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With Rent Due and Evictions Looming, Warren Rips McConnell for 'Disgraceful' Obstruction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/rent-due-and-evictions-looming-warren-rips-mcconnell-disgraceful-obstruction

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Gee, wouldn’t it have been great for that party to have nominated a young, passionate politician who could have spent the campaign attacking him and providing alternative policies that could have spoken to the material interests of voters? I mean, no party worth a damn would nominate a pro Trump Democrat that offered nothing on policy and was as exciting as watching paint dry. That would be criminally stupid, mote than anything a grift for consultants to make a bunch of money, right?

McConnell is horrible, but harder to beat if the national party has no coherent program and doesn’t offer much on policy.


Both parties are run by oligarchs who feel its their entitlement to have wages just plummeting towards zero at this time in history.

The novel coronavirus is just one of many factors, one of the newer ones but actually not by any means the most important. (Automation is) why they feel this…

Jobs as we knew them are going away, fast. Globally.

They have been discussing it and banking on the job shift for decades. To them its just an inescapable rule of nature that wages should be falling, a lot now, because many jobs are being automated or temped out to offshore firms that staff them here. Which pay very low wages by US standards to people with college degrees, even.

To them this means that the remaining jobs should be paying less and less. Ask the wealthy, it wont take long to find one who will explain their position. Bill Gates is one example, he feels we should drastically cut the minimum wage. “As a matter of principle”.

Being the owners of the capital, this is their core entitlement they often feel. To them it cant be legislated away.

“People have to eat” is what they always say.

People have to face reality, this kind of thing is what the rich have been used to their entire lives. They need to be convinced (logically, NOT coercively) that this spiraling out of control inequality hurts everyone everywhere and actually greatly diminishes everybody’s prosperity, as well as the likelihood of our species surviving the century.

To do this we need new leadership of both parties. They really all have to step down, they have failed miserably in doing their jobs.


True, but I do not blame McConnell as much as all the horrible people who allowed this monster… by voting for him!


Eff Elizabeth Warren for groveling for a cabinet post by throwing progressives under the bus by kissing Neera Tanden’s butt.


“McConnell and the Senate GOP still haven’t reinstated the $600 unemployment checks, extended unemployment programs, passed rental assistance, or anything else to help struggling families during this crisis.”

And their not going to Liz, thanks to you and all other dems except one in the House. You and your dem buddies chose to take care of corporations and their 1% owners fabulously, while giving the rest of us crumbs for the short term, but look who I’m telling this to, you already know this, and went along with the GOP plan.

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Write them off as do-nothings. No support, no votes, no money.


Oh please! Warren should rip Pelosi for not including it in the billionaire bailout bill that had to pass in order to stop the stock market crash.

As long as the Dems control the House they are just as guilty as the Republicans. So stop the hypocritical judgment of Republicans only.

They want everything to remain the same. The US is really into this “standstill” thing, I guess because we’re on top now.
thats so very clear. Thats why Obama and Biden put TISA out there, which is the biggest standstill yet to date.


Examples of previous ones. (they remain in effect forever, so that means the freeze - at least Indian trade actrivists claim this, started in the early 80s, as far as financial services like health insurance, and other GATS committed sectors involving financial services, education funding, anything that reduces reliance oin commercial entities. Its the new way of doing things, no more public services, as they steal food off the table of global corporations. Education naturally wouldnt be affordable to the poor, so subsidies distort trade making it harder for global firms to make their entitled profits. Thats what US trade deals are restoring the natural balance between rich and poor. Poor = cheapest possible help, preferably involving international trade and services delivery by poor countries, at a profit. - rich = adequate - everything else, somewhere in between.





They want people to take any job no matter how little it pays. Even if its 2 hours away and requires traversing several different buses and trains. Adding up to four hours a day. That’s capitalism.

Poor people as they see it, need to work. They are not going to change. We may see ourselves as worth more than that but our system describes our live as being worth what we earn. When we become unemployed, it values our lives as being worth a lot less.

They are actually trying to push poor people out to the fringes (out of cities, especially) without being too obvious about it. Even if they cant drive and would have no car or no way to get around out there.

I’m not saying that rural areas are bad, however life there without transportation is virtually impossible. Poorpeople in cities have been living on borrowed time for years, kept in apartments by rent stabilization laws. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likely would not have been able to remain a NYC resident on her bartender’s wages without rent stabilization. Maybe a quarter of the country is in that situation.

The loss of cheap natural gas will probably lead to most of her constituents as well as herself having to move!

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“Ass worship” I think it is called.

She’s indicating that the House and Senate Democrats are trying to get people the help they need, and you turn it around and says she is “for corporations”? Biden would not even appoint her to treasury secretary because he was afraid she’d go after Wall Street. I think it is people like you who are protecting the corporations.

She’s indicating BS, so people like you will by into it, looks like her ploy worked, on you anyway. Where was her indignation and lack of vote when the CARES Act was passed? You know, the one that was the largest up-ward transfer of money from the treasury to the wealthy in this country’s history. This is politics, and she 's been in Washington long enough to know once the rich were taken care of, the gop would do nothing more for the working class. Yet the gift to the rich keeps on giving, while after a few months, the people are left to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
And so you’ll know, in any other time frame of our history, Biden would be a republican, but you keep believing the dems will save you, and democratic socialists like me are the enemy.

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No, it’s because Biden cannot risk any Senate seats. His team already announced a so-called soft ban on Senators weeks ago. The Senate is too close to let a Republican Governor appoint a replacement. If Georgia goes Democratic, which is a toss up at best, it’s a 50-50 Senate with Harris as the tie-breaking vote.

By the way, if the Democrats take the Georgia Senate seats, Sanders chairs the Budget Committee and Warren chairs the subcommittee on Finance and Consumer Protection. So they are going to have a voice in policy.

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