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With RBG Gone and Fascism at the Gates, Mainers Know Susan Collins Cannot Be Trusted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/22/rbg-gone-and-fascism-gates-mainers-know-susan-collins-cannot-be-trusted

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Indeed, as part of retiring Susan Collins, Mainers have a great choice for Senate with independent Green candidate Lisa Savage (~Https://LisaForMaine.org). Maine is a Ranked Choice Voting state so there is no possibility of a spoiler effect - just put Lisa Savage as your first choice and the Democrat as your second choice if you are so inclined.

Along with Maine’s RCV methods, the big media outlets there also include independent candidates in the Senate debates. Lisa Savage’s performance in the first Senate debate has brought praise from many quarters and infused her campaign with tons of new volunteers and small donors.

Maine also has a program under their “Clean Election Act” for public funding of candidates for state legislature using tiny $5 donations. Check out the campaign of Fred Horch running for Maine State Representative at ~https://horch2020.org

I hope all this democracy catches on in the other states (they aren’t stopping Collins and Gideon - the major party candidates for Senate - from spending tens of millions of dollars though. We need a Constitutional Amendment to do that).


If Republican voters employed the same logic, can you be certain there would be no spoiler effect?

I get your strategy, but to absolutely insure that Collins is indeed retired, I would be more inclined to put the Democrat first and the Green candidate second.

If you support Lisa Savage’s program then by voting for her first and Gideon as your second choice then either Lisa wins or your vote will go to Gideon. Thus - regardless of Republican strategy - there would be no spoiler effect (unless Gideon mounts an effort to spoil Lisa Savage’s candidacy).


Mitch M. and Susan C. can play this RBG game to maximum effect.

The Senate confirms a SCOTUS nominee without Collins’ vote – she then looks like a true independent and Mainers reward her by letting her keep her Senate seat, which lets Mitch M. hold onto his job as Majority Leader. Don’t say I didn’t predict it – the last poll I saw only had Collins down by 5%.


The RBG situation does indeed help Collins in her race. 538 currently gives her a 43% chance of winning and this will likely move it back to at least 50-50.

So many of the senate races are near toss-ups making last minute events and turnout numbers crucial in the overall control of the Senate. Anything from Republicans ending with 55 seats up to Democrats ending with 55 seats is still very possible.


Not seeing even a remote possibility of the Dems ending up with 55 seats – that’s absurd.

Where are nine wins to offset the Doug Jones loss?

That’s probably because you are looking at them as ten completely separate/independent races - they are not. A sweeping national event can move lots of races simultaneously (i.e. the “blue wave” or “red wave” theory). At the 55 level - you would have a candidate like Jaime Harrison beating Lindsey Graham along with victories by Bullock in Montana, Hickenlooper in Colorado, Ossoff in Georgia, Kelly in Arizona, Gideon in Maine, Cunningham in North Carolina, Greenfield in Iowa, and Bollier in Kansas.
Unlikely of course - but not absurd


This is all likely a moot point because the USSC nomination vote will likely take place before the election.

It’s a given that Collins will vote to confirm whatever anti-choice fascist Trump taps to fill RBG’s now vacant seat on SCOTUS, and anyone with a lick of sense can see Collins’ recent assurances are simply meant to bolster her chances of being reelected. Even if she loses in November, she, along with every other GOP “lame duck” Senator, will vote to confirm Trump’s pick anyway. It’s just how these mofoing miscreants roll.


Collins’ vote to hold hearings is the one that matters, and that’ll come before the election.
She can safely vote NO, tout her bonafides as an independent, and eke out a win in November.

Then, of course, she’ll vote to confirm some right wing hack. These scripts seem to write themselves.

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I’ll stick with absurd, especially considering how the RBG replacement strengthens the R’s hand.

I rather doubt it. Voting to confirm a SCOTUS justice this close to an election would be a death knell for Republican Senators in tight reelection races. Moscow Mitch may be a shitheel, but he’s no dummy. Why would the GOP risk losing their majority when they still have the option of using a “lame duck” Senate to confirm later?

The key to hunting rattlesnakes successfully is to think like one.

The key to being a brand people want to buy, is offering something of concrete value.

The Republicans offer hardball politics to a rabid base of white Christians and rich oligarchs.
The first group votes, the second group doesn’t care who wins – they own the whole game.


I watched Lisa Savage in the debate-----I did not know about this rank choice----what a beautiful voice----Go for it Maine


Alabama is under water------and could Trump give a shit------NO!

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She can’t be TRUSTED?!? Of course she can–to vote as her boss tells her.

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