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With Private Immigrant Detention up for Review, a Former Inmate Describes the Harsh Life on the Inside


With Private Immigrant Detention up for Review, a Former Inmate Describes the Harsh Life on the Inside

Rebekah Barber

When the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced last month that it was divesting from private prisons after they were found to be more dangerous than publicly run facilities, immigrant advocates hailed the groundbreaking decision.

However, the move would affect only 13 prisons, as most private prisons are run not by the DOJ but by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Immigrant advocacy groups immediately called on DHS to follow suit.


The cruelty of incarcerating human beings is impossible to understand in those of us who still have functioning souls.

It appears that some American baboons require a population pool to abuse and enslave and they will invent their own reasons for doing so. The appalling fact is that those high up in govt. applaud and uphold these primitive (rather atavistic) practices... as does a "Justice department" that has a track record of mostly facilitating criminal behavior, so long as the criminals wear uniforms or answer to uniform "authorities."


If socialism worked in Cuba (the threat of a good example), why wouldn't social democracy work in Honduras and in other countries with the extreme wealth inequality that breeds gangs?

In a saner world, USAns would be sending democracy advisors to these countries instead of corporate lackeys and military.

Direct Democracy


There should be some federal mandated punishment, when corporations take tax dollars, and to insure profit, abuse people, literally for more profit. They do this in our name. Their display of abuses for profits should be seen for what they are, criminals abusing for money. This is a violation of human decency regardless of nationality. These prisons and centers are a direct reflection on us all, as American's, and every one of us is to blame for voting for those who outsource everything they can to corporate abuses. If we had a media, not also outsourced, sold off to a corporation for profit, we'd know about these stories daily. Violence breeds violence, and when we pay corporate criminals to abuse in our name, as they all do, we're all to blame.