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With Public Health and Democracy at Stake, Wisconsin Governor Issues Order Postponing In-Person Primary Voting Until June

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/06/public-health-and-democracy-stake-wisconsin-governor-issues-order-postponing-person

Wisconsin, like the U.S. congress, has failed to make voting easier and more accurate.
My rant began right after the 2016 election and little has been done to fix things for the better.
We have a number of very good progressive politicians in office here, but they are mostly toothless.
Our gerrymandered districts tell the story.
My republican congressman is a total right-wing jerk. I’ve e-mailed and called but never get a response.


Thank God, sanity and public health prevails.


The Democratic Party is probably disowning this governor as we speak.
They so desperately want and need for these primaries to go on, as they are so afraid of what might happen to Joe Biden in a virtual convention later this summer where, despite the pre Super Tuesday shenanigans of the Democratic Party, he still doesn’t have the requisite number of delegates to win the nom.
Of course the DNC will simply change the rules and anoint Joe anyway.


Republicans are outraged by allowing people to vote from home, where it is safe. The Idi Amin wannabe in the White House cannot reverse a state’s executive order, can he? Does anybody know?

He cannot. Election rules are set by the states as long as they don’t infringe on Constitutional rights.

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But the article implies a court might reverse this yet: “I just absolutely believe the people of Wisconsin are ready for this and will embrace it, and I’m counting on the judicial system to feel the same.” If some court insists on forcing people to run around tomorrow, that’s blood on their hands.


another victory on the road to return to paper ballot voting for all americans. only Joe Biden and the damn dems said it would be ok to have voters vote on Tuesday, of course republithugs had already voted to go ahead with it. Bernie said no! GO BERNIE! WHO IS THE REAL LEADER IN THIS FARCICAL RACE FOR THE NEXT PREZ???


Yep - it’s the state Supreme Court that just said the election goes forward (the very court where a sieatt is up for grabs in the election)

Took him long enough!!!

You mean they’ve already reversed the Governor’s order?

Instead of doing this weeks ago, Evers waits till the last minute after pondering the political calculus.

If you’re not from the state, let me assure you that the only thing this schmenge has going for him is that he’s not Scott fucking Walker

Not that you aren’t at times hard pressed to tell the difference.

Yes: 4-2 decision by State Supreme Court.

Oh. My. God. Murderous bastards! Did you hear the sailors on that carrier, how much they liked being rebuked by our shitheel “acting” Navy Secretary? It’s starting to look fairly proximate to mutiny, torch, and pitchfork time. The tyrants don’t have any idea when to stop pushing. When it gets too risky for them.

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The governor was ready to go with mail in, but the republican’s wouldn’t vote for it to happen. At least as I post this at 7:pm central.
If the voters were instructed to keep a distance and use other cautions, why not vote.

The GOP, largest death panel in American history.

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Even if the more liberal judge wins, the republicans still hold the majority. How did we sink this far?

Yes - I was surprised the Navy Secretary was so politically tone deaf to do that - especially given the fact that Captain Crozier himself has COVID-19 and has been widely supported by veterans groups (not to mention near universal support from those that served under him).


Republicans keep throwing kitchen sinks in the way of our ability to vote. That strategy works for them because one by one we become too frustrated to vote any longer.

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Because they would be putting their lives at risk and might die?