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With Putin and Obama Set To Meet, Can Dent Be Made in Syrian Suffering?


What's amazing is that Obama pushed through the Iran deal and has resisted the call to invade Syria.

That's what raises the possibility that he'll continue disregarding the neocons he put in positions of power.


Hey, don't get me wrong. I'm no fan of Obama or his bellicose foreign policy. It's just his recent moves don't tack with the neocons. They were adamantly opposed to the Iran deal and would be happy with more U.S. boots on the ground in Syria.

There's is a schism between them and Obama that seems to have started with his refusal to invade Syria with more than token 'training' troops.

You can bet that the Neocon's aims haven't changed. They want regime change in Syria and Iran - and wherever else Israel dictates.


Some are interested, some are not.


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Would be nice, but odds are not.

Putin is a former Soviet KGB head who has delusions of former Soviet glory. He is a dangerous and insecure man trying to be globally "relevant" again. His insecurity prompts him to murder his domestic dissenters and to invade countries like Ukraine with a weak military. All of eastern Europe mistrusts him. He now sees an opening to get control of Syria under the guise of protection for Assad, the same excuse he used for Russians in Ukraine.

As for Obama, he will do whatever the oil corporations want him to do until renewable energy replaces fossil fuels.


Incredibly amazing posting, ironic that you only got one up vote so far. I agree that the .01% obscenely wealthy people in the US are nervous and are willing to risk a nuclear confrontation with Russia a d China over the dollar and global financial and military domination. We have little time to sound the alarms since the average American has been so deeply hypnotized over decades. The American elite are a handful of powerful sociopath tyrants who are used to power and money since WWII and are not going to share any of it with anyone else.


Bull f.u.c.k.I.g crap, you are so full of s.h.I.t


The US Billionaires and Zionists have banded together to rule or destroy the world. Had it not been for courageous people like Putin to punch back hard to protect all humanity from the wrath of these power hungry lunatic sick minds. We have been brain washed into believing that communism is our existential enemy than it was socialism in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now Syria. But really we the people of America have nothing to fear about communism or socialism because we don't have millions or billions or even trillions to worry about. The American elite are accustomed to ever growing wealth and power not realizing that there are limits to everything and that it's simply wrong for a very few to own so much extreme wealth at the expense of billions of hard working poor.


I don't think we have good vs. evil here.

We have people competing for control.

Putin, Obama and the neocons are all working to advance their self-interest.

Which of them happens to cause less damage isn't a component in their considerations.

They all want to impose their will on the world.


Sorry mate; Russian tanks haven't yet rolled into Ukraine, despite USAian tanks, missiles and B52s rolling into Poland.


"they will face American wrath if they don’t do all that’s possible"

As have many others; so what is new? And once the "wrath" has been ameliorated, when does the next "wrath" begin?


You need to Google "Putin and Ukraine" and you'll find all the proof you want.


Nice reply. You've convinced us all.


Charlie, while Jon Queally has written an insightful and technically prudent article here, the most useful thing that Putin could say and do in sobering-up Obama to his responsibility for igniting global conflict would be to reprise the reverse of what Lloyd Bentsen lectured Dan Quayle on in the '88 campaign:

"Mister Obama, I knew Empire, I saw the damage that dreams of Global Empire caused my country, and you sir are allowing a Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire to run rough-shod over your country."

"Mr. Obama, I knew Empire, I had to pick-up the pieces of Empire after my country collapsed, and 'your country is no country', sir --- but merely acting like a well disguised and dangerous global Empire --- and you better wake-up and do something to save your country from Empire first, and then together we can agree to pull back from this lunacy of Empire war preparation, as your Kennedy and our Krucheiv did by acting as "men of good faith" against the pressures toward global Empire in '62."


Garrett, That was the first thing I noticed -- the body language and expressions in the photo. Lot of tension in it. That said, I believe Putin is right on target and it's time that we get the hell out of Syria and let the country be.