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With Record-Shattering Joblessness, Sanders, Schumer, and Wyden Ask Trump's Labor Dept: 'Do You Have a Plan?'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/01/record-shattering-joblessness-sanders-schumer-and-wyden-ask-trumps-labor-dept-do-you


Trump’s labor department has the same answer to this question that every Trump appointee has to every question…its all Hillary’s and Obama’s fault. The GOP hands out money carte blanche to the 1%, not the 99% who they view as losers.


Yes, they apparently do have a plan: The Let-Them-Eat-Cake Plan, covers also the Die-Already-Plan.


They have a plan, "Plunder and Pillage."

So far, the American people haven’t taken up their pitchforks and torches, so, on to the plundering and pillaging.


And where is Hillary 2.0, joe “credit card” biden, and his leadership? Nowhere, as it has always been!

The DINO DNC “its my turn” biden is a pathetic failure as needed now and as always. The likelihood could be that biden as presumptive DINO nominee will get a new-one ripped by trump and his malignant brand of schoolyard politics and name-calling debating. Biden just doesn’t have the Moxie or integrity, or moral compass, or energy-generating persona to defeat trump and his global destruction. Just as Hillary was the DINO DNC anointed nominee that couldn’t stand-up or be a high-energy candidate, so too is joe a pathetic nominee who can not and will not energize the electorate or give them anything to vote for, only the DNC model of voting LOTE - trump is bad, vote for us! we are only half-bad- that is a losing “strategy” from the criminally incompetent DP DINO so-called strategists like the blathering idiot james carville!


Joe’s been seeing his life coach and swami. They’re preparing him for the tough road ahead.


The time to ask the question “Do you have a plan” was prior to signing the damn trillions which are going to the 1%. I have lost all faith in anyone claiming to be a progressive. You sold out, knuckled under so the people could get a pittance and then be out of jobs and facing breadlines, loss of homes, loss of small businesses which provide most of the jobs. If you’re worrying about the virus, you could have taken supplements to boost your immunity system instead of listening to worthless advice about washing your hands. All advice was about defending from an invader which induced fear and panic. This was a well-planned exercise in putting most Americans in poverty, strengthening control and mandating controls. The left folded for a pittance of a little money coming to workers who are out of work. Disgusting.


I’m proud to see one of my senators with Bernie in this fight, but where are the rest of them? With the useless and corrupt Schumer signing on to this, surely a few other useless and corrupt DINOS should be joining. If your senators don’t, vote no on their asses this fall.


Anyone who signed the damn bill isn’t fighting but capitulating.


Same game plan as Obama-Biden and House of Clinton followed! When you point to institutional corruption you lose all credibility playing the partisan political game. There is Bernie aligned with two of the biggest corporate welfare sponsors in the bid-net: Chuckie “Credit Card Disclosure Get Out of Jail Card for Banksters” Schumer and Hillary “Kissinger Associate and fellow Mandarin of the Corporate Caliphate Unregulated Hedge and Vulture Funders” Clinton.

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Remember that in the USA UI was introduced under the FDR administration , this back when 25 percent of people lived on farms and could grow their own food.

Can you imagine what would be happening were there no UI? The right wing still claims UI and things FDR introduced are “socialist programs” and will bankrupt the USA. If anything all that will save the elite from the pitchforks are programs such as this.

Socialism is the only model that can work.


Hi Emphyrio:

LOL, I love the term DINO as those letters fit so well with DINOsaurs-----and we all know how badly the Dinosaurs ended----but the EARTH endured anyway. : )

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And those dinosaurs do love them their big oil. I guess it genetic as that oil is said to be the remnants of the same. Ancestor worship.


Hi SuspiraDeProfundis:
Ah yes, Nature in the end always knows best with "The Circle of Life… Although with Trump it’s becoming a Circle of Death , first with the Environment, and now with U.S. citizens and the COVID 19 virus. : (

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Here in PA there are numerous reports of people trying for the last week to get online and file for unemployment benefits. These folks will most likely be without money the entire month of April now.
Oh well, more fodder for the Capitalist cannon


They are stalling because they are inept, completely incompetent. trump wanted it that way in his ongoing effort to dismantle the government and replace it with a “business model”. Any bonehead can see businesses and governments should be supportive of each other but remain separate entities. These new people in the labor department are against helping the working man, otherwise they’d be fired.


yes they have a plan…pour yourself a libation, light yourself a cigar, get nice and comfortable in a plush cushion chair, sit back, and WATCH IT ALL BURN…


I agree, but it has long been the GOP,s game plan to make the government so unable to handle things that everything must be privatized. They slash funding and make stupid policy and when things go wrong they can claim the government cannot do things and its functions must be privatized. They don’t want the government to be able to handle a crisis like this pandemic. Unless something can be used to make billions for the 1% they are not interested.
I wonder if the Trump administration regrets giving the rich and corporations a trillion dollar tax cut, leaving the country short of funds to address a crisis like this pandemic?— NAH!


I remember about 10 years ago, when I was 62, I got laid off my job and had to file for unemployment. Even then, it was almost impossible to get through to them on the telephone. I would call as soon as they opened in the morning and still couldn’t get through. What would happen is they’d have a recorded message that asked you a lot of questions, and then they’d put you on hold for about 20 minutes, and you’d think they would answer eventually, but then the recording would say, “We are experiencing a large number of calls. Goodbye!” and then the line would go dead. They would hang up on me! This happened several times until, once in a while, I was able to actually get through. I must have called at the exact moment someone else hung up. I can’t even imagine what it must be like now.


Of course there is a plan, they will spend 5 trillion on infrastructure improvements, and make America great again. But not until after next November. Just like we all have better and cheaper health care now.

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