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With Quakes, Toxic Water, and Emissions, 'No Surprise' Support for Fracking on Decline



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Americans have been told many whopping lies of late (Iraqi WMD's, Sadam and al Qaeda affiliation, etc) but none quite so whopping as that the shale gas/oil boom is about US energy independence and stability. Those resources are only valuable (to the energy industry) if they are sold, and the production of gas through this industry already exceeds US demand. No, it will be sold to overseas buyers just as fast as they can liquefy it and put it on ocean tankers. Just as the Saudis have tried to destabilize their competitors by over-production, the US shalegas industry hopes to stymie other nation's shalegas development by getting there first. As they sell it all as quickly as possible and it becomes ever harder to tease more gas from those shale deposits, the US will once again sprint to the situation of being completely dependent on foreign energy suppliers.

Just as much of the "easy" (North American continent) oil was quickly consumed by the western allies in both world wars (and just read how several prominent Americans supplied Nazi Germany via Franco with the petroleum products necessary for Franco to brutalize his own people as Hitler fine-tuned his military apparatus.)

It is about wealth and power, but mostly wealth. This is not merely an "American" problem, this is a human problem. The MIC controls the government and the populace through fear and instability, and the last thing they would hope to foster is US energy independence and stability.