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With Primary 24 Hours Away, Sanders Extends Lead Over Buttigieg in New Hampshire Poll

Most people think it all comes down to the undecided voters, who are generally so wishy-washy they don’t know what the issues are. The real problem is convincing those young people who don’t think it’s important to vote or think that their vote doesn’t count. Here is my advice to them: Get off your ass and put down your frickin phone on Election Day and VOTE this time. You want change. You have to do your part. I’m a boomer and I vote for progressive issues. Every boomer I know votes and most of them could give a rat’s ass for progressive values. You need to counter them.


Wait!..Isn’t Bloomberg a republican?

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Do not believe these polls for buttegieg.

What self respecting democrat would vote for a billionaires toadie???

Sanders should win big. Warren should drop out after new Hampshire - she’s done.

Biden looks done too.

It looks like sanders vs Bloomberg and buttegeig. The perfect matchup for Sanders - if he doesn’t fall for the “stop calling billionaires blatantly buying the election and corrupting our democracy oligarchy” spin the dnc and media are pulling.

“What self respecting democrat would vote for a billionaires toadie???”

Pretty much all of them? That is basically the only thing registered democrats have been voting for these past decades.

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The name of the game is, “F#€k You Hillary, not this time.”

Can’t believe 66 million people voted for that witch.

Go Bernie-2020.

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If that happens, then I can see the media insisting Bernie can’t beat trump as their new rub.

somehow i got the feeling that with the way the system is rigged, this Pete character is gonna win. And then we will REALLY lose against Trump.

Indeed, that’s one of their favorite lines of attack… despite how evidence-free and nonsensical that argument is.

I’m fairly confident that Bernie is the only candidate outside of Tulsi Gabbard who is likely to beat Trump (only Gabbard isn’t likely to get the chance, whereas Bernie is looking for all the world like the frontrunner).

I calculate that any of the others would lose Trump, possibly in a landslide.


Reminds that I should get out another donation. Airplane fuel isn’t cheap unless you are trump and claim you are flying for governmental reasons, and then just happen to have a rally at the same destination.

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Hi nephewsam:
Even weirder…if you concentrate on Buttigieg’s speech pattern and how he ends sentences—he’s speaking just like Obama…, He’s more like mimicking the speech pattern of a past president—maybe he thinks that will work. : )

Not surprisingly, he does have a good level of support in the LGBTQ community. However, even in that community, Sanders has a higher percentage of the vote.

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He is but he is one of very many in the Democratic Party. Of the bunch, though, he truly is the johnny come lately.

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But in the latest Quinnipac Poll, Bloomberg does better nationally against Trump than any of the other Dem candidates… though they all beat Trump.

What are you suggesting?

When Biden, Buttigieg and Klobuchar begin to drop, that is when Bloomberg’s full game-plan comes into action. No longer will his ads be basically anti-Trump as they are now but they will be increasingly aimed at Sanders, gathering in all the so-called moderate voters on his electability - fire to fight fire

Will the voters buy into it? The contest of the 0.1% V. the 0.01% ? The poorer billionaire V. the richer billionaire?

What was that someone once said - “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

Not really suggesting anything. Just informing. To me, it is Bloomberg that is the real competition for Bernie.
The party is more likely to shove Bloomberg down our throats than Buttigieg.

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That is sad. Absolutely sad that so many people have eyes but they cannot see and ears but they cannot hear. I think somebody like Jesus supposedly said something to that effect.

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The New Hampshire Primary is like a visit to a bakery. The candidates are an array of baked goods ranging from impressively decorated cakes with frosting an inch thick, through the cream filled delicacies all the way to the loaves of crusty bread… Our first instinct is to go for the sugary items but after a few months of that we may see the attraction of the crusty loaf.
Just as it is hard to turn away from the showier baked goods, it is hard to turn away from the new faces that show up in New Hampshire. Everything looks good to us. But its not just about us as individuals. Our whole family feeds from the choices we make at the bakery. We have to consider that. What is the healthiest choice for our family? More people in New Hampshire are seeing the proposals that Bernie Sanders is making as the healthiest for our country. From his early years Bernie took risks for the family. At age 21 he was arrested in Chicago demonstrating for the integration of public schools. That took clear-sightedness, empathy, and courage. He has walked the walk. At his rally in Keene the other night he asked us to raise our right hand and then asked us to raise our left hand if we would fight for someone else. Of course we all did. But it committed each of us to something very simple, to just vote, today is the day, and Bernie will take it from there! What an act of selflessness at his age. He is idealistic and practical, too.
I’m not understanding the people who are undecided or who can’t see that the country needs this man at this point. He is unflappable. As the primaries happen in each state I hope there will be a tidal wave of support for Sanders. That no matter what the Republicans throw at him his integrity will garner enough votes to put Mr. Trump back where he belongs, not in public service. For today, go New Hampshire Democrats and Independents!

Thanks, a friend shared that.It was disconcerting to see such truth from that source.

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I hope this is not a repeat of what happened in Iowa, where 24 hours before the vote, Sanders was leading Buttigieg by 9 points, when surprise, surprise, many days later Buttigieg is declared the winner.