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With Relief Bill Signed, Sanders Says Trump Must Get 'McConnell and His Republican Friends' to Stop Blocking $2,000 Checks

Yes, there were a few provisions put in, just not enough and not in enough key areas. This was partly due to the rush to pass the legislation. But, unfortunately, Congress has a bad habit of passing legislation with way too many gaps and loopholes - perhaps because most don’t know the details of what is in the bills they vote on (Katie Porter and her staff might be an exception, :slight_smile: ). We can see this with the CARES Act just by the shear amount of money ($ millions to billions) that went to unintended and inappropriate places.

Did the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee ever even meet?

Of course, this is not to say that the CARES Act did not deliver a lot of relief to many. It did. Just pointing out that it is incredible how much of the federal treasury goes to waste. One of the big reasons is the carelessness of how bills are put together and a real problem of members in the House and Senate not knowing what they are voting on.


Amazing how many ways there are to deny and delay.
Any one time payment isn’t going to fix things.
A $1000. a month would be more helpful.


This claim is made a lot, but the legislation was actually a product of intense negotiations. Sure, it would have been nice to go through the normal committeee process, but that takes time and is filled with hiccups of its own. And, we know what companies got dolled out money because of the oversight process. It is the executive branch that executes law though. The Congress can put in whatever provisions for oversight it wants, but if the president delays nominating people to an oversight board or appoints an IG that defers to the president’s wishes, that is hard to overcome.

Also, inappropriate places can be relative. A Congressional delegation that represents agriculture, for example, may not see businesses in their state, large and small, as undeserving of aid. Outside viewers may view this as “pork” or problematic—those companies are profitable!—but within the state, it may be seen as just aid for difficult times. There’s a reason why most Congress members featured links and numbers to aid provisions of the law on their webpages.

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There in lies the problem - some would say corruption - Covid aid, for example, should be designed to primarily help people, businesses, and organizations cope with challenges related to Covid, NOT “just aid aid for difficult times.” The latter is obviously too vague and opens things up to rampant friendly at best and politically motivated at worst unneeded handouts.

It is pretty easy to point to these practices in a Trump administration. But this has been a problem of Congress since it first came into being. Even the anti-pork barrel legislation passed years ago has not eliminated a lot of it…

I’m tired of the excuses. I don’t want to hear explanations about how things operate in Congress - I want the processes to change and I want so-called representatives to do their jobs better or leave. We can and have to do better.


The reason is because every Congress person, every Senator, exists to represent their district and their state. This has always been the case, it’s how our system is set up. Southerners resented appropriations for internal improvements in the north, like canal dredging, in the 19th century, all while seeking preferential treatment for the cotton industry. You are never going to take the politics out of politics, every politician wants something for their vote, for better or worse. That means some interests are going to get benefits you or I might not like or agree with when people with different interests, or political views, compromise. Three martini lunch write-offs Trump wanted, being the latest, not awesome example.

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The House is debating this larger stimulus payment this Monday afternoon. May it be accomplished!


I think that the richest country in the world can afford to give the average American more than a $1,000 a month especially when a pandemic is raging across the country. And one strongly suspects that billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and a few others could also chip in if they wanted to show people how patriotic they are.


And it was! I hope Markey’s and Sanders’s blocking of the defense bill is smart. Gives Republicans something new to run on in Georgia and a political lifeline in terms of talking points. Keep in mind, Georgia is home to a lot of military and the defense bill includes raises. I’d rather have the defense bill veto overridden in the Senate tonight. Now, we’ll get “Democrats block defense bill” headlines when the Senate chamber is up for grabs. On the other hand, maybe it will get McConnell to move. We shall see.

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I think that the Democrats should take advantage of Trump’s demand to investigate voter fraud by calling on investigations of the elections in Kentucky, South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Louisiana, Maine & Montana. There is good reason to suspect that Republicans rigged at least some of these elections. It’s clear McConnell doesn’t want anyone to be looking at election fraud in his neck of the woods. It’s why Trump accused Democrats of election fraud, because Republicans had engaged in it themselves, & they always project whatever corruption they do onto the Democrats. It is also why they accused Dominion because they didn’t want anyone to look at ES&S, which manufactures the voting machines & software used by most of the states in question, most of which are dominated by Republicans & whose results were far off expectations in favor of the Republicans. Suspicious results in Kentucky, suspicious maneuvers by Graham, & Trump claiming he helped 8 senators win, including McConnell make it all very suspicious. For more information, especially about Kentucky, check out an article by Alison Greene of DC Report, which was also carried in Raw Story.


KC, your caution is palpable, but look at Bernie — he has the guts and brains to confront this faux-Emperor Trump for what he is – which is insane.

Bernie even called him insane on the Sunday Morning ABC ‘show’ “This Week” — Bernie was given seven solid minutes uninterrupted (which is, ‘pause for effect’ and ‘word over-use’: “unprecedented”).

Bernie said it was “insane”, and then implied that the orange-haired fat-turd was INSANE, which, of course he is – as all Emperors are Insane.

Anyway, KC, this is the beginning of the fall of the EMPIRE — this Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is starting to shake and crumble, and it will all come tumbling down around faux-Emperor Trump’s dumb as a stump head. “This dog don’t hunt” — maybe the dog has a bone-spur, and can’t be used in the service, just as cowardly Donnie ran away from the Empire’s war in Vietnam.


Sanders, the kick ass and take names, front-runner progressive of all time says Trump must get McConnell to cough up the $2000 a head relief checks? Al-RIGHT! Oh, Yes! He must, indeed. (SO glad that’s settled.)


Who knows, yunohu, if this news feature by A. Greene gets any traction in the mainstream media. The results favoring republicans in Iowa sure surprised me, particularly our congresswoman, Abby Finkenauer. Same for Rita Hart in Iowa District 2, though it looks like she will take her case to the US House of Representatives. Same for Theresa Greenfield in the US Senate race.
Just yesterday a friend had mentioned your points, and that was the first I’d heard of an investigation into repub fraud. We have paper ballots in Dubuque County, and I’m thankful for that.

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Yes, Iowa was way off all around. 1 of my top suspects for fraud

And if they don’t want to chip in, tax them much higher.

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What if McConnell moves for a vote, Sanders blocks it, then McConnell moves to adjourn? Republicans have the majority, they can skip unanimous consent and go to a voice vote for for adjournment. There is a week until the election in Georgia and the new Congress is seated. Sanders blocks the defense bill, blocking pay raises for military voters in Georgia, and McConnell calls his bluff. Sanders’s gambit is popular with social media progressives, but not so much with voters who hear he blocked the defense bill and $2000 Covid relief checks. And that’s what they will hear in Georgia.

Not saying this will happen, but it’s plausible.

I want to amend my above comment. Apparently, McConnell will not have enough Senators present to adjourn Tuesday, something I did not realize, but just read. That means he is stuck until Wednesday. Schumer plans to continue to request the House bill be brought to the floor tomorrow, while Sanders refuses consent on the defense budget. McConnell either makes a deal or waits until he has the votes to adjourn.

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The irony of this being tRump’s own brain fart is amazing. He needs to watch his steps or his own marbles will put him down.

One would hope that the electorate of Georgia have the common sense to realize that these political posturing’s will be radically different on January 21.

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I hope so. Just read that McConnell wants to append poison pill stuff to the House bill.