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With Progressives Waiting in the Wings, Clinton Won't Get a Honeymoon


With Progressives Waiting in the Wings, Clinton Won't Get a Honeymoon

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As polls continue to show Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ahead of GOP rival Donald Trump, many on the left are looking to November 9th and beyond to ensure a hypothetical President Clinton adhere to a progressive agenda that bucks Wall Street influence and follows through on promises made on the campaign trail.


I think a honeymoon is the last thing she's expecting from any quarter.


Bullshit. It absolutely WILL be a honeymoon for her. The entire Democratic Party is thoroughly corrupt. People like Liz Warren are merely CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Time to abandon that sinking ship. Jill Stein or BUST!


Boo the swearing in ceremony. Boo her off the inauguration stage.


Before November 8 let's practice some strangulation of the harridan's triangulation!

Pwr 2 the GREEN-VOTING peons!


Keep doling what you're doing, keep getting what you're getting.

If you want to make a difference, it's time to start working on putting progressives in Congress. No matter who the Presidential candidate may be in 2020, a progressive agenda isn't going anywhere until the composition of Congress changes.


We HAVE a Pres candidate THIS year - we don't need to wait, in fact we cannot afford to wait, another 4 years ...

Stein/Baraka '16


Three words: Ain't Gonna Happen


Sanders - "At a time of massive political discontent, when millions not only are contemptuous of the major political parties but are also actually giving up on democracy, we need a new administration that has both vision and courage. We need vision from the top to point the way toward a new America that is more inclusive and egalitarian—which boldly addresses income and wealth inequality, poverty, and the needs of the uninsured. We need an administration that has the courage to take on the powerful special interests—corporate America, Wall Street, the insurance and drug companies, the fossil fuel industry—who stand in the way of real change and whose greed is destroying this country."

So of course Sanders has chosen to back the standard bearer for all this stuff he rails against - he has either had a complete severance of his corpus callosum or he takes us for absolute idiots .

You want to do what he says he wants to do? No other choice but Stein/Baraka and down ballot Greens in '16 ....

His paragraph would make a perfect GP intro ... (smile)


Yeah, good luck with that. She's chomping at the bit to reprise "The Guns of August", only this time it will be a NATO nuclear confrontation with Russia. Good luck with that too. Trump wins -- we're fucked. Clinton wins -- we're fucked. Looks like we're fucked.


How come we never hear about prison reform anymore? Early in the campaign everyone was hot to jump on the bandwagon, but now? It's dropped out of sight. So I guess nothing will be done for the falsely convicted, mandatory minimums and the millions of children and family whose lives are ruined so the Prison Industrial Complex can continue to make money off the backs of forced slavery.


I've been holding my breath for decades
I'm holding my breath now
...this is it I can feel it


Hillary shouts equal pay but pays women less at Clinton Foundation


I love it!
I am voting for the "Jill of Rights"


If the Republicans wind up controlling the Senate and House any move toward progressive goals will be very limited. I believe Clinton will enforce Dodd-Frank and fight any attempts by the Republicans to repeal it. The main obstacle facing the progressives is the Republican Party. To believe Hillary Clinton is the main obstacle makes little sense. Of course see will try to accomplish some of her campaign promises.She cannot totally alienate the people who voted for her and hope to win a second term. But right now the big job is winning the first term. She appears to be in a very strong position to win but it isn't over.


Absolutely. I've decided after reading the leaked emails (thank you to Wikileaks for putting out the truth - wherever it came from) to permanently walk away from the Democratic Party for the Greens and work to build them into a viable, truly progressive party for the rest of us. Clearly the Democrats do not give a rat's a$$ about average working people anymore, nor about peace, or the environment, etc. Goodbye and good riddance.


I'm not sure what their strategy is. If progressive Democrats have proven themselves loyal to right-wing Democrats in every emergency – that never ending emergency – why should Clinton listen to them? Will they do the radical thing and threaten not to support Clinton in 2020? I find that highly unlikely. I doubt they'll even make much noise, in the name of party unity against the "greater evil." They certainly kept quiet under Obama.

What little leverage Bernie and Warren had, they've only proven themselves to have Clinton's back whenever it actually counts. They're nothing to her but dependable sheepdogs.

Maybe I have it all wrong. – Can someone explain to me how Our Revolution plans to challenge Clinton? How are they going to hold her feet to the fire without fuel for fire?


Malcolm X on this years election:




Whether you call the dems. the controlled opposition or I call them the fake opposition, they are definitely the corrupt opposition!


yeah right, just like they held Obama's feet to the fire.