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With Putin and Obama Set To Meet, Can Dent Be Made in Syrian Suffering?


With Putin and Obama Set To Meet, Can Dent Be Made in Syrian Suffering?

Jon Queally, staff writer

Could détente between Russia and the United States spell an end to the civil war in Syria?


Aside from not kissing the ring of the capitalists' oiligarchy (take that spell check), just what is Bashar Al-Assad's "crime"?


Just let Russia take over and get out. Couldn't screw it up any worse than it is now.


America not Russia is responsible for the war and suffering in Syria as we destroy that nation in order to remove another obstacle to Israel's continued expansion along with war profiteering and murdering Muslims through religious and racial persecution. It is America not Russia that stirred up the conflict in the Ukraine that is causing suffering there. It is America not Russia that has Russia blockaded causing suffering there designed to force our pro Israel and predatory economic policies on Russia. It is America that has fueled the war on Yemen. It is America that is responsible for millions of deaths of innocent people around the globe to satisfy our lust and greed for profit, our maniacal support for the Jewish state and our religious and racial hatred of non white people.


Analyze the photo expressions;

Clueless on the left is practicing the hollywood tough guy lip bulge (President Bushleeg was better at it).

Putin looks extremely bored with the scene.


Putin answers Charlie Rose questions on Syria.


Will Obama make a clean break with the Neocon nutcases enraged about Russian troops assisting Assad, jump start the return of the Cold War, or waffle?


Being the ruler of a geo-strategic country.


The sooner the U.S. stops supporting terrorism in Syria the better From MOA a good read on the three ring circus the U.S is running in Syria.

"Syria: The End Of The "Vetted Rebels" Scam"

"This was reported yesterday in the London Times. But for some curious reason no major U.S. media picked it up:
A US attempt to relaunch its much-criticised rebel training programme faced a setback yesterday when a second batch of western-trained fighters were detained by other rebel groups in northern Syria.
About 70 fighters from the US-trained group, called the 30th Division, entered the Bab al-Salama border crossing north of Aleppo in a heavily armed convoy of 12 vehicles with US air cover, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.
The Pentagon vetted group was allegedly detained by some Turkmen group which is sponsored by Turkey. More crazy rumors about the fate of the group followed throughout yesterday but the situation has now cleared up. The very carefully vetted and selected Pentagon trained group was not detained, it changed sides within minutes of being injected into Syria:
Pentagon-trained rebels are reported to have betrayed US and handed weapons over to an al-Qaeda affiliate immediately after entering Syria.
Fighters with Division 30 surrendered and handed over "all its weapons" to Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria, sources alleged on Monday.
"A strong slap [in the face] for America... the new group from Division 30 that entered yesterday hands over all of its weapons to Jabhat al-Nusra after being granted safe passage," tweeted Abu Fahd al-Tunisi, who purports to be a member of the al-Qaeda affiliate.
[Obama's Islamic State War Czar General Allen just got fired - probably over the incident above. He was the genius who gave a free hand to Turkey to bomb the Kurds in exchange for access to the Incirlik air base in Turkey. (Could the ever failing disgraced General Petraeus replace him?)]
The leader of the U.S. trained, paid and equipped group published six reason (Arabic) why he changed sides.
But according to some rather weird Washington Post piece the administration is already thinking about a new strategy which would replace the failed idea of inserting "well vetted" fighters:
The administration is considering providing arms and ammunition to a wider array of rebel groups in Syria and relaxing vetting standards, effectively deepening America’s involvement in the ongoing civil war.
So as the "vetted" rebels change over to Al-Qaeda the remedy is to use less vetting.
But less or no vetting was used all along with the CIA paying, training and equipping 10,000+ anti-Syrian fighters since early 2012. Most of those fighters have, like the Pentagon trained group, sold their weapons and ammunition to Jihadis or even joined them. Vetting is obviously not necessary at all. An AP piece on 14 Syrian civilians killed by rebel shelling yesterday remarks:
The rebel coalition, known as the Army of Conquest alliance, includes Syria's al-Qaida branch, the Nusra Front, and the extremist Jund al-Aqsa group, and is backed by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.
A Reuters piece that attempts to polish the Salafist Jihadis of Ahrar al-Shams notes:
With strong backing from Syria's neighbor Turkey, Ahrar al-Sham (the Free Men of Syria) is playing a significant role in Syria's four year old civil war - if not the biggest among insurgent group apart from Islamic State.
Under its new leadership it is trying to differentiate itself from al Qaeda, angering the Nusra Front and other hardliners. But its al Qaeda-linked background means Ahrar al-Sham still has a special relationship with the Nusra Front.
Rebels inside Syria say Ahrar al-Sham supplied many of Nusra's weapons. It was not clear if it was still doing so.
A former Nusra fighter who has now left the war said Nusra and Ahrar once had strong relations.
"All I know is that Nusra sees Ahrar as their source for weapons, especially in some battles," he said.
The Pentagon carefully "vetted" the few mercenaries it send into Syria and they promptly went to Nusra. It sure would not fail to also "vet" Ahrar als-Shams and come away with a similar positive judgement. The whole "vetted rebels" nonsense is obviously a scam as the U.S. and its allies never stopped supplying the not "vetted" Islamists who fight against the secular Syrian state.
But Ahrar's best days may soon be over. It is currently pampered by and supplied through Turkey but tomorrow the Turkish President Erdogan is supposed to meet the Russian president Putin.
Putin just deployed a considerable amount of equipment and personal to Syria to snuff out the Islamists. The numbers may well grow and end up as a fully equipped expeditionary corps with some 15,000 soldiers. Russia is allied with Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hizbullah as the "4+1" alliance and will coordinate the fight through a common headquarter. Russian reconnaissance is all over the Syrian battlefield and its results, as well as new weapons, already help the Syrian government to successfully attack Islamic State concentrations killing dozens of fighters in Raqqa and Palmyra.
Turkey depends on Russian gas for some 30+% of its primary energy needs. Erdogan has great plans for Turkey to become a bigger energy hub by taking part in a new Russian gas pipeline, an €11.4 billion project. But gas will only continue to reliably flow through Russian pipelines if the Turkish weapon pipeline to the Islamic State, Ahrar al Shams and Jabhat al-Nusra closes. Erdogan will have to choose which pipeline better fits his interests.
Should Erdogan decide to continue the supply to the Islamists Russia decided to fight he will put his country into a very dangerous position. Russia could, for example, secretly supply those Kurds who fight the Turkish state in east Turkey. How successful could they be with an endless supply of modern Russian weapons?
I suspect that Erdogan's game is over. Russia decided to end the war the U.S. and its allies are waging against Syria. It will use all the tools of a great nation to support its positions. "Western" installed no-fly zones or protected opposition areas within Syria are now mere pipe-dreams. The genius Petraeus, who started the CIA mercenary program that supplied Nusra and the Islamic State, just again demanded such and other nonsense:
“We could, for example, tell Assad that the use of barrel bombs must end. And that if they continue, we will stop the Syrian Air Force from flying,” he said. “We have that capability.”
The U.S. "has that capability" only if it wants many of its own pilots killed. The country to decide over "no-fly zones" in Syria is Russia. The new S-300 and S-400 air defense systems now seen in Latakia make sure that nothing flies in Syria's airspace without Russian(!) acquiescence."


Putin and Obama could make progress toward global peace if, like Kennedy and Khrushchev, both are "men of good will".

Obama could learn from Putin that Empire is not a good thing.


Russia has no desire to "just take" Syria.

They want to start a new trading system that is not dependent on the American dollar. It is the United States that is willing to start a third World to see that the dollar reigns supreme. For the dollar to remain as the world currency is EXTREMELY vital to the continued existence of our nation's prosperity. (That prosperity only includes the very rich people in this nation)

This theat to the massive wealth of the top .01% of the people of this nation, will cause a world war to take place. There is a slight chance that the Americans, along with NATO nations and Israel, will survive such a war. Our 'leaders' are willing to go for broke and bomb even more people all over the world.

Knowing this, it is the duty of the people of this nation to stand up and tell our 'leaders' -- "NO WAY! We need to bring all of our troops home from foreign lands and TAKE CARE OF OUR PROBLEMS AT HOME."

We all know that our elected Representatives do not heed the word of the people--but if we ALL TOGETHER refuse to vote for ANYONE in Congress now --- this may effect the actions of our nation. Try this first, and if it doesn't work, we will need a major rebellion---a second American Revolution to reinstate our Constitution as the SUPREME LAW of our nation..


A eye opening interview by Putin. On who the real aggressor is in the world today.


You mean the United States ("El país sin nombre" as many in América call it) We are "Estadounidese" or "USAn." When someone from the USA call themselves "American" it is like the Germans deciding to call themselves "European" - and everyone else is "French", "Italian", "Belgian" or the like. Latin Americans get miffed by this. Recall that even the Argentinian Papa Francisco gently reminded his audience that he was an American too in his first speech in DC.


Russia wants to maintain its status quo with Syria, no more, no less. They have been an ally of Russia (Soviet Union before) since shortly after independence from France in 1946. Rebels take over, no more ally. I agree with you our troops need to come home...no good can come of them being over there.


Charlie is such a tool. : )


It simple really. The USA was using ISIS as a means by which they would topple regimes in the region so as to put in place ones friendlier to US interests and break up the larger Nation states in the region into smaller states so as to enhance the security of Israel and make sure no one State could ever become a potential military threat,

This is why they trained ISIS members and this is why they failed to attack ISIS forces. The USA did not expect Russia to assert itself as strongly as it has done in the region.

Now with Russia there ON the ground the USA faces the possibilities of its ISIS allies being defeated and quickly defeated. This would lead to questions as to why the USA could not do the same. The USA can not afford to lose what little military prestige it has in the region nor can it have yet more people questioning just who it is that is supporting ISIS. They have been placed into check by Putin and now must abandon their goals in Syria and cut ties with ISS and the other terror groups they train or try to bluff their way through this again trying to make Putin believe they have another card up their sleeve.

Russia playcs Chess. The USA plays poker.


Wow, excellent.


It has also been reported that China will consider sending troops into Syria to help defend the regime from ISIS.

China has concerns that the CIA is also training the Uighurs to destabilize China. Some months ago Russia let leak that it had evidence that the Chechen rebellion in Russia was in fact supported by the West as a means to detsabilizing the country.


People will note , no doubt , the sudden desire of Japan to Militarize and send troops abroad allegedly to help its allies fight terrorism. The reality is this a scambling on the part of the Empire to get its client states on board to try and derail and ever growing Russia/China alliance.

It appears Germany now has second thoughts as to where this will all lead and have started suggesting that the EU must work with Russia inisde Syria.


This in tandem with CD posting yesterday A secret war in 135 countries
The Smeagol model of riddles in the dark, oddly reminiscent of the machinations of the V. Nuland gang in Ukraine -

"Around the world, you can find Special Operations Joint Task Forces (SOJTFs), Combined Joint "Special Operations Task Forces (CJSOTFs), and Joint Special Operations Task Forces (JSOTFs), Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs), as well as Special Operations Command and Control Elements (SOCCEs) and Special Operations Liaison Elements (SOLEs). And that list doesn’t even include Special Operations Command Forward (SOC FWD) elements -- small teams which, according to the military, “shape and coordinate special operations forces security cooperation and engagement in support of theater special operations command, geographic combatant command, and country team goals and objectives.” "


The United States is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world... by a long shot! Whether the U.S. government is bombing weddings in Afghanistan or blowing up American muslims in Yemen or destabilizing countries around the globe with massive shipments of weapons of mass murder, the U.S. has no parallels in this day and age.
Putin is all too aware that the U.S. is also sponsoring terrorism in and around Russia and that the MIC's man in Washington, Barrack Obama, has long ago caved in to special interests. But Putin, like many world leaders before him, wll try to appeal to Obama's human side and perhaps convince him that he must make a stand against corporate America. Though this may be next to impossible, Putin and the rest of the world are trying to figure out how to rein in this global quest to conquer the globe for the sake of a handful of American corporations. The American military industrial complex though is so far entrenched, Ameircan democracy was sacrificed for Wall Street profits with little or no power at all for Americans to reclaim their country.
Obama, probably a bit of an ego maniac, will take offense to Putin's suggestions that Obama is nothing more than a corporate lackey, while Obama will retreat into his Pentagon talking points based on false intelligence and a gross misunderstanding of how the world operates and reacts to the American Empire.
No discussion of the Gaza prison will occur. No discussion of U.S. expansionism in Eastern Europe will occur. No agreement of global nuclear disarmanents will be entertained and no discussion of downsizing the U.S. military will ever be uttered. We, the people of the United States, need to send some "adults" for a change to meet with world leaders instead of just another mob of ignorant corporate apparatchiks.