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With Puerto Rico Still Waiting on Approved Emergency Food Aid, Sanders Condemns Trump for 'Holding Funds in Red Tape Limbo'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/puerto-rico-still-waiting-approved-emergency-food-aid-sanders-condemns-trump-holding

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Why is the Government of Puerto Rico not asking for food,water and medical aid from China, Russia and Cuba?
Mr. Blair M. Phillips
Retired Autoworker

There is, from my point of view, an insidious rope being spun by the practices of the current administration.
It would appear to serve two purposes in an equally insidious rope making process: it is winding the services of government with lacunae (voids /“externalizations of costs” in this case societal health and integrity) for false advertising (Trump’s trump card, which was the purpose of the name change in the first place) of purported ‘progress’. The rope to, at the same time, drag your attention going ‘how nice’ and the more it appears to drag along, the weaker it becomes, constantly threatening to break. A form of ‘Sword of Damocles’.
The second purpose - from my point of view - is the epitomization of the demonic: to try to make you think that the legitimate and constantly evolving scope of individual and community participation in democracy is too exhausting. Time to make this the abyss for these insensate bullies.

These are brown Spanish speaking people with no votes in the Electoral College.

This is a no brainier, Trump hates people from this segment of the Human Race just as he hates Muslims and Mexicans.

Why would a heartless Bigot like Trump make any effort to relieve the pain and suffering of the type of people he hates?

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There are now dozens of people associated with the trump administration that need to be held in contempt. Why aren’t they?

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On seeing the lead photo, my first thought was, “So many meteors, and such poor aim.”

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