Ways and Means Committee chair Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.), who has denounced Medicare for All as “not realistic” and will soon be in a position to tank healthcare plans that are unacceptable to his insurance industry donors.

“Over his two-decade career in the House, Neal has relied on support from the health care industry, receiving $950,000 from health professionals and associations and $750,000 from the pharmaceutical industry.”

“Neal will have near total control over what tax-related policies come to the House floor, including legislation that would create a Medicare for All healthcare system,” noted investigative reporter Eoin Higgins in a piece for Sludge on Wednesday. “Having Neal at the helm of the committee, rather than a more progressive member, makes it much less likely that the House of Representatives will vote on universal healthcare measures.”

Sign this petition to Rep. Richard Neal telling him that if he blocks a vote on single payer healthcare you will work and donate to unseat him when he’s up for re-election.


Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.

After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It’s super easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:


Top Industries, 2017 - 2018

Neal’s campaign contributor list tells you all you need to know.

Industry Total Individuals PACs
Insurance $435,900 $59,900 $376,000
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $316,750 $17,250 $299,500
Health Professionals $292,157 $43,157 $249,000
Securities & Investment $266,800 $59,300 $207,500
Lobbyists $147,686 $132,157 $15,529


I intend to. I’ll pray for you.


Something screwy happened, but wanted to get your thoughts on the above:



Um. Huh? You’re linking back to this article?


Oops. Obviously I screwed up something,

This is what I wanted to get your thoughts on: